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1993 TOP TEN Viewer Rated Photos
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TODAY'S RESULTS 6/28/2022...
(from the 1993_00016_01 Collection) Vermillion Red 1993 Mustang fastback owned by Nathan Ivie from North Carolina. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting August 17, 2014. Nathan tells us, "I bought this car in 2002 with very few mods. Since then I have added: the 4-inch cowl hood, new paint, 5-lug conversion with '03 Cobra wheels, and smoked lights; performance wise Ford racing headers, BBK off road H-pipe, cold air intake, mass air meter, one chamber Flowmaster with 2-1/2 inch tips, 3:73 gears, and Ford racing lowering springs. The interior has a tach with shift light, white face gauges, '03 GT front seats, and Hurst shifter. The car is a work in progress with many more things to be done."

Note to Nathan: You didn't give us your email address, so I cannot contact you about being Attitude Of The Week nor offer you a set of site decals. If you want special Attitude Of The Week site decals, please email me at admin@MustangAttitudeAdmin.com

(from the 1993_00013_01 Collection) This is a photo time-capsule showing a Vibrant Red 1993 Mustang SVT Cobra hatchback as shipped to a dealer. This car was destine for a Museum due to it being the first year of the SVT Cobra, and it was also our Attitude Of The Week for December 12, 2007. The Cobra wheel inserts were installed by the dealer, as well as removing much of the plastic and stickers inside. This car has the 235hp (at 5000rpm), 5.0 liter (302 cubic inch), Cobra V8 engine with only 16 miles on it.

(from the 1993_00035_02 Collection) Bright Red 1993 Mustang LX notchback, left side view. There where three body styles offered in 1993; the notchback coupe (like this one), a 3-door hatchback, and a convertible.

(from the 1993_00005_04 Collection) 1993 Mustang "Feature" LX 5.0 in Canary Yellow, right rear view.

(from the 1993_00035_01 Collection) This is a Bright Red 1993 Mustang LX notchback. The Mustang came in no less than three different red paints in 1993. Bright Red was the middle red as far as brightness. A brighter shade was Vibrant Red. A darker shade was Electric Red. This one has a five-speed manual transmission. This one wears a set of 17-inch Cobra wheels.

(from the 1993_00021_02 Collection) Modified Teal metallic 1993 Mustang SVT Cobra hatchback, front left view with the original hood. Car has been lowered with FRPP "B" springs, KYB shocks in the front, Edelbrock shocks in back, and Summit upper and lower control arms.

(from the 1993_00023_02 Collection) Right rear view of a Black 1993 SVT Cobra Mustang hatchback.

(from the 1993_00012_01 Collection) Royal Blue 1993 Mustang notchback from a site visitor in Vancouver, Canada. It has a 302ci V8 engine and an automatic transmission. It's 100% stock with with mostly original paint.

(from the 1993_00018_02 Collection) The chrome wheels, body color side mirrors, and the rear decklid spoiler where all part of the Feature Edition.

(from the 1993_00029_04 Collection) Electric Red 1993 Mustang LX hatchback, right rear view.

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