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1987 TOP TEN Viewer Rated Photos
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TODAY'S RESULTS 8/16/2022...
(from the 1987_00001_01 Collection) Oxford White 1987 Mustang GT convertible with smoked taillights, Cervinis Cobra rear bumper, Saleen style wing, and white Cobra R wheels.

(from the 1987_00033_02 Collection) This one was a Utah Highway Patrol Car. It has been repainted. The owner added the blue patrol lights on the headliner.

(from the 1987_00002_01 Collection) Red 1987 Mustang GT hatchback owned by Joe Cerino from Auburn, New York. This car has a lot of modifications inside and out.

(from the 1987_00027_01 Collection) Dark Gray 1987 Mustang GT hatchback with sport wheels; titanium lower two-tone; blue accent side body trim; and the 225hp (at 4200rpm), 302ci (5.0L), High Output, V8 engine.

(from the 1987_00010_01 Collection) Black 1987 Mustang GT convertible owned by Jan and Ken Benson from Sydney, NSW, Australia. This is our featured, Attitude Of The Week for the week starting March 25, 2012. Ken tells us, "We have had the Mustang for over 13 years and purchased from Ross Donley who races Mustangs in Australia. We had a 1979 coupe over 30 years ago and decided to buy a later model. The motor was upgraded to a 93 Cobra R, Gold track racing diff, computer system, special made wheels, Celini bonnet, after market taillights, rear wing, 5-speed manual Hurst shifter etc. My son and I bought a 1970 convertible. We have been members for 13 years of MOCA Mustang Owners Club NSW Australia. I write articles in our club magazine 'Pony Express'. We have around 700 members in our club in NSW."

(from the 1987_00021_03 Collection) Scarlet Red 1987 Mustang Saleen hatchback, right rear view. It has a complete Flowmaster 3-inch exhaust system with an X-pipe.

(from the 1987_00008_04 Collection) Here is a rear shot. That's a big spoiler. Looks like a Saleen spoiler. The horse on the rear window is blown up in the next shot.

(from the 1987_00005_05 Collection) Front view of a 1987 Mustang GT in the original factory Scarlet Red paint. Two shades of red came out in 1987, this was the brightest.

(from the 1987_00011_02 Collection) Sunburst Orange 1987 modified Mustang GT, left side view. Sunburst Orange was not a Mustang production color but it is very close to 1997-98 Autumn Orange or 2007 Saleen Beryllium. Modifications to this Mustang GT include: Cervinis Ram Air hood, Stalker front bumper, Cobra rear, Saleen side skirts, S-281 Wing with fiberglass deck lid, 18 inch Ford Motorsport chrome Cobra wheels, integrated antenna, one piece headlights, and shaved door handles. Click here to see some 1987 real factory Saleens, or check out our 1987 Saleen Data Explorer for more information on factory Saleens for this year.

(from the 1987_00012_05 Collection) Oxford White 1987 Mustang GT fastback, left rear view

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