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(from the 1980_00001_03 Collection) The left side view of this Black 1980 Cobra Mustang really shows off those 6 spoke wheels called forged metric aluminum wheels by Ford in 1980.

(from the 1980_00025_01 Collection) Ford promotional photo of a Black 1980 Cobra Mustang hatchback with green and yellow side stripes, Cobra rear quarter window lettering, forged metric aluminum wheels, rear facing hood scoop, optional hood graphics, and custom front fascia and grille pattered off the 1979 Mustang Indianapolis Pace Car.

(from the 1980_00001_01 Collection) Check out this Black 1980 Cobra Mustang hatchback, it was our Attitude Of The Week for May, 17, 2009. Its owner says, I have owned the car since 1997. This 1980 Mustang Cobra represented the 1980 year in the 45 years of Mustang magazine. The 1980 Cobra package was patterned off the 1979 pace car model and came with dual sport mirrors, sport tuned exhaust with bright tailpipe extensions, forged metric aluminum wheels, special instrument cluster, 8000 rpm tachometer, and a 255ci, 4.2 liter, V8 engine. This car has optional rear quarter window louvers.

(from the 1980_00015_04 Collection) This page of the 1980 Ford Mustang promotional booklet shows the coupe body style featuring a tu-tone Light Medium Blue over black, sport optioned version. The sports option included wide wraparound body-side molding with dual argent (silver) stripe inserts, black window frames and rocker panel moldings, 13 inch sport wheels with trim rings, and a sports steering wheel. Other cars shown here is a Bright Caramel coupe with white vinyl carriage roof option, Bright Red coupe with sports option, and a Bright Yellow coup with exterior accent group consisting of pin stripes, black rocker panel moldings and rub strip extensions, bumper rub strip accent stripes, and whitewall tires.

(from the 1980_00011_01 Collection) Bright Bittersweet 1980 Mustang hatchback with a black interior. It has the little 4-cylinder 2.3L engine. This mustang came with the Sport Option. The Sport Option includes wide wraparound body-side molding with dual argent stripe inserts, black window frames and rocker panel moldings, 13-inch sport wheels with trim rings, and a 3-spoke sports steering wheel.

(from the 1980_00008_01 Collection) Silver 1980 Mustang fastback owned by Scott Kelley from Hamilton, Ohio. It has the two-tone black over silver paint. Scott tells us, "I bought it from the estate of the original owner. It has a 200 inline 6 with an automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, and A/C that still works and has R12 Freon in it. I've only had it about two weeks. It's not perfect, but is a very nice survivor car. My plans are to clean it up and do some minor repairs and then resell it. It's a great running car and I'm sure it will make someone very happy."

(from the 1980_00006_03 Collection) Bright Red 1980 Mustang Ghia hatchback, right side view.

(from the 1980_00006_01 Collection) Bright Red 1980 Mustang Ghia hatchback owned by Dwayne McCracken from Washington, Missouri. Dwayne adds, "I bought this Mustang Ghia in 2005. I seen it and I liked the red with all of the chrome on it. When I lifted the hood I knew I wanted it. It was clean and had almost as much chrome on it as the exterior. I just recently found out it was a special 1980 Mustang model. It is a Ghia, a luxury package Ford offered that year. The interior and exterior had been stripped if any evidence of the Ghia model on it. The previous owner had replaced the emblems with Cobra decals and emblems. I found out when I ran the VIN number on Mustang Attitude's, VIN number decoder. I have been trying to replace all of the missing Ghia emblems whenever I can find them. This car came out of the factory with a 255 V8 automatic transmission. I think that was Ford's biggest mistake in 1980. As people bought them, they were disappointed in the lack of power and the poor performance of the 255 engine. Luxury or not the 1980 Ghia was doomed from the beginning. As about everyone who as ever owned this car did, the previous owner had the 255 bored to a 302, When I bought it all of the receipts from everything from emblems to mechanical had been left in the console with the original owners manual. He spent much more on changing it than it was worth at the time. It also came with two boxes of trophies from car shows. I haven't driven it much in the last 5-6 years. It has Historical plates on it and I just recently took an interest in again. It still needs a new paint job but the engine only has 41,000 on it and runs great. Getting it back in shape after letting it sit for so long is a project that will keep me busy for awhile. Since I retired two years ago, I definitely have the time. I wouldn't consider selling it because I love these older models and Mustangs have always been my favorite cars. This 1980 joins a 1986 GT hatchback and a 2003 GT coupe."

(from the 1980_00005_05 Collection) Left side view of a 1980 Mustang coupe with a white vinyl carriage roof in Bright Caramel exterior paint. This carriage roof option was designed to make the coupe look like a convertible with its top up.

(from the 1980_00007_02 Collection) Repainted red 1980 Mustang coupe, rear right view.

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