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1976 TOP TEN Viewer Rated Photos
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TODAY'S RESULTS 10/20/2021...
(from the 1976_00015_04 Collection) 1976 black Mustang Cobra II hatchback, repainted with aftermarket silver stripes and blue side Cobra graphics. An original black 1976 Cobra optioned Mustang came with gold stripes.

(from the 1976_00015_09 Collection) Another rear right view of a black 1976 Mustang Cobra II hatchback.

(from the 1976_00004_02 Collection) Bright Blue 1976 Mustang Cobra II hatchback, right side view. It's parked on the lawn next to two other Mustangs. I wonder if those are Dean and Lore's also?

(from the 1976_00047_01 Collection) This Silver metallic 1976 Mustang II Stallion hatchback has the tu-tone option of black hood and roof paint. This black tu-tone option was also available for the 1976 Mustang II Mach 1. For the Stallion, other lower body paints for the black tu-tone option includes Bright Red (Vermilion), Bright Yellow, Polar White, and Silver Blue Glow. The standard Stallion options group includes black lower body paint, black window and wiper trim, black front grille, and Stallion fender badge. This car also has the optional forged aluminum wheels. This photo is in the 1976 Ford Mustang promotional catalog.

(from the 1976_00017_01 Collection) White 1976 Mustang Cobra II hatchback with blue cobra stripes and a blue interior. Under hood is the big 5.0l (302ci) V8 engine. This engine put out 134 horsepower and was the biggest of three engines offered on the 1976 Mustang II model.

(from the 1976_00009_09 Collection) 1976 White Mustang Cobra II hatchback with blue stripes, front left view.

(from the 1976_00016_01 Collection) Green 1976 Mustang II notchback owned by Sandra Britton from, Morrisville Pennsylvania. Sandra tells us that its a V8 conversion 347 striker 417 up 400 ft pounds of torque, 380 gears C4 with a shift kit, 15" centerlines 8 and a half wide in the back.

(from the 1976_00063_01 Collection) Cool Ford promotional photo of a Polar White 1976 Mustang Cobra II with blue interior, t-tops, hood scoop, rear quarter window louvers, and sport wheels.

(from the 1976_00005_01 Collection) Gold 1976 Mach-1 Mustang II hatchback with black stripes. This car wears it's original paint and still has it's original drivetrain. See the V8 emblem on the front fender? Yes, this one has the big 302ci (5.0 liter) V8 engine.

(from the 1976_00029_01 Collection) Dark Brown 1976 Mustang II Ghia coupe with a tan interior and a V6 engine under the hood. This one has power disc brakes up front, a floor-shifted automatic transmission, and wears a set of Mustang wheels.

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