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15 cars (81 pictures) found: year of "2008", roof type of "convertible", grouped by car

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(8 photos of a 2008 Vista Blue Mustang Shelby GT Convertible) Vista Blue 2008 Mustang Shelby GT convertible with a Shelby modified 4.6 liter, 3 valve, V8 engine and Shelby modified body. This car is not to be mistaken for the Shelby GT-500 although the extra cost over the Mustang GT premium is about the same. This special edition car comes only in Vista Blue, a Billet hood pin kit, Billet front grille assembly with Mustang pony badge including fog light delete, silver Shelby racing stripe kit, Shelby installed appearance bar, Shelby 54U package (front fascia, rear fascia, side scoops, and 18" premium Aluminum wheels), and the Ford racing handling package (front and rear dampers, lowering springs, front and rear sway bars, and strut tower brace).

(6 photos of a 2008 White Mustang Shelby GT-500 Convertible) 2008 Mustang Shelby GT 500 convertible with 18 inch bright machined aluminum wheels, Shelby rear deck spoiler, and GT side stripe.

(4 photos of a 2008 Silver Sherrod 500S Mustang Convertible) Silver 2008 Mustang GT convertible with a Sherrod 500 S package and a 300hp (at 5750rpm), 4.6 liter, V8 engine. The Sherrod 500 S package starts with a 2008 Mustang GT premium and adds a Shaker Hood scoop, performance 20 inch tires and wheels, Billet grille, custom air splitter chin spoiler, enhanced rear bumper cover, Magnaflow X channel exhaust, sequential brake lights, Sherrod graphics, and front fender heat extractor. We have several Sherrod Mustangs on this site.

(3 photos of a 2008 Silver Mustang Convertible) Silver 2008 Mustang convertible owned by Ken Snider from Springfield, Missouri. It has a V6 engine and an automatic transmission. Ken adds, "After 65 years on the planet earth, I got a nice car!"

(7 photos of a 2008 Alloy Mustang Shelby GT-500 Convertible) Alloy 2008 Mustang Shelby GT-500 convertible with white stripes and a 500hp, 5.4 liter, 4 valve, supercharged V8 engine.

(3 photos of a 2008 Torch Red Mustang Convertible) Torch Red 2008 Mustang convertible owned by Christopher Adams from Sumterville, Florida. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting August 3, 2014. Christopher purchased his Mustang a month and a half ago. So far he has plasti-dipped the rear wing and blacked out the fender emblems. He has plans for future mods as well.

(12 photos of a 2008 Grabber Orange Mustang GT California Special Convertible) 2008 Grabber Orange Mustang GT-CS convertible with a 300hp (at 5750rpm), 4.6 liter, 3 valve, V8 engine. The GT California special is a $1895 upgrade over the standard GT premium options package. The GT California special options package includes: 18 inch polished aluminum wheels, 235/50/ZR18 sport tires, front floor mats with Mustang logo, California Special exterior satin black side tape stripe, bright rolled exhaust tips, and a pony center rear gas cap badge.

(6 photos of a 2008 Grabber Orange Mustang GT California Special Convertible) Grabber Orange 2008 Mustang GT/CS convertible owned by Serge Therrien from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting October 18, 2015. Serge tells us more, "I always liked the Mustang. I had one when I was 21 years old. It was a 1981 Mustang Cobra brand new but I had to get rid of it. Once the kids were all grown up, I got a 2003 black Mustang GT. When Ford came out with the redesign Mustang in 2005, looks a lot like the 1969 or 1970 which I love, I know I had to get one. So in 2012 I bought used a 2008 Mustang GT/CS Orange Grabber U3. I get a lot of compliments on the colour. There are not many of them. Mine is 29 out of 113 made in the convertible. Modifications include; two tone light bar with Plexiglass and leather that cover back seat, cold air intake, strut bar, sequential lights and other small modifications. In spring 2014, the best trip ever with my girlfriend took the Mustang across the country to Vegas, Grand Canyon, Highway 66, and also down the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Monica pier - always with the top down."

(1 photo of a 2008 Performance White Roush Speedster Mustang Convertible) Check out this 2008 Roush Speedster convertible in Performance White with orange stripes and graphics. Under the hood is a 360ci 4.6L Roush-charged V8. It is owned by Roger Tonkin of New Plymouth, New Zealand. Roger says, It's a 2008 Roush Speedster, Stage 3 so supercharged. We've owned for 2 years and really enjoy it. 28000 miles and is just as it came from the Roush factory.It's the 10th Mustang we have owned. We are members of the local Taranaki Mustang Club with regular trips around our province and a yearly NZ wide Convention. Just recently NZ has started selling right hand drive Mustangs brand new. Very popular, but not for me. Left hand drive is American and that's what I like. I'm retired and enjoying life with our car and would like to correspond with any other enthusiast at our email address.

(3 photos of a 2008 Silver Mustang GT Convertible) Silver 2008 Mustang GT convertible owned by Coleman B Bergman from Towson, Maryland. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting April 13, 2020. This Mustang has many modifications: carbon fiber chin spoiler, custom cut lower front grille, hood locks, and large wheels with ultra low profile tires (from this angle).

(7 photos of a 2008 Windveil Blue Mustang Convertible) Windveil Blue 2008 Mustang convertible with a gray interior and a V6 engine under the hood. This one has 16-inch stock Mustang wheels.

(10 photos of a 2008 Black Roush Black Jack Mustang Convertible) Black 2008 Roush Black Jack Mustang convertible with the Roush Black seven piece Aerobody Kit (front fascia, front chin spoiler, hood scoop, rocker panels, rear fascia valance and rear wing), Roush black bar high flow front grille, lower valance fog lamps, 18 inch forged black wheels with performance tires, and a 4.6 liter RoushCharged V8 engine putting out 420hp and 400ft-lbs of torque.

(3 photos of a 2008 Mustang Promotional Sales Brochure) The 2008 Mustang V6 convertible explaining the Z-fold ragtop, 3-layer build which includes a waterproofed outside, eye-pleasing inside and sound-deadened in between.

(4 photos of a 2008 Black Mustang Warriors In Pink Convertible) Ford promotional photo of a 2008 Black Warrior in Pink Mustang V6 convertible with pink stripes, 17 inch painted aluminum aluminum wheels, fog lamps, and special fender badges. The Warriors in Pink package starts with a premium optioned automatic transmission V6 in performance white, black or silver metallic. The pony package is added for the front fog lamps but pink rocker and hood tape stripes are substituted. Other included options include pink ribbon fender badge, charcoal leather trimmed seats with pink contrast stitching, floor mats with pink ribbons, and leather covered aluminum spoke steering wheel with pink stitching.

(4 photos of a 2008 Silver Mustang Warriors In Pink Convertible) Check out this Silver 2008 Warriors In Pink V6 Mustang convertible. This car has pink rocker stripes, a pink ribbon on the front fenders, and pink stitching on the black seats. It was on display at in East Peoria, Illinois at a 2010 Mustang and Ford car show.
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