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(5 photos of a 1999 Crystal White Mustang GT Anniversary Convertible) Crystal White 1999 Mustang GT 35th Anniversary Limited Edition convertible at the 2010 Mustang car show in Port Angeles, Washington. 4,628 of these Limited Edition 35th Anniversary GTs were built in 1999. Unique options included a raised hood scoop, side scoops and raised spoiler. It only came in red, black, silver, or white.

(10 photos of a 1999 Lizstick Red Saleen S281-SC Mustang Convertible) I photographed this Lizstick Red 1999 supercharged Saleen S281 convertible at the 2010 MCA Grand Nationals car show held in Bellevue, Washington. This is an amazing color. I first saw it all the way across the car show, even though it was cloudy. I kept coming back all day to get it in the sun, which I finally did when I got this shot.

(18 photos of a 1999 Mustang Promotional Sales Brochure) This is the 1999 Ford Mustang promotional booklet showing all the features and options of the 1999 Mustang V6 and GT. The 1999 Mustang Cobra had its own separate sales brochure. In 1999 all model engines received upgrades resulting in more power. The 1999 Mustang appearance changed by creating wheel lips, widening the body side cove, raising up the rear decklid, pulling the front fascia in, and adding angles to the grille and other areas to more match the classic 1960's Mustang. Only the roof remained the same.

(6 photos of a 1999 Electric Green Mustang SVT Cobra Convertible) I photographed this Electric Green 1999 Mustang Cobra convertible at the 2011 Mustang Roundup car show held in Bellevue, Washington.

(7 photos of a 1999 Extreme Rainbow Saleen S281-SC Mustang Coupe) Check out this Extreme Rainbow 1999 Mustang Saleen S281 supercharged coupe! Extreme Rainbow is a color shifting paint. This was a Saleen factory paintjob that cost an extra $11K on the sticker price! It is factory serial number 334.

(7 photos of a 1999 Roush Mustang Promotional Sales Brochure) This is the 1999 Roush Mustang sales brochure featuring the Roush Sport, Roush Stage 1, Stage 2, Convertible. and Roush Cobra, Options for the 1999 Roush V6, GT, and Cobra are described and shown.
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