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(from page 9 of the 1993 Collection) This Mustang LX has the optional 5.0L V8 HO engine.

(from page 9 of the 1993 Collection) The SA-10 has the 302ci (5.0L) supercharged V8. It was rated at 320 horsepower.

(from page 9 of the 1993 Collection) This page features the high performance, 5.0 liter, V8 engine. In 1993, horsepower dropped across the board after re-rating the changes over the last few years plus not rating them with the extra loads of smog, alternator, air conditioning, and the cooling fan.

(from page 10 of the 1993 Collection) The Engine is a 2.3L 4-cylinder. It was rated at 100 horsepower.

(from page 10 of the 1993 Collection) View of the E-code 5.0L V8 engine originally rated at 205hp.
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