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(5 photos of a 1976 Bright Yellow Mustang Stallion Fastback) Check out this Bright Yellow 1976 Mustang II Stallion hatchback. It's owned by Aaron Wilson from England. Stallion package contains a blacked out grille, grille moldings, window moldings, wiper arms, lower bumpers, and lower body panels; deleted grille Pony emblem; bright lower-body side moldings; Stallion decals; and styled steel wheels. Aaron adds, "'Living the Dream.' She has a 5.0L 302 2v 8cyl engine and she runs sweet as a nut! I have never drove anything like it, makes me feel a GOD of the road! I picked this off eBay propa cheap in the summer of 2010. I have'nt a clue about the history of it but she came to England in 1994 and I'm the 4th and last owner... ha! As far as I have'nt found anything wrong with her mechanically. She came with came with a full years M.O.T. [Ministry of Transport test?]. The only down side of her is a few parts of the bodywork and the paint job she's had in the past is pretty poor! - But I can't complain... I have a Stang!"

(4 photos of a 1976 White Mustang II Monroe Handler Fastback) Raise your hand if you've ever seen one of these? I don't see any hands... It's a 1976 Mustang II with the Monroe Handler body kit. The car is being restored by Ricky Shuler. The Handler body kit consists of 8 pieces of fiberglass. It came out in mid 1977 and fit any of the fastback Mustang IIs (74-78). The body it was used to promote the Monroe Handler series street performance shock absorbers.

(9 photos of a 1976 White Mustang Cobra II Fastback) White 1976 Mustang Cobra II hatchback with blue cobra stripes and a blue interior. Under hood is the big 5.0l (302ci) V8 engine. This engine put out 134 horsepower and was the biggest of three engines offered on the 1976 Mustang II model.

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