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(10 photos of a 1966 Sapphire Blue Mustang GT Hardtop) This is a 1966 Mustang GT white vinyl hardtop with special order Sapphire Blue exterior paint with blue pony interior and an A-code 289ci 4-barrel V8 engine. Sapphire blue was a standard color for the 1966 Shelby Mustang and 1966 Ford Thunderbird, but not the standard 1966 Mustang or Mustang GT. We have several examples of this special order color on other Mustangs. This car has been restored although it only has 20K miles on it.

(6 photos of a 1966 Burgundy Mustang Hardtop) Although not the original color or a standard Mustang color for 1966, this burgundy red 1966 Mustang hardtop is still very nice. I photographed it at the 2010 Mustang car show in Port Angeles, Washington. There is the larger 289ci V8 engine under the hood.

(3 photos of a 1966 Tahoe Turquoise Mustang Hardtop) Tahoe Turquoise 1966 Mustang hardtop at the 2010 Port Angeles, Washington, Mustang car show. This one has 14 inch standard full wheel covers, a 6 cylinder engine, and pony interior.

(2 photos of a 1966 Rescue Green Mustang Custom Hardtop) Custom Rescue Green 1966 Mustang hardtop with custom wheels, front air dam, and engine. Rescue Green is a 2007 special order Chrysler Jeep color which later became a more popular standard color. Either you love it or hate it. This car was in the modified section of the 2010 Mustang Roundup car show in Bellevue, Washington.

(4 photos of a 1966 Sapphire Blue Mustang Hardtop) This Sapphire Blue 1966 Mustang hardtop with white vinyl roof, 289ci V8 engine, and wire wheels with spinners was at the 2010 MCA Grand Nationals car show held in Bellevue, Washington.

(13 photos of a 1966 Anniversary Gold Mustang Anniversary Hardtop) Anniversary Gold 1966 Millionth Anniversary Mustang hardtop with special order paint, full wheel covers, parchment pony interior, and a 289ci V8 under the hood. 50 of these were built as part of the Millionth Mustang Anniversary, special order number 1111 and sent to dealerships across the nation. Of the few that have been found, the common features include that they are all hardtops and have C-code 289ci 2-barrel V8 engine, pony interior, steel styled wheels, and special Anniversary Gold paint.

(1 photo of a 1966 Mustang Easter Collection Of Colors Hardtop Advertisement) This is an April 7th, 1966 advertisement by Jackson Goldie Ford in the Oakland Tribune of Oakland, California. It shows one of the sales based on the colors available in 1966 including special order Playboy Pink and Thunderbird Honeydew Yellow. Sales like this were common in 1966, 1967 and 1968, mainly because of the availability of pink. We call it the Easter Collection of Colors. We've edited this advertisement by removing all the other cars listed. Here are those colors on Mustangs: .

(3 photos of a 1966 White Mustang Hardtop) Have you ever seen a chopped 1966 Mustang hardtop? I haven't until I found this one at the 2010 Mustang and Ford car show at Uftring Ford in East Peoria, Illinois. Check out the tiny rear quarter windows. This car has a huge blown engine in it too!

(5 photos of a 1966 Candy Apple Red Mustang GT Hardtop) Candy Apple Red 1966 Mustang GT hardtop at the 2010 Mustang and Ford car show in East Peoria, Illinois. The paint on this car looked great. I like the white GT style rocker stripes.

(1 photo of a 1966 Candy Apple Red Mustang GT Hardtop Advertisement) Magazine ad demonstrating the importance of the power front disc brakes on the 1966 Mustang GT. It is titled, "Ford comes up with a real stopper!"

(5 photos of a 1966 Candy Apple Red Mustang GT Hardtop) This Candy Apple Red 1966 Mustang hardtop was at the 2010 Mustang Roundup in Tampa, Florida. It has grille mounted fog lamps, wire wheel covers, parchment interior, and a 289ci 4V V8 engine.

(6 photos of a 1966 Wimbledon White Mustang Hardtop) Wimbledon White 1969 Mustang hardtop with full standard wheel covers, wheel spinners, rocker panel metal trim, and a 200ci 6-cycle engine. This incredibly restored car was at the 2010 Mustang Roundup car show in Tampa, Florida.

(3 photos of a 1966 Red Mustang Hardtop) This custom red 1966 Mustang hardtop was at the 2011 Mustang car show held in Port Angeles, Washington. It has full wheel covers with spinners and metal rocker panel trim.

(5 photos of a 1966 Blue And White Mustang Players Special Edition Hardtop) At least 50 of these blue and white 1966 Mustang hardtops were given out by the Player's cigarette company in many separate sweepstake in Quebec, Manitoba, Ontario, and Alberta between October 1965 and September of 1966. All Mustang has the 200 cubic inch six cylinder engine, 3 speeds manual transmission, full wheel covers, and AM radio. The Blue and White exterior paint matched the Player's cigarette package. We think the blue is 1966 Nightmist Blue which is very dark and Wimbledon White. We also have several newspaper advertisements for this promotion as well as many of the winners. This set of photos was submitted to us from a viewer as well as the first newspaper article in the second set.

(1 photo of a 1966 Blue And White Mustang Players Special Edition Hardtop Advertisement) Submitted by a viewer, this is a Player's Mustang special edition advertisement from the National Library and Archives of Quebec / Le Petit Journal for the Week of June 5, 1966. Player's Cigarettes gave out a series of blue and white specially painted 1966 Mustangs as part of this sweepstakes. This ad says, Enter the contest Mustangs Players Hurry in! You to can easily be among the winners of a spirited Mustang 1966. A Mustang will be awarded in prizes every week. So you can participate in the competition many times. Nothing could be simpler: you just have to get a Player's cigarette packet and ship your entry to the address listed below. In the rules it says that a drawing will be preformed every week starting June 21st and ending August 23rd (10 weeks). Similar contests ran in Alberta, Ontario, and Manitoba from 1965 through 1968. All Mustangs have the 200 cubic inch, six cylinder engine, 3 speeds manual transmission and, full hubcaps, and an AM radio.

(7 photos of a 1966 Blue And White Mustang Players Special Edition Hardtop) This newspaper advertisement introduces the late 1965 early 1966 Player's "Mustang-A-Week" contest for the Blue and White 1966 Mustang Players special edition hardtop. This advertisement calls the sweepstakes a weekly contest, but some later versions had it every two weeks. It came from the October 26th, 1965 edition of The Lethbridge Herald of Lethbridge, Alberta. It says that every week for 10 weeks starting October 25th a Player's Mustang will be given away.

(1 photo of a 1966 Candy Apple Red Mustang Hardtop) Ford promotional photo of a Candyapple Red 1966 Mustang Hardtop with standard full wheel covers and metal rocker panel trim.

(5 photos of a 1966 Emberglo Mustang Hardtop) This amazing Emberglo orange 1966 Mustang hardtop with steel styled wheels is our Attitude Of The Week for the week starting June 16th, 2013. Besides the steel styled wheels, this car has a parchment pony interior, and a 289 V8 under the hood. I photographed this car last year at the Mustang Round up car show in the Seattle area.

(5 photos of a 1966 Mustang Colt Hardtop Advertisement) Bob Davidson Ford in Baltimore Maryland created the 1966 Mustang Colt special edition. The 1966 Mustang Colt cost $2195. It was first advertised in the February 22nd 1966 edition of the The Baltimore Sun newspaper. It was part of their Washington's Birthday celebration sale, but continued to be advertised throughout the year. The dealership was giving away Colt-Redskin football tickets with the purchase of any new 1966 Ford in stock. The Colts were located in Baltimore in 1966. The Bob Davidson dealership was located just two blocks west of the stadium. The new 1966 Mustang Colt was Custom equipped to put the kick in your driving. I wonder if they were referring to a horse kick or a football kick? The Mustang Colt special consisted of a automatic transmission, the Colt "Special" 200 engine (200ci 6-cylinder), full console, wire wheels, chrome air cleaner, heater, defroster, full carpet, and a padded dash. From the wording, this Mustang started off as a Sprint 200 factory special which had the 200ci engine with the chrome air cleaner. We don't know if the Mustang Colt was offered in the convertible body style as well. This early ad did not talk of any special badges for the Mustang Colt. We did however talk with an existing owner who has verified a badge, Colt script letters, and that they were primarily Blue or White hardtops.
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