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37 cars (214 pictures) found: year of "1966", roof type of "convertible", grouped by car

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(15 photos of a 1966 Candy Apple Red Mustang Convertible) "Aunt Myrna, if you ever want to sell your Mustang, let us know." This is what Allan and Nancy Eisentraut told their aunt Myrna of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin. Myrna bought the car new in 1966, drove it for years, then stored it in her garage for 16 years, untouched. Finally, one day in 1986, Allan and Nancy, got a call from Myrna. She wanted to sell them the car. Allan went there with his mechanic son. They pulled the Mustang out of the garage with the tires sliding on the ground. They were froze up with rust. After pounding the rust off the wheels to get them to turn; then taking the spark plugs out, pouring oil into the spark plug holes; and pouring gas into the carburetor, the Mustang started up - surprisingly, even with the old battery. It was quite rusty and a body man told them not to wait too long to have it taken car of. Within a year, the car had been repainted. Everything is still original on the car, right down to the plaid carpet in the trunk. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week picture for 8-26-07.

(3 photos of a 1966 Ivy Green Mustang GT T-5 Convertible) Ivy Green 1966 Mustang GT T-5 convertible that was once owned by Emmanuel Theux from Monte-Carlo. T-5 was the Mustang model sold in Germany, because the model name of "Mustang" could not be used because a trunk company had registered it first in Germany. Not sure how many people would confuse a Mustang truck with the Mustang car. This one has a K-code HiPo 289ci V8 engine. Emmanuel sold it to a private museum in Switzerland. Emmanuel has owned many Mustangs.

(6 photos of a 1966 Wimbledon White Mustang Convertible) Manville Smith just purchased this Wimbledon White 1966 Mustang convertible (April 20th, 2009) with only 40K on the odometer. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting 5-24-09. Manville tells us more, "It is very original and highly optioned. The paint is original and the body/frame is straight and rust-free. The car was originally a Ford company car ('Transportation Services' DSO) and it still has the Ford Employee parking decal on the rear window. Original items include the C-code 289 V8, C4 automatic transmission, power steering, front disc brakes (rare on a non-GT), 2-speed wipers, luggage rack, 'Visibility Group' (remote controlled door mirror, day/night mirror), power convertible top, styled steel wheels, Ivy Gold and White Pony interior (all original) with console, AM Radio (works perfectly), wheel arch moldings, and rocker panel moldings. Non-original items are the air conditioning and the dual exhaust."

(4 photos of a 1966 Sapphire Blue Mustang GT Convertible) This 1966 Mustang convertible was special ordered with Sapphire Blue paint. This paint was not a standard color for the mustang but it was for the 1966 Shelby. This car also has the GT equipment group option.

(10 photos of a 1966 Ivy Green Mustang Convertible) Ivy Green 1966 Mustang convertible with a 200hp (at 4400rpm), 289 cubic inch, 2 barrel, V8 engine. The door tag reads 76A R 26 20M 23 6 6, where 76A is the convertible standard body, R is the Ivy Green metallic paint, 26 is the black interior trim, 20M denotes a 20th of December assembly date, 23 special ordered in Philadelphia, 6 2.80:1 rear axle ratio, and 6 dual range automatic C4 transmission.

(6 photos of a 1966 Tahoe Turquoise Blue Mustang Convertible) Tahoe Turquoise 1966 Mustang convertible with a 120hp (at 4400rpm), 200 cubic inch, 6 cycle engine. The door panel code is 76A U 27 04F 73 2 6 where 76A is the standard convertible body, U is the color code for Tahoe Turquoise, 27 is Aqua interior, 04F is the assembly date code of the 4th of June, 73 is the special order/delivery city of Salt Lake City, 2 the an axle ratio of 2.83:1, and 6 indicates a Ford C-4 automatic transmission.

(7 photos of a 1966 Antique Bronze Gold Mustang Convertible) Antique Bronze 1966 Mustang convertible with a tan interior and white soft top. It has a 289 V8 engine under the hood and an automatic transmission.

(7 photos of a 1966 Arcadian Blue Mustang Convertible) This is an Arcadian Blue 1966 Mustang convertible. Arcadian blue is a very light shade of blue. It has a V8 engine, automatic transmission, and power steering.

(6 photos of a 1966 Silver Frost Mustang Convertible) Silver Frost 1966 Mustang with a 200hp (at 4400rpm), 289 cubic inch, 2 barrel, V8 engine.

(7 photos of a 1966 Vintage Burgundy Mustang GT Convertible) Vintage Burgundy 1966 Mustang GT convertible owned by Mark Wieszyk from Adelaide, South Australia. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting July 24, 2011. It has it's original 289ci V8 engine and an automatic transmission. Mark tells us more, "I purchased this Mustang convertible GT in 2009. It was imported into Australia from North Carolina in 2006 by the person I purchased it from. The car has been restored to a very high level. It is an A code 4V motor with air conditioning, power steering, front disc brakes, power roof and rally pack. It is a beautiful car to drive and the color combination between the exterior and interior catches a lot of attention. The car won a sponsors award at the 2010 Australian Mustang Nationals in Adelaide and has been featured in Australian Mustang and Ford magazine."

(2 photos of a 1966 Ivy Green Mustang Convertible) Check out this Ivy Green 1966 Mustang GT-350 convertible owned by Al Shott from Seattle, Washington. Hey! We saw this car at the 2011 Mustang Roundup show in Bellevue, Washington last month! The matching dog carrier was there, but we didn't see the dog - Mustang Bonny. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting August 14, 2001. Al tells us more, "We have had the car four years now. It was fairly complete when we got it. Converted it to GT-350 specs, had it lowered all around with Curry rear traction bars, and added fiberglass hood, front, and rear with ducktail spoiler. The interior is now all leather with green piping and seatbelts. The engine was rebuilt to Hi-Po specs and C4 with a shift kit."

(1 photo of a 1966 Green Mustang Convertible) Forest Green 1966 Mustang convertible owned by Geary from Maryland. Geary tells us, "This is a extremely rare 1966 Mustang convertible, with a 6cyl 200ci engine, 4 speed Experimental Borg Warner Transmission all original. Everything is original and is a show car. It has been featured in 2011 and 2012 Hot Cars Calendar and also in a Nostalgic Classic Car Poster. It has won many trophies."

(6 photos of a 1966 Ivy Green Mustang Convertible) A very shiny Ivy Green 1966 Mustang convertible with full wheel covers, metal rocker panels, and a 200hp (at 4400rpm), 289 cubic inch, 2 barrel, V8 engine.

(3 photos of a 1966 Wimbledon White Mustang GT T-5 Convertible) Wimbledon White 1966 T-5 GT convertible owned by Chris Wold from Edgerton, Wisconsin. This is an original color convertible with the 289ci K-code Hi-Po engine with a manual transmission. Chris adds, "This car was handed to me by a previous owner who didn't have time for it. I have been showing this car at shows because of its rarity. It's was sold thru through the military PX system, shipped from the US to Europe, and sent back when a soldier was done with there tour of duty. It's been with me for a year and a half and has won best of show, best of class, and also a Facebook page. "

(10 photos of a 1966 Emberglo Orange Mustang Sprint Convertible) Emberglo 1966 Mustang Sprint 200 convertible with a 120hp (at 4400rpm), 200 cubic inch, 1 barrel, inline 6 cylinder engine. Promoted as the Millionth Mustang Success Sale, the Sprint 200 limited edition package was offered mid 1966 when Ford worried about inventory problems with the first V8 level upgrade 289ci engine. The Sprint 200 was a sport package specifically designed for the base 200ci 6 cylinder engine which were plentiful. Other Sprint options included center floor console; painted side accent stripes (color matched with the car's interior); deletion of the chrome rear quarter ornaments; and a set of deluxe 48 spoke, blue center wire-style wheel covers.

(10 photos of a 1966 Silver Frost Mustang Convertible) Silver Frost 1966 Mustang convertible with wire wheel covers, metal rocker panel moldings, and a 200hp (at 4400rpm), 289 cubic inch, 2 barrel, V8 engine.

(5 photos of a 1966 Sahara Beige Yellow Mustang Convertible) Sahara Beige 1966 Mustang convertible with wire wheel covers, metal rocker panels, power top, and the base 120hp (at 4400rpm), 200 cubic inch, 1 barrel, inline 6 cylinder engine.

(3 photos of a 1966 Red Mustang Convertible) Red 1966 Mustang convertible owned by Kristina Gonzalez from Holden, Massachusetts. It has a black interior, black convertible top, a V8 engine, and an automatic transmission.

(5 photos of a 1966 Wimbledon White Mustang Sprint Convertible) Wimbledon White 1966 Mustang Sprint 200 convertible owned by Alex Elliott from Walnut Creek, California. It has the 200ci 6-cylinder engine and a manual transmission. Alex adds, "This is a very original Mustang Sprint 200 convertible. I found this car on a recent vacation in Tahoe. It was advertised locally by the owner of 30 years. It was in dry storage for several years. He kept the vehicle maintained - I have receipts for over $15,000 spent. I drove the car back from Tahoe after flushing out coolant fluids etc, and it drove flawlessly the 200 mile trip back to the East Bay. The pony interior could do with new covers. Still very presentable."

(5 photos of a 1966 Timberline Green Mustang High Country Special Convertible) Check this out! It's a Timberline Green 1966 Mustang High Country Special convertible. It's owned by Charles. It has the 289ci V8 engine and a manual transmission. The owner tells us, "I bought this car many years ago in Colorado (still has dealer emblem on trunk lid). It currently has about 26,000 original miles on it. It does come out every year for a couple church or Dairy Queen runs. I was surprised to see our car show up again on another site. If you research the 1966 HCS convertible you will notice that the same car is used on many sites as a reference model. Those pictures are about 15 years old. Other than a different set of tires and a couple thousand more miles she still looks the same. Not sure why or how everybody uses our pictures without permission but It's kind of cool seeing it pop up every now and then. I have amassed an extensive amount of detailed info on these 1966 HCS convertibles over the years and made a small book detailing the cars. I can provide info and extensive pictures if interested. After many years of turning down some pretty interesting offers for her the time may finally be at hand to let her go. I have had numerous Mustangs over the years, my personal favorite was a 1965 fastback in Tropical Turquoise of which only 50 were built before they switched the color. While owning that rare one I stumbled upon this one still owned by the original family. When a car this rare comes along you buy it and figure out what to do with it later. I brought it home but owned too many cars so I gave it to my father. Dad is now mid 70's and not driving much anymore and this car deserves to be somewhere else. I have 2 other convertibles and like to drive my cars. This one should not become a driver. There are only a couple of the 33-35 1966 HCS convertibles left and I know they don't have 26,000 miles. I had a big name restoring company wanting to restore it to concourse condition but they are only original once and this one should stay that way I think. I would be willing to entertain offers or ideas and can provide any and all detailed info as well as any pictures one might want. I will not be disclosing the location of the car publicly but will privately allow perspective buyers to come see her."
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