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(from page 1 of the 1964 Collection) This is a Rangoon Red 1964 Mustang hardtop. This specific car has all matching number parts and a red interior. The engine is the 289ci V8 small block. A total of four engines were offered in the 1964 Mustang. Click here to see their specifications with the help of our Data Explorer. This Mustang also has a stock 3 speed automatic transmission. Except for the new A/C system installed in the car, the car was restored as it came from the factory.

(from page 1 of the 1964 Collection) This Wimbledon White was the first 1964 Mustang sold to the public. It was built on March 9, 1964 which was the first day of production. Pre-production models were built prior to March 9th. This Mustang was pre-ordered by a couple who received delivery at Powell Ford in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on March 16th. Which was one day before the official first day of sale for the new Mustang on March 17th. So, where is the second Mustang sold? Good luck finding it, as 22,000 Mustangs were sold on March 17th! This Mustang was delivered with the following options: Wimbledon White paint, 260ci 2V V8 engine, Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission, Rally Pac gauges, power brakes, power steering, power convertible top, padded visors, reverse lights, a heavy duty battery, full-length console, tinted windshield, a push-button AM radio with antenna, rocker panel moldings, Deluxe wheel covers with spinners, white wall tires, heater delete, seat belt delete, dual outside mirrors, compass, day/night mirror, and 2-speed electric wipers and washer.

(from page 1 of the 1964 Collection) This is a one owner Vintage Burgundy 1964 Mustang hardtop. Roy Ratliff purchased it new on May 29, 1964 and still owns it today! It was our featured Attitude Of The Week photo for the week starting 2-15-09. Roy tells us more, "It came with a center console and Ralley-Pac. I rebuilt the motor in 2007 installing all new internals and had the carb rebuilt by Pony Carbs. In the beginning it was my hot rod, now it's my cherished ride. I will never be for sale as long as I live."

(from page 2 of the 1964 Collection) Chuck Tuttle shares a photo of his wife's dark red 1964 Mustang hardtop It was home built with new sheet metal, GT front grille, updated with roller 302, T5, and 8.8 rear. Chuck owns a 1984 Mustang GT-350 Anniversary and a 1988 Mustang LX 5.0L convertible.

(from page 2 of the 1964 Collection) This Wimbledon White 1964 Mustang hardtop still has its original 170ci 6-cylinder engine and 3-speed manual transmission.

(from page 2 of the 1964 Collection) Poppy Red 1964 Mustang convertible with 1966-67 styled steel wheels with a replaced 302ci V8 engine. According to the VIN# , this car originally had a D-code 210hp (at 4400rpm), 289 cubic inch, 4 barrel V8.

(from page 3 of the 1964 Collection) This is one of the first 100 production Mustangs built in the San Jose plant! The door data tag says it was scheduled for build on July 13th 1964 and the serial build number in the VIN is less than 100. Mary Combs of Centralia Washington owns this beautifully restored Prairie Bronze 1964 Mustang convertible with a 289ci V8 under the hood. It was in terrible condition when Mary got the car in 2005. See the last set of photos for some of the restoration which used all original parts. We photographed Mary's car at the 2010 MCA Grand Nationals held in Bellevue, Washington.

(from page 3 of the 1964 Collection) Here is an action shot of Mary and her Prairie Bronze 1964 Mustang convertible leaving Harold's Burger Bar of Centralia, Washington.

(from page 3 of the 1964 Collection) Kerry's Wimbledon White 1964 Mustang convertible at the ocean.

(from page 3 of the 1964 Collection) The pin stripe follows the body side edge - into a C-pin stripe.

(from page 4 of the 1964 Collection) Playboy Pink 1964 Mustang convertible owned by Mike Johnson from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mike tells us more, "Found solid, no rust, 1964 1/2 convertible to totally rebuild/restore/upgrade for my daughter. It is built to her specs, colors, equipment, etc. It was completely disassembled, cleaned, painted, and reassembled with all new everything. It has power rack and pinion, power disc brakes, larger radiator, all new Pony interior, '66 5-gauge cluster with some GT equipment, 15" wheels, tilt steering wheel, new stereo, etc. The original 260 V8 and 2 bbl. (new Holley type) and original tranny and rear end were retained and rebuilt. The color is the '67 Playboy Pink Ditzler code. She is now ready to drive it."

(from page 4 of the 1964 Collection) Left front view of this 1964 Mustang Pace Car hardtop. Notice how the side mirror is missing? Mustangs of this time were shipped to dealerships with their side mirrors inside the car - uninstalled. They would be installed when the dealer prepped the car. Because these cars were picked up by the dealer at the factory, the mirrors were not included.

(from page 5 of the 1964 Collection) The owner has 1964 and a half plates. This car was built before the Ford assembly plants shut down for retooling for the 1965 models in August 1964. The vehicle identification number has a model year of 5 for 1965. These first Mustangs are called 1964 models, 1964 1/2 models, and early 1965. Which do you use?

(from page 5 of the 1964 Collection) Rangoon Red 1964 Mustang convertible with original optional F-code 164hp (at 4400rpm), 260 cubic inch, 2 barrel V8 engine. Paint has been touched up but is mostly original, the roof is also original.

(from page 6 of the 1964 Collection) The top is up on this Raven Black 1964 Mustang convertible.

(from page 6 of the 1964 Collection) Wimbledon White 1964 Mustang hardtop owned by Mike Horner from Mesquite, Texas. It has it's original 260ci V8 engine and an automatic transmission. That is a P-51 Mustang plane in the background. Mike adds, "I bought the car from the second owner in 1998 who had the car since 1967. It was originally bought in Big Spring, Texas from Bob Shasta Ford. I restored the car from 1998 to 2004 and its first trip was to Nashville Tennessee for the 40th Anniversary of the Mustang. It is equipped with: Power Steering, Air Conditioning, Rally Pac, Full Length Console, Back up Lamps, 260 V8, Cruise-O-Matic, Knock Off wheel covers, and 14 inch wheels. Fixing to add the dealer installed dual exhaust and Cobra dress up kit that was available in 1964." The data plate has a Body 65A for the 2-door coupe, Color M for Wimbledon White paint, Trim 85 for Red Vinyl seats, Date of 29E for the build date of May 29 1964, DSO 61 for Dallas Texas, Axle 1 for the 3.00 Axle Ratio, Trans 6 for Cruise-O-Matic.

(from page 6 of the 1964 Collection) Caspian Blue 1964 Mustang hardtop with a blue interior and white vinyl top. The original 260ci V8 engine and 3-speed manual are gone, but a 289 V8 and 4-speed have been installed.

(from page 7 of the 1964 Collection) Poppy Red 1964 Mustang convertible owned by Gene Walinski from Simi Valley, California. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting June 26, 2016. It was originally Poppy Red and still has it's original 260ci engine. Gene had this story to share, "I bought this Mustang in 1978 for $400 with around 38000 miles on it. She had an 'Earl Sheib' $19.95 chalky red paint job with spray painted stripes along the hood and body-side contours and a street car bell mounted under the car below the driver's seat. It had been outdoors for years. With my sister and I both taking classes on body, paint and upholstery, as well as my father having a repair shop, we managed to paint it back to its original color, sew new upholstery, and replace the top in about two years. It was beautiful and remained completely stock for the next 35 years except for a four row radiator, front disc brakes and a set of '68 GT500KR wheels. Eventually, in 1998, it got a new paint job (free) from a body shop I had been referring work to, got some new tires and the wheels polished (also for free) from a local tire and wheel shop where we had wheel and tire packages installed on new Mercedes and Volvos from the dealership where I worked. A couple of years ago, I decided to make a 'tribute' car or 'tribute' to Carol Shelby at which time, my wife deemed it the Wanna-be, resulting in the GT 1AB stripe and license plate. (won-a-b). I added stripes, tribar headlamps, engine dress up kit and a 'euro Brace' and Monte Carlo bar under the hood. It's never been wrecked, lives in then garage and hasn't been washed in two years or so. I think it's one of the best looking color combinations ever made and people everywhere I go say so too. Still has the original 260 V8 2bbl and the generator and will be going strong for many years to come!"

(from page 8 of the 1964 Collection) Perry's 1964 Musrtang at the globe used for the 1964 Worlds fair. Perry's Mustang was a also used by FoMoCo for the reveal of the 2005 Mustang and for the 40th anniversary. It was displayed as the representative 1964 convertible at World Headquarters for the 50th anniversary of the Mustang. This car has been on display for two years at the Piquette Museum in Detroit, the first Henry Ford Model T manufacturing plant. It was also displayed at the Ford Product Development Center show in Prototype row for the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang.

(from page 8 of the 1964 Collection) This blue 1964 Mustang GT with a D-code 289ci V9 under the hood is owned by Bill Andrews of Ontario, Canada. Bill says, Vehicle was purchased in 1983 just prior to my 16th birthday. It was factory equipped with the 289 D code which is on my engine stand. The vehicle currently has a 1989 5.0L with a B303 cam, DP 4 V with a Paxton Novi supercharger. I have also upgraded the braking system with Wilwood front disc and a dual bowl master cylinder.

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