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(from page 33 of the 1968 Collection) Gulfstream Aqua 1968 Mustang hardtop owned by Peter Brandes from Graz, Austria. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting May 4, 2014. This Mustang has it's original 289ci V8 and an automatic transmission. Peter shares, "I was always into Mustangs since I was a little boy. 10 years ago I fulfilled my dream and found a first owner car in Darien, Connecticut. After 3 months of waiting it arrived in October 2003. It is almost original and driven almost every day from April to September. This year in April I was in Las vegas at the 50th anniversary of the Mustang and I had a great time"

(from page 34 of the 1968 Collection) Calypso Coral 1968 Mustang hardtop owned by Michael Williams from Adelaide , South Australia. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting May 11, 2014. Michael tells us, "I bought this car from an importer in 2011 and set about restoring it myself. It was originally a Limegold and Parchment vinyl roof car. Its been repainted in Calypso Coral with a black vinyl roof. The Ivy Gold interior has also bee replaced with a new black interior. I've had every nut and bolt out and know the car intimately now. I managed to track down the previous owner in California, who was very surprised to find the car had made it downunder and he was able to fill in some of its history. It recently attended the Mustang 50th Anniversary Celebrations in Geelong Australia, after driving it halfway across the country and back."

(from page 35 of the 1968 Collection) Acapulco Blue 1968 Mustang Sprint hardtop owned by Thomas Farnstrom Bjorklinge Sweden. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting November 16, 2014. It has it's original 289ci 2V V8 engine and an automatic transmission. Thomas tells us more, "This Mustang come to me in 2012 from Miami. This is a 1968 Mustang Sprint B with a 195hp (at 4600 rpm) 289 cubic inch 2 barrel V8. The Sprint options packages from factory included; Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic transmission, power steering, and drum brakes. The car is number matching and has only re-paint to Acapulco blue from Lime gold in 1998. The engine was restored at the same time. This Mustang was sold in Washington in 1968 and was in that area until 2012. The last owner had it in Lorton, Virginia. I will restore slowly and drive it all the time."

(from page 43 of the 1968 Collection) Check it out. This is a Sierra Blue 1968 Mustang GT Rainbow Of Colors Edition fastback. It's owned by Marc from Yorba Linda, California. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week starting October 11, 2015. The car was purchased new by his Father at a dealership in Santa Ana, California. It has the DSO/Special Order number of 71-0783. Marc tells us, "My Dad loved cars and took care of them. It had about 138,000 miles on it when he decided to do a minor restore. At one point, my Father had re-painted it, beefed up the engine (lighter manifold, racing cam, bigger carburetor, etc.), and re-did the interior. It was supposed to be parchment, but he instead chose a white interior with blue carpet. I loved the car since I was about five so my Dad had always promised me the car when I was old enough. I remember every time it broke down, he would vent by saying he was just going to sell it. I used to get so upset, but he would always keep it. Unfortunately, the car was stolen from a parking lot in the early eighties. I was probably the most heartbroken of the entire family. Fortunately, the joyriders only wanted the battery and tires so they left it sitting on blocks. The car was recovered later that night. Needless to say, I was filled with joy in hearing the news and my Father was able to keep his promise by giving it to me when I was sixteen. The car was not in great shape at all. I spent most of my spare time working on it and most of my money on parts. In 1999, I was able to restore it back to almost original. It should have comfort weave parchment seats, but I was unable to find the material at the time. I removed the California smog equipment, added electronic timing and left the aftermarket aluminum manifold. I also installed a 3" Magnaflow Cat-Back (since I work for Magnaflow). I do still have all of the original parts. I had always tried to determine the paint color. The person who painted it had told me some story of having to get the paint codes from Detroit, but never offered any detail as to the color. Since it was a custom order, I was never able to determine exactly what the color is. Thanks to your website, I was able to decode the color as Sierra Blue. So the car has been in the family with one registered owner for the last 47 years and I will give it to my son in the next five years or so (let's hope he decides to keep it too)."

(from page 45 of the 1968 Collection) Check this one out! It's a Whipped Cream 1968 Rainbow Of Colors Mustang hardtop. Check out the paint - this is the first one we have on our site that wears it's original shade of Whipped Cream paint. It actually has light green tone to it. It also has it's original 302ci V8 and an automatic transmission. The owner tells us, "Came across this car in 2006. The second owner was selling it, having grown tired of it - saying it never has won or ever will win any prizes. I was able to met the daughter of the original owner and get some very important information on the car. Her mother bought the car off the showroom floor and loved it at first sight. The original owner kept the car in a carpeted, heated, and air conditioned garage while in California. When she moved to the mid-west she drove the car herself instead of having it hauled. When unable to drive anymore, she sold it to a neighbor, who sold it to us. The spare tire is one of the original tires that came with the car. I am happy to say the second owner was so very wrong about it not winning any prizes. It has won several times and considering it is up against cars that have been totally restored, I think is great."

(from page 48 of the 1968 Collection) Wimbledon White 1968 Mustang Sprint optioned hardtop owned by Gustavo Carmona from Cotati, California. This one has the Sprint B package which had the V8 engine, Argent style wheels, and the fog lights. Gustavo tells us, "I found the Mustang in a small town called Woodacre while I was storm patrolling the area. Looking at the Mustang and not knowing what was the condition or what was the story of it, I asked the neighbor. The neighbor told me that people have been stopping for the Mustang and never was sold to anybody. Luckily that day I stopped by and the son's mother told me that her son was getting married and he was probably be interested in selling it. I called him up. I am the third owner. It was in very good condition. All matching numbers all original inside and outside."

(from page 49 of the 1968 Collection) Royal Maroon 1968 Mustang hardtop owned by Jeff Driver from McKinleyville, California. Under the hood is it's original 289ci V8 engine. Jeff tells us, "I found it on Craigslist June 2011 as a fixer. All of the power train and suspension had been done but everything else needed repair or replacement. I did it all myself except for the paint."

(from page 6 of the 1969 Collection) Check out this Wild Violet 1969 Mustang hardtop from Tracey Russell from Adelaide, South Australia. Tracey tells us, "Growing up as a child with Grandparents who were founding members of the Studebaker Club in Western Australia, did a lot for my interest in American Classics. They also had service stations and I was always playing with dinky cars on a road mat/carpet. I fell in love with the 'pony car' at a young age and always said I would get one... come Mid Life Crisis and Woolahhhh There she is! Imported originally from the US to Queensland and restored from a Champagne Gold / Nugget Gold trim to the XY GT colour of Wild Violet. She appealed to me instantly and I fell in love. Purchased from South Australia by a girl who brought her from Qld and then I shipped her home to Western Australia. Joined the MOCWA and became a committee member and learnt more about the passion. Moved to SA in Nov 08 as the 'car scene' here is huge. Although missing the Motorplex and being in a drag crew for a '66 Stang... Racestang! So here we are two and a half years down the track and doing her up bit by bit. I have made a few modifications like mags, extractors, interior etc. - not to mention the odd mechanical hick ups of an ol' gal. But all in all I could never sell her even though she does turn heads being so WILD. So Wildstang and I are in love and my children are waiting for the day to fight over the ownership! hehe Drive safe and happy cruzin."

(from page 9 of the 1969 Collection) Candy Apple Red 1969 Mach 1 Mustang fastback owned by Frank Hoover from Levittown, Pennsylvania. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting January 23, 2011. It's an original R-code 428ci Cobra Jet car. Frank tells us more, "I bought this car in 2001. Originally I wanted a red 1968 428 fastback (which are hard to find). I was ready to buy one in Ohio from a dealer but by the time I got there the car was already sold. Two weeks later I found out about this Mach 1. I knew when I saw it on the showroom floor I wanted it. It was delivered two weeks later and I have been enjoying it ever since. This is an R-code 1969 Candy Apple Red 428CJ 4-speed shaker car. It has manual steering but it has power brakes which is needed - it is easy to spin this car sideways with the power it has. I have driven to car shows and even attended the Mustang Club of America shows and took Silver in the Concourse Class as well as Best Of Show in many local shows."

(from page 11 of the 1969 Collection) 1969 Mach 1 Mustang fastback owned by Richard Kiggins from Pocatello, Idaho. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting March 20, 2011. Richard tells us more, "I am the third (told by seller) owner of this original 390, 4 speed car. It was repainted in 1993 in Rio Red - the color was picked by the last owner. The seller I purchased this car from never titled the car - it sat in a garage or barn for several years. Originally it was Candy Apple Red with a red interior, and had the black out hood paint. It was ordered with a tach dash and the console, but not the fold down back seat."

(from page 14 of the 1969 Collection) Champagne Gold 1969 Mustang GT owned by Gerrianne Narish from Lakeside Arizona. The owner had this to share, "I had been looking for a 69 Fastback since seeing one at a much younger age. My Bro was air-vac'ed to Phoenix after being hit by a drunk driver. I saw it parked on my way to the hospital but did not waste any time and drove past exceeding every speed limit. I arrived at the hospital and a team of Doctors met me. They told me that my Bro did not make it - there was nothing that could be done. The ride home went much slower. I was going to drive past the Mustang, but I knew he would have wanted me to stop. I found out that a serious collector had also passed away - his son was selling all the cars to move to Paris and start a-new. We had something in common, and he wanted the cars to have meaning to their new owners. So at 16 I bought my car in Payson, Arizona [1994]. After trying to find a few replacement parts and failing, I was confused. While getting gas one night a magnificent truck and hauler pulled in. The driver had the most beautiful 1969 Camaro inside the hauler. He got out and begin to speak to me. Asking if I knew what I had, and what I was driving. With disgust he said 'Please tell me you don't drive this car everyday, it belongs on a glass show room floor.' Coming from a person who loved Chevy's this made me curious as to what my car might really be."

(from page 18 of the 1969 Collection) Wimbledon White 1969 Mustang convertible owned by Craig Collins from Cape Coral, Florida. It has its original 351ci 2v engine and automatic transmission. Craig adds, "I purchased from owner in West Palm Beach, Florida. It was built in San Jose, California and lived in California most of its life before being restored. It is corrosion free and totally stock. The only thing it needed was new top and rear window, replaced with Electron brand top this past February. It is a great fit. The factory R12 AC works great. It has a FMX auto transmission and 3.00 rear end."

(from page 20 of the 1969 Collection) Calypso Coral 1969 Mach 1 Mustang fastback owned by Tom Patterson from Poulsbo Washington. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting February 7, 2016. It has the 428-4V Cobra Jet V8 engine and a manual transmission. This was originally a Purple painted Rainbow of Colors promotion Mustang. Tom tells us more, "This Mustang was purchased out of Michigan about a year and half ago. I came with some additional touches making not quite stock. It has a Shelby roll bar installed, 1970 hood locks, and the roof emblems were removed giving it a cleaner look. This car was originally purchased from Russ Davis Ford in Covina, California under the Rainbow of Colors promotion with a color code of WT9106 or Purple."

(from page 21 of the 1969 Collection) 1969 Mustang GT painted in Kona Blue. It's owned by Terry Nenno from Wilmington, North Carolina. It has its original 351ci V8 engine and an automatic transmission. Terry tells us, "Its all matching numbers. I found it on the net. It has been kept under cover from 2007. There was no rust what so ever any place on the car. I restored it for my son."

(from page 24 of the 1969 Collection) Check out Vincent Pirrone's 1969 Mustang GT fastback. It is our featured "Attitude Of The Week" for November 7, 2019. Vincent shares, "When I graduated High School in 1982, I got a job on a used car lot and it came in on trade. I traded the car my parents gave me for graduation, a 1976 AMC Pacer for it. Trade in Value $850. It has been restored 3 times over the years. The Last time, 2004, I modified it for me. Now it still has a 351w C9OE Block, 40 over, Flat top pistons and stock Crank, retrofitted with a Crane roller cam, Victor JR heads, Edelbrock Pro-Flo EFI. And headed up by Twin Paxton Superchargers, and Backed with an Art Carr Extreem AOD with 3600 Stall Converter. The exterior is stock. Color is a Mitsubishi color from 2005, Rotor Glow. Wheels are 2003 Mustang. Seats are 2005 Mustang GT. Roll Bar and custom Interior. VERY, Fun to drive!"

(from page 24 of the 1969 Collection) Here is a super rare Mustang. It's a Silver Jade 1969 Mustang E' fastback owned by Tim and Barb Wise from Springfield, Illinois. 96 of these were made for the Mobilgas Economy Run, but only 50 were ever sold. Tim tells us more, "My wife and I restored this car in our home garage. Six years in the making. Every nut and bolt came out and was restored or replaced. We did a concours build. Everything is totally correct as it left Ford. All work done in our home garage minus engine and trans rebuilds. Bodywork including paint all done at home."

(from page 32 of the 1969 Collection) Red 1969 Mach 1 Mustang fastback owned by Mark Houseman from Hahira, Georgia. Mark adds, "I just purchased this 1969 Mustang 'R' code 428 Cobra Jet Ram Air 4-speed. It has 41071 original miles. The previous owners had it since it was less than a year old, almost a 'one owner' car. It is bone stock but had a paint/color change when it was a year old. Some where along the line the interior was changed from white to black (I don't understand why anyone would do that.)"

(from page 32 of the 1969 Collection) Mark Houseman owns this yellow 1969 Mustang fastback. Mark tells us more, "I purchased it from the original owner(s) about two years ago. It has 69k one owner miles with a 392cid 2-barrel engine and an automatic transmission. It is completely stock and original with the exception of a re-paint color change in 1983. It was put in a warehouse till three years prior to my purchasing this gem. The beautiful green color can be seen where some of the yellow is flaking. I have a Marti Report which states it came with the 'Sports Appearance Group with Tape Stripe, Exterior D├ęcor Group, Color Keyed Racing Mirrors, and Wheel Covers.' I have the original keys as well as the original title. The interior is really nice and again, totally original. The body on this car is incredible and for the most part rust free. I do think that there was some work done on the left front corner/fender years ago. This car also has the factory installed hood scoop with the turn signals. This would make an easy Mach I 'recreation/clone'. I put a new gas tank, filter/sending unit, complete tune up, and rebuilt the carburetor."

(from page 1 of the 1970 Collection) Wimbledon White 1970 Mach-1 Mustang fastback owned by Bill Hamilton from Charleston, South Carolina. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week photo for the week starting October 18, 2009. Bill tells us, "This is my third 1970 Mustang. My first new car was a 1970 Grabber Sportsroof Package Mustang in 1970. I owned that car for 22 years. I also owned a 1970 Mustang convertible for a few years in the mid-70s with the 428 SCJ package with Factory Drag Pack and 4:30 gears. My present 1970 Mach 1 has been with me since 2004. It has been retro-modded with a modern 5-speed and Mustang II rack and pinion steering. It has headers, Edelbrock intake manifold, and a 670 CFM Holley Street Avenger carb. It has a 1.125" front sway bar and 0.875" rear bar plus Bilstein gas shocks. It's been dynoed at 250 rwhp and has gotten 25+ mpg on the highway with the stock 3.00 rear gears."

(from page 2 of the 1970 Collection) Calypso Coral 1970 Mustang Grande hardtop owned by Rick Pierce from Bowling Green, Kentucky. This Mustang still has it's original 351ci engine. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting 8-17-08. Rick has this story to share, "I rode in the car when it was new. It belonged to a friend of my family. I purchased the car in August of 1977 to drive to college and have driven all over the Southeast until now. The Grande was disassembled and painted by a friend, which turned into a three year process. It was completed two years ago [2006]. I have had it at several local shows and someone will always come up and ask 'What is it?' or tells me 'Ford didn't build a Granada in 1970'. So many experts out there."

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