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(from page 11 of the 2004 Collection) Competition Orange 2004 Mustang GT convertible owned by Mike and Shirley Roode from Maitland Ontario Canada. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting February 10, 2020. Mike tells us more, "This car was purchased new by us on July 19th, 2004. After much research, we found there were only 408 Mustang GT convertibles produced in Competition Orange - 171 automatics and 231 standards. After all the years of ownership and 92,000 Kilometers (55,000 miles), the car still wins awards at car shows in the stock category. The only modifications have been a Mach 1 chin spoiler, a light bar and a K&N Cold Air intake system. We still get many looks from people due to the color however now they are also impressed with the condition of a car which is this old and driven this much. The car has never seen snow or a gravel road."

(from page 1 of the 2005 Collection) Black over red 2005 Custom Steeda Mustang GT convertible from Garland, Texas. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week photo for 3/23/08. James Goode is a member of the North Texas Mustang Club, SVT of North Texas and The Black Mustang Club. In early May of 2006, James Goode walked into the entry way of Dallas Mustang with a plan. Goode wanted to make his 2005 Mustang GT convertible into a Steeda Mustang, but could not make the 1400 mile trip to Pompano Beach, Florida for the make over. Goode asked Randy Gibson, owner of Dallas Mustang to do the makeover. At that time, Dallas Mustang was able to build a Steeda Mustang. Justin, of Dallas Mustang started the makeover with Steeda Cold Air Kit, Steeda pulleys, Steeda Charge Motion Delete Plates, Steeda Headers with a Bassani X-pipe with hi/flo cats and a Corsa Exhaust, Steeda Strut Tower Brace, Steeda Sport Shifter, Steeda Sport Springs, Steeda Adjustable Panhard Bar and G-Trac Brace. With the SCT Xcalibrator 2 tune, the Steeda made over GT was pulling 302.11 RWHP and Max Torque of 316.64 lbs, an increase of 23 RWHP. These mods would most likely satisfy the average Mustang enthusiast. Goode wanted to add a little show to the Pony. He had Justin add billitt accessories to the interior and under the hood. Speaking of hood, Goode also had Justin add a Steeda 3-inch Heat Extractor Hood as well as a Steeda Chin Spoiler to his ride. Mike Testlin, owner of "Best in Show" paint & body in Garland, sprayed the pony in a custom black and silver over factory Torch Red color scheme designed by Kay Goode (the coach's wife). 70 year old James Crawford, venerable pin striper of 50 years added the finishing touches. Tim Morris of "Morris Custom Upholstery", Mesquite, Texas added a little sumpin-sumpin to the interior and trunk of Goode's Pony. Omar Medina of "Xtreme Audio" added a Panasonic head unit with 500 watt amp and 2 x 10" subs to the trunk. Omar also added a couple of 10" monitors in case Goode wanted to watch some game film while showing his ride. Paul Jordan of "Paul's Powdercoating" powder coated and, or chromed everything under the hood. On a sunny day with the hood up, you could get burned retinas! The old retired coach entered the North Texas Mustang Club's 17th Annual Yellow Rose All Ford Car Show in August of 2006 and immediately got hooked on showing his pony. To date the coach's car has won: 1st in class & Best Paint at the Yellow Rose 07; 1st in class & Best in Show at the AER Classic Car Show 07; Best Steeda, 1st in Class and Best in Show at the 07 Fun Ford Weekend. Goode also was introduced to Bentley Palez, owner of a highly polished and modified Black 05 Mustang GT convertible. They became good buds and often show their cars at major event together as the "Cruise Brothers" with another bud, Jim Bunch. Goode was very satisfied with his ride, until the winning of a Vortech Supercharger in a raffle at a charity car show caused a change in attitude. The mods by Dallas Mustang were now considered mild. When DM installed the Supercharger and did a retune, the mild pony became a "RADPONY"! The Dallas Mustang Steeda clone was now pulling 437.70 RWHP with 380.94 lbs of torque. The Pony could go fast, now it needed to stop fast. Goode had Justin to install a set of front & rear Baer 16" vented/cross drilled rotors with Baer Claw Calipers. Now this should satisfy the old coach, right? Not!! Goode knew he had two things going on in his life. 1) The old coach had surgery on his right foot coming up in November of 2007. 2) Goode wanted more power out of his pony. He wanted to take the RADPONY to the drag strip. He also knew taking a show car to the drag strip would be like taking a knife to a gun fight. The day before the surgery, Goode dropped the RADPONY off at Dallas Mustang and told Justin he wanted a stroker kit and forged rotating assembly added to RADPONY. The goal was 550 RWHP and 450 Torque. Goode knew he couldn't drive the 5-speed for at least 2-3 months. He told Justin to just take his time.

(from page 2 of the 2005 Collection) This customized Mineral Gray 2005 Mustang is owned by Barry Naft of Las Vegas, Nevada. Barry writes, I purchased this 2005 Mineral Gray Mustang on the 1st day it was available in Las Vegas, November 2004. I immediately drove it home and started customizing the body over the next 6 months with pieces found on E Bay. The market was just beginning so a lot of the parts were first off including the Cobra R front fascia. I did all the customizing and paint and striping myself, the car went through many changes from Retro to my original version of the pony long before Ford began producing them to its final look. This awesome modification was our Attitude Of The Week for September 7th, 2008. Barry also modified a Silver 1977 Mustang hatchback.

(from page 4 of the 2005 Collection) Screaming Yellow 2005 Mustang coupe owned by Jim M. from Syracuse, New York. Jim says, "I purchased this car almost two years ago completely bone stock. I have made several modifications to the car and have future plans of doing further engine and body mods. Current modifications include; 70mm throttle body, cold-air intake spacer, ceramic short-tube headers, custom made 15mm spark plug wiring, H-pipe dual exhaust with GT muffler takeoffs, rev/speed limiter removed, slightly retarded the plugs, and lower fog lights. Future modifications include; twin-turbo kit, 1.5-inch lowering springs, and a variety of body modifications - both interior and exterior such as removing the rear seats, adding black window louvers, paint the rear spoiler black, black racing stripes paint across the car as well and I would like to get 18x10 black rims on the back and 18x9 in the front."

(from page 4 of the 2005 Collection) Black 2005 Mustang Nitrous V6 coupe owned by Dave Martin from Hollywood, Maryland. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week photo for 12-6-09. Dave adds, "I have purchased her in February 2005 with everything being stock. With a lot of work and turning wrenches, she turned out to be a great muscle car. In 2006 she got the name of 'Becca' going to a lot of car shows. Within three years Becca has gotten 20 trophies from different car shows and on the internet. Next year she will be running a part time race schedule with her first sponsor."

(from page 5 of the 2005 Collection) Screaming Yellow 2005 Mustang coupe owned by Barry Miller form Cincinnati, Ohio. It has a V6 engine and an automatic transmission. Barry tells us more, "Purchased in September 2007 (traded my 2003 Yellow Mustang). Added: Ford Racing Power Pack (GT500 dual exhausts, cold air intake, performance tune), Ford Racing springs (lowered 1.75 inches), Ford Racing strut tower brace, side window louvers, hood scoop, fog lights, hood pins, black wheels, yellow calipers, drilled cadmium brake rotors, custom leather seats, 4.0 High Performance & Ford Racing insignias."

(from page 8 of the 2005 Collection) Mineral Gray 2005 Mustang coupe owned by Stanley from McDonough, Georgia. Stanley had this to share, "Hey guys and gals. I got my Mustang three months ago and I'm loving it. I had never had expected that a car (oops Mustang) could drive like this. Before buying my Mustang I drove a PT Cruiser and wow what a difference. I got into a car accident and totaled my cruiser. I started looking for a car. I actually wanted to buy a Lexus or a Infinity G35, but my girlfriend asked me to look at a Mustang. So we went to the dealership and there she was. We pulled in the dealership and the Mustang was sitting in the front row with my name on it. I drove it and loved it, bought it, and now a proud owner of a 2005 Ford Mustang. I WOULDN'T TRADE IT. Can't wait to fix it up. You shall see once it's all fixed upped."

(from page 8 of the 2005 Collection) Satin Silver 2005 Mustang GT convertible owned by Spero Politis from Riverton, Utah. Spero tells us, "I bought it as a lease return. I have had it for nearly three years. I added the 18-inch chrome bullet wheels, the CDC Shaker intake kit, carbon fiber dash inserts, and the custom painted charcoal metallic stripes. Had a blast at the 2010 Sturgis Mustang rally. Planning more mods soon."

(from page 12 of the 2005 Collection) Performance White 2005 Mustang Yankees Edition convertible owned by Dick Serocki from Bellport, New York. It has the 4.0L V6 engine and an automatic transmission. Only 60 of these were produced in 2005. Dick tells us more, "After my sister's boyfriend died, the car sat for a year and she wanted it out of the driveway. I bought it from her and took it to Costa Mesa, California where I enjoyed many finger flips since I lived near Angels Stadium in Anaheim. But it was photoed often, as the only Yankees Mustang in California! Daily driver, but still low miles. I moved to New York last year, drove it with 2 cats in the back seat across the country, 28MPG. It's now my special car, still low miles, all original New York Yankees, and in the garage for the winters. I love this car. "

(from page 13 of the 2005 Collection) Legend Lime 2005 Saleen Mustang coupe owned by Steve Bishop from Redmond Washington. It has the 281ci supercharged V8 engine and a manual transmission. Steve shares, "Purchased the car in October 2016 in Kenosha WI and shipped to Washington. Signed by Steve Saleen in 2017 the same weekend as the Mustangs Northwest Ride N Drive where she got to see some track time. Apparently, only 7 Legend Lime Saleens were made. People either love or hate the color. She was decoration inside the Lynnwood Convention center for the Mustangs Northwest 2016 annual banquet and car of the month for their magazine August 2017." This photo was taken by Kirk Myhre of Myhre Creative.

(from page 13 of the 2005 Collection) Red Fire 2005 Mustang SDS (San Diego Special) coupe owned by Ronald Proffit from Chandler, Arizona. It has the V6 engine and an automatic transmission. Ronald tells us more, "In December of 2017 we were replacing a Chevy Cobalt(LOL) that had been totaled and we found this on the back lot of a dealer. The Mustang looked good to my wife and she said lets go for it... After we purchased the Mustang, the manager and I drove from Chandler AZ to Avondale AZ to pick it up. As we were looking it over the manger noticed the SDS placards on the side and asked me what those meant? I had no idea so I looked it up and was pleasantly surprised... No one has ever heard of this model here in Az.(hehehehehe) It is 199-200 so it was the second to the last ever made which i think is cool "

(from page 2 of the 2006 Collection) Max Bird sends us some updated photos of his Black 2006 Mustang GT coupe. Max tells us more, "I am a 57 year old, disabled veteran. My wife passed away recently from cancer. I have some great kids that help me. I would like to give special thanks to my son Frank. See, my son is the one that bought me this car and made it what it is today. New tires 255/50/17 on 17x9 chrome SR wheels, cold air induction, strut tower brace, front turn signal lenses, rear side markers, and new shocks & struts from FRPP."

(from page 4 of the 2006 Collection) Legend Lime 2006 Mustang coupe owned by Julie Austad from Everett Washington. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week photo for 6-14-09. Julie also has a 1968 Mustang. Julie tells us more, "I bought my car brand new from a local Ford dealer 1/14/2006. It was plain jane Legend Lime green, no spoiler, stripes, etc. I've done an awful lot of stuff to it. Changed out the cloth interior to GT leather. All billet knobs inside including a custom-engraved shift ball. Two-tone charcoal and mist green leather steering wheel wrap. Legend Lime Registry billet dead pedal. Hurst Competition Plus short shifter. Shaker 500 stereo w/6 cd changer. Silver carbon fiber dashkit and console/doors/maplights. Underhood color-matched to car Tunable Induction CAI w/SCT Tune, color-matched plenum cover, shock tower covers & radiator cover & extensions. MRT hood lifts, Shelby red pony engraved billet engine caps, neon green wire loom, Granatelli Sports green wires & 60K coilpack. Steeda sport lowering springs, GT shocks/struts. 18-inch fanblade wheels. Pypes True dual exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers/tips. Yes, I'm a girl and I did the work myself."

(from page 5 of the 2006 Collection) Legend Lime 2006 Mustang GT coupe owned by Paul McAndrew from Fallston, Maryland. It was one of our Attitude of the Week cars back in 2009 (see the last image in this set). Lots of modifications to this car, and tastefully done. The windshield says "Krypton Knight"

(from page 6 of the 2006 Collection) Take a look at Robert McCaskill's 2006 Saleen. Robert says, "This is Barricade. He is a transformer of the Decepticon variety. He is from Cybertron and is visiting here. He chose my garage to sleep for a while." Have you seen the movie "Transformers" by DreamWorks? It had a Saleen S281 Extreme police car code-named "Barricade" which was a transformer.

(from page 9 of the 2006 Collection) Satin Silver 2006 Mustang convertible owned by Felicia Corbin from Columbus, Georgia. It has a V6 engine and an automatic transmission. Felicia tells us, "I just paid off my 02 Honda Accord in November. In February of this year I totaled my Honda and I had dropped my full coverage. I could not afford to have it fixed, so I went car shopping. I wanted a convertible, but never thought I would have a Mustang. Its the first car I test drove and I was approved instantly. The owner took very good care of the car and I love it. The only thing that bothers me is the front bumper must be custom. I have no front blinkers. Can anyone tell me what kind of bumper this is?"

(from page 10 of the 2006 Collection) Mike Rodriguez use to own this Torch Red 2006 Mustang GT coupe. Mike tells us, "This was my very first Mustang that I have ever owned. A 2006 Ford Mustang GT, with tan leather interior, 6 CD changer stereo, and an automatic transmission. A chrome custom grille, that made it unique and drawn a lot of attention. A year ago I traded it in for a 2010 Ford Mustang GT, same color but this time around it's a 5-speed. I am planning to trade the 2010 Stang, for a Shelby GT500, Lord wiling soon. Peace and GO FORD!"

(from page 10 of the 2006 Collection) Black 2006 Mustang Saleen S281 convertible owned by Pegazus from Canada. It has the 4.6L V8 engine and a manual transmission. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting May 26, 2013. The owner tells us more, "Rescued from the USA October 2012 with only 8,800 miles on it, this triple-black Saleen S281 3-valve has spent most of its life in storage in either Florida or Connecticut (I am the 3rd owner). The original floor plastic was finally removed March 2013 (after winter storage in Canada). The Grand Design trunk mat, trunk upholstery, plenum rail covers, matching fuse box cover, lower fog lights, and KM speedometer template (replacing the MPH version) were added April 2013. New factory numbers ( 986 ) will be added next. The car is a daily driver and weekend show car. Restoration continues..."

(from page 12 of the 2006 Collection) Black 2006 Mustang GT owned by Jack Naus from Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting July 5, 2015. It has the 4.6L V8 engine and a manual transmission. Jack says it has all the mods. The Lake Michigan fog was used as the backdrop. Jack tells us more, "I finished this car about three months ago. I did it all myself and haven't touched a muscle car since High School. But when I first saw this car, it didn't look at all like this. It had a bunch of red stripes and different wheels, and it was absolutely stock. But at 35,000 miles only, it has never seen rain or snow. What you see now is exactly what I saw first time I laid eyes on it, and it has taken a year and a half and of course a ton of cash for the changeover."

(from page 12 of the 2006 Collection) Performance White 2006 Mustang GT coupe owned by Michelle Cole from Smithville, Texas. It has the 4.6L 281ci V8 engine and a manual transmission. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting February 14, 2016. Michelle tells us, "I bought my 06 when it was two years old from a lady friend that bought it new. The car had low miles, was always garaged, and very clean. About a year after I bought the car, I was at Lone Star Ford in Houston looking at a new pick up when I spotted a new Mach 1 Mustang. On closer examination I found out that the dealer was making Mach 1 clones and selling them. They were tricked out with lots of optional after market parts to make them look a lot like the original Mach 1 cars. That gave me the idea to make my 06 GT into a Mach 1 clone. The mods include; shaker hood scoop, performance anti sway bar, X Pypes catless exhaust system, Silver Horse louvered quarter windows, honeycomb rear panel, Astra Hammond chin spoiler, center grille rally lights, side scoops, Mach 1 side stripes, short throw Hurst shifter, red shifter boot, red console armrest cover, Mach 1 emblem on dash, Mach 1 letters on trunk, and Mach 1 rear faux gas cap."

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