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(from page 26 of the 1967 Collection) Advertisement for the Tussy Mustang Sweepstakes. Three winners receive a 1967 Mustang in the Tussy Pink shade of their choice. The colors may have been the three new revved-up shades of Tussy lipstick: Racy Pink, Shimmery Racy Pink Frosted, and Defroster. This ad is from the September 1966 edition of the Seventeen magazine. The date of this ad may explain the use of a 1966 Mustang in the photos.

(from page 26 of the 1967 Collection) This September 1966 ad for the Tussy Sweepstakes ad shows a 1966 pink Mustang. The three winners got a 1967 Mustang in their choice of paint which could have been one of three shades of pink.

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