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(4 photos of a 1990 Vermilion Red Mustang Truck ) Take a look at this Mustang Truck owned by Marcus Ellis! It's called the "Truckstang". Marcus has all the details (also check out other Mustang trucks):

The "Truckstang" started life as a 1990 Ford Mustang LX Sedan. The concept was based loosely upon the Ford Ranchero idea, and was a concept vehicle to be proposed to Ford Motor Company; Ford recognized the concept as "interesting" but of limited commercial value. After failing to obtain Ford's interest, the idea was to develop a fiberglass "tub" that could be used on any Mustang, to make it into a utility truck. FoMoCo was interested in the vehicle only as a novelty, and the copyright / patent infringement concerns prevented any further development of that concept. Hence, the "Truckstang" remains a one-off design that has never been copied.

The "Truckstang" had an original 17 miles when the transformation and construction was begun. It was opened up right behind the driver's seat, retaining the original rear quarter panels (which were extended 8 inches). An all-steel, 18-gauge bed was hand-formed, stamped with factory-appearing ribs, and fitted to the inside of the quarter panels. Hand-formed shock-tower housings were created, and the original rear clip was reinstalled. Additional cross-pieces were not required to support the unibody, as the bed is a welded, one piece section, and there is absolutely no cowl shake or vibration.

A Saleen Ground Effects Package was installed, as was a Saleen RaceCraft Suspension: the car handles exactly like a Saleen Mustang, and while a concern might be a lighter-than-normal rear end, the opposite is true: the car weighs exactly 22 pounds more than a stock LX sedan, based upon the heavier gauge steel used in construction.

The wheels are 16-inch Fittipaldi 5-spokes, fitted with Bridgestone Potenza 225x50 front and 245x50 rear, and the wheel coves have been powder coated to match the Vermilion paint. Vermilion was the original factory color, and the entire unit looks like factory-construction.

Other additions include Lear-Seigler Leather, power-lumbar-adjustable buckets, an interior rear package tray, a 1991 Ford Mustang Sunroof, and Flowmaster Stage 2 mufflers. The "Truckstang" is powered by a stock 5.0 liter, 4-speed AOD, with 308 rear gears, and has all power options available in 1990. The "Truckstang" is driven on a regular basis, to and from car shows as well as the occasional parade, and needs nothing in the way of restoration or cosmetics. The "Truckstang" is garaged and covered when not in use.

The car has been in numerous magazines; driven on the Hot Rod Power Tour, as well as the feature car at many car shows, and has received dozens of awards: the "Truckstang" was voted "Best Engineered" at the International World of Wheels, Washington, DC; featured at the 35th Anniversary of the Mustang in Charlotte where it received a special "Award of Excellence" from John Coletti, (then Chief of Ford Special Vehicle Operations); featured at the 45th Anniversary of the Mustang, and awarded yet another "Award of Excellence" and has been on television several times.

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