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5 pictures (1 car) found: sub-model of "St Patrick Day Parade"

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(from page 34 of the 1966 Collection) David Armocido sends us these photos of his 1966 St. Patrick's Day Special Mustang. David says, Mustang is a one of one(color) car that was painted a special green color for Harrold Ford of Sacramento, California for the 1966 St. Patrick Day Parade. Harrold Ford started in 1911 and is still operating today. Color has been verified by Window Sticker showing Special Paint, No Charge, family members of Ellsworth Harrold Ford, The original owner, and additional information obtained by the Marty Report Company in Arizona, and by the color delete on the VIN. I purchased the car from the second owner in November 2002. It was a father daughter project. This amazing car is our Attitude Of The Week starting June 30, 2019.
(from page 34 of the 1966 Collection) Peek inside David's 1966 St Patrick Day Parade Mustang.
(from page 34 of the 1966 Collection) View of the 200 cubic inch, 1-barrel, in-line 6-cylinder engine popular with many special order paint Mustangs.
(from page 34 of the 1966 Collection) Here is a view of the original special order green that is under the front dashboard cover.
(from page 34 of the 1966 Collection) The receipt shows the options of special paint, exhaust emission control, closed emission system, AM radio, front and rear deluxe seat belts, 25PD electric wiper, and tinted windshield. The door data tag for this car is 65A (2-door hardtop), blank paint code (special order paint), 25 (dark red with red trim interior) , 04 C (March 4th scheduled final assembly date), 72 (San Jose ordering district), 3 (3.20:1 rear axle), and 1 (3-speed manual transmission).
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