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(from page 4 of the 1975 Collection) This is an advertisement for the 1975 Special Silver Ghia Mustang II which has the optional Silver Luxury Group. Features of the Silver Luxury Group include the exterior Silver metallic paint, silver classic half vinyl roof, opera windows, moon-roof, body-contoured bucket seats in cranberry crushed velour, thick carpeting inside and in the trunk, instrument panel framed in burled walnut wood-tone trim, tachometer, quartz crystal clock, and standard Mustang II Ghia features.
(from page 4 of the 1975 Collection) Close up of the 1975 Special Silver Ghia Mustang II with optional Silver Luxury Group. This luxury package is also featured in the 1975 Mustang sales brochure.

(from page 4 of the 1975 Collection) Our small, sporty personal car, says the cover of the 1975 Ford Mustang promotional booklet showing a Silver Ghia luxury optioned Mustang coupe with silver half vinyl roof, wire wheel covers, body side molding, rear bumper guards, sun roof, and color matched side mirrors. In 1974, 386,000 Mustangs were sold making it the largest year since 1968; but even with all the hype of the new body style and Ghia luxury options, sales dropped to almost half (188,575) in 1975.
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