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6 pictures (2 cars) found: sub-model of "Mustang Colt"

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Show Year: [1967] [1968]
4 of 5 mustang attitude4 of 5 mustang attitude4 of 5 mustang attitude4 of 5 mustang attitude4 of 5 mustang attitude (from page 27 of the 1967 Collection) Could this be a Dusk Rose 1967 Special Edition Colt Mustang? It seems to have the same Colt emblems as the 1966 and 1968 version - see the next photo. The car has a dealer emblem from Les McLane in York, Pennsylvania. A site visitor found this photo. We are attempting to contact the owner. Do you know anything about this car?
(from page 28 of the 1967 Collection) I've blown up the image of the C-pillar. You can see a triangular emblem that looks a lot like the Country Squire emblem to the right that was used on some the Colt Mustangs. It also has lettering under the emblem which is short - probably COLT.
(from page 28 of the 1967 Collection) This Mustang was sold from Les McLane in York Pennsylvania. Do you know what they were promoting? We know from advertising that the 1966 Colt Mustang was created by Bob Davidson Ford in Baltimore Maryland. Bob Davidson Ford was giving away Colt's Football tickets then later Colt 45 beer. The 1968 Colt Mustang came from Bill Marsh Ford of Newtown, Pennsylvania and was part of promotion to promote a His and Her's Mustang set - the Colt Mustang and the Lady Mustang.

(from page 53 of the 1968 Collection) The 1968 Mustang Colt features racy "C" stripe, bullet-tip front fenders, special Colt I.D. ornament, pop-open gas filler cap, special unique dashboard, special wheel covers, and whitewall tires. The Colt name plate appears to behind the rear quarter window where the Colt identification ornament (enlarged on in the lower left) is on the front fender. The exterior color of the Colt Mustang is not specified.
(from page 53 of the 1968 Collection) Close-up of the front fender Mustang Colt emblem.
(from page 53 of the 1968 Collection) Here is a close-up of what the Mustang Colt badge should look like. It is off the 1965-67 Ford Country Squire station wagon and is about 2 inches across. Earlier use of this emblem included a round piece behind that is placed between this emblem and the car. We think, in this case, the horse head with riding crops emblem was used as is on the front fender, in front of the tire. This is where the 1966 Ford Country Squire placed the emblem.
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Show Year: [1967] [1968]