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(from page 44 of the 1966 Collection) Mustang zooms past its first million ...starts on its second with a Special Mustang Sale! This is a corporate Ford ad we found in the March 30th, 1966 edition of The Evening Standard newspaper of Uniontown, Pennsylvania. It says that for 30 days you can get a specially priced Mustang with wire-styled wheels, accent paint stripe, chrome air cleaner, and center console. The 200ci in-line 6 cylinder or V8 was available under the hood.
(from page 44 of the 1966 Collection) This ad was placed by Lewis Ford in the April 21st, 1966 edition of the Gastonia Gazette of Gastonia, North Carolina. This Millionth Mustang Anniversary sale shows a $2180 Mustang with the 200ci Sprint options group (body side accent stripe, chrome air cleaner, engine decal, wire-style wheels, and center console), Safety Equipment Group (padded instrument panel and sun visors, outside rear view mirror, front and back seat belts, backup lights, emergency flashers, windshield washer & electric wipers), plus the standard features (bucket seats, vinyl trim, full carpeting, 200cu six engine, 3 speed manual floor shift, suspended accelerator pedal, and 5-dial instrument panel), and a personalized nameplate if you buy a Mustang in April.
(from page 44 of the 1966 Collection) Mustang is 1,000,000 strong! We're shooting the works with our Millionth Mustang Success Sale!!. This newspaper advertisement was placed by Anderson Ford in the April 8th, 1966 edition of the Kingsport News of Kingsport, Tennessee. The price of the same options are a bit higher than on the previous ad of this set at $2534.62.
(from page 44 of the 1966 Collection) April 1966 is Mustang Month! and the Millionth Mustang Success Sale. This full page newspaper advertisement was placed by Robertson Ford in the April 23rd, 1966 edition of the Ottawa Herald of Ottawa, Kansas.
(from page 44 of the 1966 Collection) Here is a full page Ford Corporate newspaper advertisement for the Millionth Mustang Sale placed in the March 29th, 1966 edition of the Press-Telegram of Long Beach, California.
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