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7 pictures (6 cars) found: year of "1968", sub-model of "Golden Nugget Special", view of "interior"

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(from page 10 of the 1968 Collection) Here is a peek of the interior where the Golden Nugget Special had a gold plate mounted to the dash with the owners name.

(from page 23 of the 1968 Collection) A gold plate with the owners name was attached to the passenger side dash to commemorate that this was ordered as a Gold Nugget Special.

(from page 29 of the 1968 Collection) It has a nice looking black interior with an automatic and center console.

(from page 59 of the 1968 Collection) Nice black interior. The gold plate with original owners name was mounted on the dash.
(from page 59 of the 1968 Collection) Another view of the black interior of a 1968 Golden Nugget Special Mustang.

(from page 63 of the 1968 Collection) The interior is in great condition.

(from page 66 of the 1968 Collection) The interior is black.
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