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(2 photos of a 1968 Sunlit Gold Mustang Golden Nugget Special Hardtop Advertisement) Advertisement for the 1968 Seattle area Golden Nugget special Mustang we found in the January 26th, 1968 edition of the Seattle Times. We found several of these advertisements in the January and February issues of the Seattle Times newspaper to promote the 525 specially painted and optioned Mustangs. This advertisement says, "Exclusive for this area only! Specially ordered, specially painted Mustangs, each with a golden plaque for the dash panel bearing the customer's name. Sunlit gold color, with black vinyl top, black hood panels. Black stripe. Whitewalls. Wheel covers. Plus all the better ideas that make Mustang America's favorite, most imitated sports car. More Mustang than ever for '68." This ad also shows what the golden dash plate looks like (of course in black and white and in a different scale...) We think this advertisement was payed for by Ford since it has no local dealership listed, which may mean that the Golden Nugget Special promotion was a Ford promotion rather than a group of dealers. Another indication is the special order number of 1111 which appears on the door data tag of each car after the DSO code of 74 indicating the Seattle area. This 1111 code appears to be special since it was also used in 1966 for the 50 special limited edition Millionth Anniversary Mustangs.

(1 photos of a 1968 Sunlit Gold Mustang Golden Nugget Special Hardtop) I photographed this Sunlit Gold 1968 Golden Nugget Special at the 2011 Mustang Round-up car show in Bellevue, Washington. It was actually one of two Golden Nugget Specials at the show. 525 of these were built for a special promotion in the Seattle area. Included in the package was a golden plaque for the dash panel bearing the customer's name, Sunlit Gold paint, black vinyl top, black hood panels, black stripe, whitewalls, and sport wheel covers. Checkout the Seattle Times advertisement I found on this special promotion.
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