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(8 photos of a 2006 Torch Red Mustang GT Foose Stallion Coupe) This is a Foose Stallion factory conversion on a new Mustang GT coupe. It is Foose conversion #31 of 53 cars built in 2006. Foose modifications include: aluminum hood, front and rear facia kit, aluminum billet grilles, 2-1/2 inch front turn signal lamps, side C-pillar scoops, three-piece rear decklid spoiler, rocker and door cladding, an open air induction system, performance exhaust system, custom coil springs in all four corners, tuned struts and shocks, high performance stabilizer bars, Foose wheels 20x8.5 in the front 20x10 in the rear, 255/35ZR20 tires in the front, 275/35ZR10 tires in the rear, custom sill plate inserts, Foose Logo embroidered front seats, Foose logo front floor mats, custom Foose speedometer, and Foose speaker covers.

(9 photos of a 2007 Red Mustang Foose Stallion Coupe) This is a 2007 'Foose Stallion' Mustang coupe (offered also as a convertible). Foose designed the body with a modified hood, side molding, revised grille, fascias, custom side marker lights, side 'C' pillar scoops, and a rear aerodynamic spoiler. The exterior paint is a two tone hot-hues cinnamon with a silver pinstripe.

(8 photos of a 2007 Mustang Foose Stallion Promotional Sales Brochure) This is the sales brochure for the 2007 Foose Stallion which officially came out for the 2006 model year. Foose has offered performance and appearance parts for Mustangs since at least 2005 to the present. Many of these years, complete Foose Mustang upgrades were available by authorized places. For 2007 there was the previous year's 335 hp upgrade and a new 425hp supercharged upgrade along with many other features.

(4 photos of a 2007 Torch Red Mustang Foose Stallion Convertible) Check out this amazing 2007 Foose Stallion in Torch Red and Black exterior paint. This is car is serial number 2 and the second year of the Foose Stallion special edition built on a Mustang GT and is our Attitude Of The Week starting September 22nd, 2019. Some of the special features include Foose custom wheels, modified hood, side molding, revised grille, fascias, custom side marker lights, and a rear aerodynamic spoiler. The interior comes with Foose embroidered leather sport seats and Foose custom instrument gauge faces

(3 photos of a 2007 White Mustang Foose Stallion Coupe) This white Foose Mustang was on display at the 2010 Ford and Mustang show at Uftring Ford in East Peoria, Illinois. It had burgundy stripes. We talked with the owner. He purchased it new from the Uftring Ford dealership.
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Show Year: [2006] [2007]