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Show Year: [1992] [2000]

(from page 2 of the 1992 Collection) Vibrant Red 1992 Mustang LX convertible owned by Richard Winters from Sun Valley, Nevada. This is a limited edition "Feature" car or "Summer Special. These cars had the exclusive Vibrant Red paint with special body colored mirrors, colored door top moldings, colored rear quarter panel moldings,and windshield trim. They also had rear decklid spoilers and special white 5-spoke wheels. It has a 5.0L engine and an automatic transmission. Richard tells us more, "My Brother got it factory made in 1992. He was a big wig at Sun Kiss and they gave him a personal vehicle so his Mustang was mostly parked in his garage. He moved to Las Vegas and had a stroke so I went and picked it up brought it back to my home. It has less then 68,000 miles on it. It is in excellent condition and gets great gas mileage. The only problem with it is the driver's door handle like most 92 Mustangs."

(from page 1 of the 2000 Collection) Black 2000 Mustang GT Spring Feature Edition convertible owned by Karen Irvine from Dover, Delaware. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for March, 29, 2009. Karen tells us, "It was bought brand new in October of 2000. The salesman informed me the car was one of four like it in the Mid-Atlantic region. It has no mods other than an aftermarket head unit. It is the 5th Mustang I have owned since I was 16, when I bought my 76 Mustang II GHIA. In the midst of all these Mustangs I have also owned four Thunderbirds SC and LXs. I love the Fords!" Special 17x8 inch wheels, hood scoop, and side scoops are part of the Spring Edition package.

Show Year: [1992] [2000]
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