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(from page 48 of the 1966 Collection) Bob Davidson Ford in Baltimore Maryland created the 1966 Mustang Colt special edition. The 1966 Mustang Colt cost $2195. It was first advertised in the February 22nd 1966 edition of the The Baltimore Sun newspaper. It was part of their Washington's Birthday celebration sale, but continued to be advertised throughout the year. The dealership was giving away Colt-Redskin football tickets with the purchase of any new 1966 Ford in stock. The Colts were located in Baltimore in 1966. The Bob Davidson dealership was located just two blocks west of the stadium. The new 1966 Mustang Colt was Custom equipped to put the kick in your driving. I wonder if they were referring to a horse kick or a football kick? The Mustang Colt special consisted of a automatic transmission, the Colt "Special" 200 engine (200ci 6-cylinder), full console, wire wheels, chrome air cleaner, heater, defroster, full carpet, and a padded dash. From the wording, this Mustang started off as a Sprint 200 factory special which had the 200ci engine with the chrome air cleaner. We don't know if the Mustang Colt was offered in the convertible body style as well. This early ad did not talk of any special badges for the Mustang Colt. We did however talk with an existing owner who has verified a badge, Colt script letters, and that they were primarily Blue or White hardtops.
(from page 48 of the 1966 Collection) Bob Davidson Ford in Baltimore Maryland advertised their 1966 Mustang Colt special edition again for their 4th of July celebration sale. Cost was only $2195. This advertisement was found in the July 3rd 1966 edition of The Baltimore Sun newspaper. Their advertisement said that they were holding a Bargain B-Que and were offering six-packs of Coke and Colt 45 beer to anyone over the age of 21 who had an official appraisal and demonstration. Besides the reference to Colt 45 beer, the ad shows a Colt emblem applied to the rear roof C-pillar. Check out our next two images for more detailed shots. Advertised features of the 1966 Mustang Colt this time include; automatic transmission, 200ci 6-Cylinder engine, bucket seats, full console, wire wheel covers, heater, chrome body moldings, windshield washer, back-up lights, padded dash, and full carpet. This was similar to the February advertisement with the stated additions of the normally stock bucket seats, chrome body molding, windshield washer, and backup lights. The blue or white exterior paint colors are not listed but the 5th car listed on the right indicates that a black Mustang was converted into a Colt.
(from page 48 of the 1966 Collection) Here is a close-up of the Mustang and special Colt fender emblem from the advertisement was found in the July 3rd 1966 edition of The Baltimore Sun newspaper. The emblem is a horse head with a cross of riding crops (horse whips) below. We FOUND the emblem!!!! Check out the next photo.
(from page 48 of the 1966 Collection) Bob Davidson Ford advertised the 1966 Mustang Colt special edition between February and September of 1966. It is unknown how many were built. They were Sprint 200 optioned Mustangs (advertisements show hardtops) with these special Colt emblems on rear roof C-pillars. What did the Colt stand for? The dealership was just two blocks from the Baltimore Colts football stadium. This emblem is the same used by the 1966 Ford Country Squire station wagon. The ad shows the horse with round backing piece, but an original owner of a Colt Mustang says theirs had only the top horse head with riding crops piece.
(from page 48 of the 1966 Collection) Bob Davidson Ford held a clearance sale for their 1966 Mustang Colt special editions. This advertisement was found in the September 10th 1966 edition of The Baltimore Sun newspaper. The price was reduced from $2195 to $1895? Hard to tell as it says "other 1966 Mustang as low as $1895." The 1967s were on the lot and it was time to clean out the 1966s. The advertisement says that Tom Matte, a "Colt" fan. Tom Matte was a running back who received Most Valuable Player for moving from running back to emergency quarterback in the last few games of the season including the playoffs. Tom Matte is quoted in the ad, "I drive a MUSTANG COLT and I really like its get up and GO! I looked everywhere and, believe me, ONLY BOB DAVISON SELLS NEW COLTS at such a low price!" The features of the 1966 Mustang Colt include; automatic transmission, special "Colt" (engine?), 200ci 6-cylinder engine, vinyl trim, wire wheel covers, bucket seats, full console, heater, chrome emblems, padded dash and visors.
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