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(4 photos of a 1967 Burnt Amber Brown Mustang Branded Hardtop) Here's that "Branded ID" shield shaped emblem on the front fender. It has two running horses on it. I haven't seen one of these emblems before.

(1 photos of a 1967 Mustang Branded Hardtop Advertisement) Check out this Branded Mustang ad. The Branded options were dealer added on used 1965-68 Mustangs. This dealer ad is from Ashley Ford, in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The ad was shown The News - Palldaium newspaper on January 24, 1969. This ad documents some interesting facts about the option that I haven't seen before. It says that the vinyl tops could be in four patterns - Paisley, Sculptured, Tweed, or Leather. They also came in 15 different colors. Or you could get just white or black. The stripes came in five different colors. And the emblems came in either a gold or silver color finish. Another interesting item is that this dealership offered the Branding option to a your own Mustang if you brought it in.
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