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5 pictures (4 cars) found: year of "2010", sub-model of "Barrett Jackson", view of "engine"

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(from page 22 of the 2010 Collection) This Roushcharged 4.6L V8 has 540hp and 510 ft-lbs of torque.
(from page 22 of the 2010 Collection) Another view of the 540hp, 4.6L supercharged V8 engine.

(from page 23 of the 2010 Collection) View of the ROUSHcharged 4.6L V8 engine putting out 540hp.

(from page 24 of the 2010 Collection) View of the Roush charged, 540 horsepower, 4.6 liter, V8 engine.

(from page 24 of the 2010 Collection) Engine features include the R2300 TVS Technology ROUSHCharger 4.6L powertrain system producing 540hp and 510 lb-ft of torque, intake manifold, intercooler and radiator; cold air induction system with secondary Sheave FEAD; forged aluminum pistons, forged steel H-beam connecting rods; forged steel crankshaft; unique high flow injectors, unique fuel rail; dual 60mm electronic throttle body; upgraded fuel system; aluminum flywheel; and Roush calibrated ECM.
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