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(from page 12 of the 1966 Collection) Super rare 1,000,000th Anniversary Edition 1966 Mustang hardtop owned by Paul Axiaq from Millbrae, California. It still has it's original 289ci V8 engine. Paul tells us more, "You've heard about the 1966 Gold Edition Millionth Anniversary Mustangs that were built to commemorate the one-millionth-sales success in 1966. Well they only made about 50 of them so maybe not. They made about 50 of these and there are only 5 known to exist today!

In 1966, about 50 special ordered Anniversary Gold Mustangs were built as part of the Millionth Mustang Anniversary, special order number 1111 and sent to dealerships across the nation. Of the few that have been found, the common features include that they are all hardtops and have C-code 289ci 2-barrel V8 engine, pony interior, steel styled wheels, and special Anniversary Gold paint. There was no paint code for this particular vehicle and they were all made on March 29, 1966.

This car was in two magazines: The June 2009 issue of Cars & Parts, and the July 2009 issue of Mustang Monthly. The original owner says this car was the first unit produced, and that it had been on promotional display as Metke Ford in Bellevue Washington. 'Treasure Chest' keys were mailed to area residents - inside the dealership's chest were keys to the Gold Mustang. The owner's father-in-law stopped by the Ford place while his wife went shopping for a dress: the car was his. The whole story was told in the Seattle Times and Seattle Post Intelligencer. It has been in storage since 1985 by the original owner.

I purchased the car in June of 2009. The car is now stored in my garage where it has been since I purchased it. I have a copy of the original owner's title in Washington. It has a documented 53,987 original miles."

(from page 27 of the 1966 Collection) Anniversary Gold 1966 Mustang Millionth Anniversary Edition hardtop owned by Shelley McCartney Adams from Tulsa, Oklahoma. It has the black Pony interior. Shelley tells us, "My Grandpa and Grandma, Joe & Mary Jane McCartney, bought this car from an Okla City, Okla dealer off the show room floor. They owned McCartney Auto Service in Tulsa, OK. It was gave to me in a will, because I kept my first car that I still have - a 1967 Stang."

(from page 27 of the 1966 Collection) Shelley sends us a couple more photos and more information. This one is a shot of the original 289 with air conditioning. She says, "They were at dealerships not to be sold . To be won. 50 states each had one. This is the Oklahoma one FRED JONES FORD OK CITY. But my Grandpa Joe talked Ford in to selling it to him for my Grandma Maryjane. 50 years in my family; 30 with her, 20 with me. The McCartneys of Tulsa's McCartney Auto Service now in its 3rd gen with my brother Jeff McCartney."

(from page 6 of the 1990 Collection) This is Leo Landry's 1990 25th Anniversary Edition Mustang. Leo adds, "I picked up at an auction trying to buy a guitar. This came up and I instantly remembered my '88 and had to have it! It had 127kms (about 70 miles) on it. I did complete fluid change and now drive it every weekend!

(from page 1 of the 2004 Collection) This Crimson Red 2004 Mustang GT coupe use to be owned by Steven Reiser. This Mustang as the 4.6L SOHC stock engine. Steven tells us more, "I traded in my 1992 Ford Mustang GT for this Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Crimson Red with Beige striping Premium Package 2004 Mustang GT. I just bought it in February 2008 below Kelley Blue Book trade-in price. No Mods yet, but planning a 9 psi Kenne Bell 2.1L Twin Screw Supercharger to go from 260 to about 435 RWHP. Crimson Red with Beige Racing Stripes was the official Limited Edition Package with only 4,000 of these made." Steve now owns a Redfire 2004 Mustang Cobra coupe shown on this site.

Show Year: [1966] [1990] [2004]
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