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10 pictures (1 car) found: year of "1966", sub-model of "Anniversary", roof type of "fastback"

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4.2 of 5 mustang attitude4.2 of 5 mustang attitude4.2 of 5 mustang attitude4.2 of 5 mustang attitude4.2 of 5 mustang attitude (from page 10 of the 1966 Collection) "Best of Show", at least that's how we voted for this almost all original Springtime Yellow 1966 Millionth Edition Mustang fastback at the 2010 Port Angeles Washington Mustang car show. This car is owned by Jack and Pat Davis of Oregon and was our Attitude Of The Week for the week of May 9th, 2010. Most of this car is original including its amazing Springtime Yellow exterior paint. The few items replaced are seat covers, carpet, driver side door panel, trunk mat, and radiator.
3.9 of 5 mustang attitude3.9 of 5 mustang attitude3.9 of 5 mustang attitude3.9 of 5 mustang attitude3.9 of 5 mustang attitude (from page 10 of the 1966 Collection) Here is a view of Jack and Pat's Millionth Anniversary 1966 fastback with its hood open showing off the 200ci 6-cylinder engine. The 1966 Millionth Mustang sale featured many upgrades at a reduced price to commemorate the milestone sale of one million Mustangs since 1964. As part of the Millionth Mustang sale, this 200ci six was also featured in a Limited Edition sale with standard upgrade options and a chrome air cleaner with decal. Jack and Pat's car was part of the larger sale which included other options and the 200 six and 289ci V8 engines.
(from page 10 of the 1966 Collection) Nice view of the 1966, 200 cubic inch, 1 barrel, 6-cylinder engine originally rated at 120 horsepower (at 4400rpm). This engine is mostly original with the radiator being replaced.
(from page 10 of the 1966 Collection) Another view of Jack and Pat's, T-code, 200ci 6-cylinder engine. Notice the original windshield wiper fluid bag.
(from page 10 of the 1966 Collection) The interior with its new seat covers, driver side door panel, and carpet. This is a 65B interior code Mustang indicating a luxury fastback. Notice the personalized one millionth Mustang gold dash plate on the glove box door.
(from page 10 of the 1966 Collection) Close-up of the personalized millionth Mustang dash plate with the original car owner's name.
(from page 10 of the 1966 Collection) Close-up of the full wheel covers, metal rocker panel (lower body) trim, and Mustang 2+2 fender emblem.
(from page 10 of the 1966 Collection) Close-up of the Mustang 2+2 fender emblem. The 2+2 stands for two in the front seat and 2 passengers in the back seat. The Mustang fastback sporty body style was added to the hardtop and convertible the year earlier in 1965. To make sure prospective owners knew that this sporty body style could still comfortably seat 4, this 2+2 branding was used.
(from page 10 of the 1966 Collection) What would you do after you build a million Mustangs? Start on the second million! says this advertisement from 1966 to promote the Millionth Mustang Sale. It says, Mustang! Fastest first million a new car ever had. And here's the sale to kick off the second million. Hardtops, convertibles, and fastbacks. V-8's or sizes... all with your personalized nameplate. Also included are specially priced, specially equipped Limited Edition Mustangs with a lively 200 cubic inch size, special wheel covers, distinctive accent-stripe, center console, engine decal, chromed air cleaner. Want to talk horse sense? Come in and talk Mustang!
(from page 11 of the 1966 Collection) Do you see Pat and Jack's 66 here? This was the classic (1964-1969) section of the 2010, Port Angeles, Washington, Mustang car show. Port Angeles is in the northern Olympic peninsula of Washington on the shores of the Juan De Fuca Strait. It was a little overcast this day and therefore half of the 100+ Mustangs showed up. Still it was a very nice show.
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