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(3 photos of a 2003 Dark Shadow Gray Mustang GT Custom Coupe) Dark Shadow Gray 2003 Mustang GT coupe with Bullitt wheels, Bullitt grille, Mach 1 front spoiler, Flowmaster exhaust, and Mach 1 shaker hood. This customized GT was at the 2010 Mustang Roundup in Tampa, Florida.

(5 photos of a 2005 Mineral Gray Mustang Custom Coupe) This customized Mineral Gray 2005 Mustang is owned by Barry Naft of Las Vegas, Nevada. Barry writes, I purchased this 2005 Mineral Gray Mustang on the 1st day it was available in Las Vegas, November 2004. I immediately drove it home and started customizing the body over the next 6 months with pieces found on E Bay. The market was just beginning so a lot of the parts were first off including the Cobra R front fascia. I did all the customizing and paint and striping myself, the car went through many changes from Retro to my original version of the pony long before Ford began producing them to its final look. This awesome modification was our Attitude Of The Week for September 7th, 2008. Barry also modified a Silver 1977 Mustang hatchback.

(3 photos of a 2005 Windveil Blue Mustang GT Custom Coupe) Christina sent us pictures of her 2005 Windveil Blue Mustang GT. Christina stated, "This is my daily driver. Mods are, long tube headers, off road H pipe, JLT CAI, Ford Racing Intake Manifold, 4.10 gears, tuned. 160k miles and I still race it daily. So I named him Blucifer."

(6 photos of a 2006 Tungsten Gray Mustang GT Custom Coupe) This Tungsten Gray 2006 Mustang GT is owned by Todd & Desley of Buena Vista, Colorado. Todd and Desley write that they bought this car from Texas a year ago with the CDC shaker hood, flowmaster 20 inch exhaust, and KMC wheels already installed. They added the Boss graphics themselves and the rear louvers and BOSS flare to make it look their dad's 1970 Boss 302.

(5 photos of a 2006 Torch Red Mustang Foose Custom Coupe) Lots of upgrades on this Torch Red 2006 Mustang V6 coupe. On the exterior it has a CDC Foose Stallion Aluminum hood, front lip spoiler, ducktail spoiler and rear blackout panel. It has a Ford GT500 rear bumper cover and rear splash guards, SilverHorse Racing LLC black true-billet fuel door and flush mount quarter vent louvers, TVG valve stem cap with tri-bar pony emblems, Universal Brass Chrome License Plate, color matched mirrors, supercharged fender badges, 6-speed deck lid badge, and running pony stripes.

(7 photos of a 2007 Grabber Orange Mustang GT Custom Coupe) This Custom Grabber Orange 2007 Supercharged Mustang GT coupe is owned by Bill Pletcher of Lebanon, Pennsylvania and is our Attitude Of The Week for the week of the 13th of May 2012. Bill belongs to the Berks County Mustang Car Club, who took this photo. The customization was done by ProTune Performance Inc. of Lititz, Pennsylvania. Visible in this photo are the 18" Chrome GT4 wheels and Sumitomo HTR Z11 255/45/18 tires, 12 inch painted racing stripes, Razzi front chin spoiler, Roush side skirts, CDC side scoops and Painted Mirror Covers, Roush quarter window panels, Chrome Cobra Billet fuel door, and custom painted front grille running Pony. Check out all the photos for other upgrades under the hood and inside.

(2 photos of a 2007 Flat Black Mustang Custom Coupe) Flat Black custom 2008 Mustang from 2007 SEMA car show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This car has custom dual hood scoops, custom flat black paint, and many custom body panels. It really has a Batman Bat Mobile look. Photographs by Wes Ames.

(1 photo of a 2007 Beryllium Orange Mustang Custom Coupe) Beryllium Orange custom 2008 Mustang from the 2007 SEMA Car Show with a blacked out top, custom rear fascia with wing, custom side effects, side scoop, and custom wheels. The rear quarter window reads Project:12 Racing Team. Photographed by Wes Ames.

(1 photo of a 2007 Visa Blue Shelby Custom Coupe) A custom GT500KR Shelby Mustang at SEMA 2007 from Griggs Racing. Looks like a custom glass roof. Photographed by Wes Ames.

(1 photo of a 2007 Alloy Mustang GT Custom Coupe) An Alloy 2007 racing Mustang GT coupe with custom wheels, rear spoiler, graphics, interior, engine, and other modifications from the 2007 SEMA Car Show. Photographed by Wes Ames.

(1 photo of a 2007 Grabber Orange Mustang Custom Coupe) A modified Grabber Orange 2007 Mustang coupe with custom wheels, flip up doors, body panels, custom supercharger, fog lamps, t-tops, and roll bar from the 2007 SEMA Car Show. Photographed by Wes Ames.

(1 photo of a 2007 Vista Blue Mustang Shelby GT-500 Custom Coupe) Custom Vista Blue 2007 Ford Racing Shelby Cobra GT500 coupe from SEMA 2007 Car Show. Part of the GT500 600hp supercharger is shown in the back. Photographed by Wes Ames.

(1 photo of a 2007 Black Mustang Custom Coupe) Custom Black 2007 Mustang coupe from the 2007 SEMA Car Show. This car has modern steel styled wheels, red stripe tires, and a custom supercharger. Photographed by Wes Ames.

(1 photo of a 2007 Yellow Boss Custom Mustang Coupe) Custom 2007 Boss 302 Mustang coupe from the 2007 SEMA Car Show. This car has blacked out hood, custom wheels, Boss 302 graphics, side c stripe, rear window louvers, and I am sure a customized engine with supercharger. Photographed by Wes Ames.

(6 photos of a 2008 Vista Blue Mustang GT Custom Coupe) This customized Vista Blue 2008 GT Mustang was our Attitude Of The Week for 8/2/2009. Some custom parts visible in this shot include chrome grille, lower grille chrome accents, front lower apron, and custom wheels. Its owner says that they wanted a Blue 2005 to 2008 Mustang. They saw this one, loved it, and bought it to go along with their Black 2002 GT convertible. Both cars have mods and are just fun to drive!

(1 photos of a 2010 Kona Blue Mustang GT Custom Coupe) Ford rendering of a Kona Blue 2010 Mustang GT with custom Ford add-ons: billet upper and lower grilles, lower grille accent lights, custom wheels with white trim rings, and large rear spoiler. Ford says, The 2010 Mustang's lower, more-aggressive stance makes it seem ready to charge from the starting gate. The dropping fender line running into the belt-line kick-up and rear haunch give the impression the car squats down slightly in an aggressive stance.
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