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Show Year: [1968] [1969]
(8 photos of a 1968 Dandelion Yellow Mustang GT Rainbow Of Colors Fastback) Reiny van Uden of the Netherlands just sent us this updated photo of his new Special Order Yellow 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotional Mustang GT. The GT stripe and wheels were put back to their original style. The 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotion offered new Mustang owners a choice of one of 13 or more colors of the rainbow with wild names. Some of the wild yellow paint names were Dandelion Yellow, Yummy Yellow, and Razzle-Dazzle Yellow. Most of the cars we have seen were baselevel Mustang hardtops, so this is a special car. Color matching the original paint shows this car was restored to its original bright Dandelion Yellow (Ford special paint code WT6018) which was one of the 13 colors. Also view this video of this car and others of Reiny's.

(8 photos of a 1968 Madagascar Orange Mustang GT Rainbow Of Colors Fastback) John Roessel sent us these photos of this amazing car he used to own. It is a Madagascar Orange 1968 Mustang GT Rainbow Of Colors Edition Mustang fastback. It had it's original S-code 390ci V8 and an automatic transmission. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting September 23, 2012. The Rainbow Of Colors special editions were offered on the west coast for 1968 and 1969. Here's more information.

(12 photos of a 1968 Sierra Blue Mustang GT Rainbow Of Colors Fastback) Check it out. This is a Sierra Blue 1968 Mustang GT Rainbow Of Colors Edition fastback. It's owned by Marc from Yorba Linda, California. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week starting October 11, 2015. The car was purchased new by his Father at a dealership in Santa Ana, California. It has the DSO/Special Order number of 71-0783. Marc tells us, "My Dad loved cars and took care of them. It had about 138,000 miles on it when he decided to do a minor restore. At one point, my Father had re-painted it, beefed up the engine (lighter manifold, racing cam, bigger carburetor, etc.), and re-did the interior. It was supposed to be parchment, but he instead chose a white interior with blue carpet. I loved the car since I was about five so my Dad had always promised me the car when I was old enough. I remember every time it broke down, he would vent by saying he was just going to sell it. I used to get so upset, but he would always keep it. Unfortunately, the car was stolen from a parking lot in the early eighties. I was probably the most heartbroken of the entire family. Fortunately, the joyriders only wanted the battery and tires so they left it sitting on blocks. The car was recovered later that night. Needless to say, I was filled with joy in hearing the news and my Father was able to keep his promise by giving it to me when I was sixteen. The car was not in great shape at all. I spent most of my spare time working on it and most of my money on parts. In 1999, I was able to restore it back to almost original. It should have comfort weave parchment seats, but I was unable to find the material at the time. I removed the California smog equipment, added electronic timing and left the aftermarket aluminum manifold. I also installed a 3" Magnaflow Cat-Back (since I work for Magnaflow). I do still have all of the original parts. I had always tried to determine the paint color. The person who painted it had told me some story of having to get the paint codes from Detroit, but never offered any detail as to the color. Since it was a custom order, I was never able to determine exactly what the color is. Thanks to your website, I was able to decode the color as Sierra Blue. So the car has been in the family with one registered owner for the last 47 years and I will give it to my son in the next five years or so (let's hope he decides to keep it too)."

(7 photos of a 1969 Poppy Green Mach 1 Rainbow Of Colors / Gas Ronda Special Mustang Fastback) Peter Manson's restored Poppy Green, 1969, Rainbow of Colors, Super Cobra Jet, Mach 1 fastback was our Attitude of the Week for March 8th, 2008. This amazing Mach 1 was one of 10 ordered by Russ Davis Ford of Covina California to promote his dealership and most likely his racing cars. We actually have its sister on our site. Peter has done extensive research as well as restoration on his car. The Rainbow of Colors was a west coast 1968-69 sales promotion which offered new Mustang owners many sporty upgrades as well as one of 13 special order bright colors. Many of these cars were base models, but a few; like Peter's; were higher end models. New information on Russ Davis shows that this special order may have also been for a Gas Ronda racing promotion since the famous Cobra Jet racer was promoted by Russ Davis.

(9 photos of a 1969 Special Yellow Mach 1 Rainbow Of Colors / Gas Ronda Special Mustang Fastback) Special Order Yellow 1969 Mustang Mach 1 fastback with a 360hp (at 5400rpm), 428 cubic inch, 4 barrel, Super Cobra Jet, V8 engine. This restored car is one of the 10 special paint cars ordered by Russ Davis Ford, Covina California for a special promotion. We are hunting through the newspapers of the time to determine what the promotion was. It could have been a 1969 carry-over of the "Rainbow of Colors" West Coast Promotion, or a "Gas Ronda" special promotion. The Rainbow of Colors promotion offered new Mustang owners one of up to 13 special "Rainbow of Colors." This car has been repainted Ford Special Paint WT6135, which a a little more orange than what we believe is the original Yellow in this group of 13 colors. But WT6135 is a period Ford special order paint! This combined with some newspaper articles of the time says that funny car racer Gas Ronda was heavily sponsored by Russ Davis in 1969 and Gas Ronda drove a modified bright "orangey reddish" Mustang Mach 1. It is possible that the 10 special colored 1969 Mach 1 Mustangs ordered by Russ Davis was for a Gas Ronda promotion. In this case a brighter yellow car may have been necessary, making the current color possibly very close to the original. What did the other 9 Mach 1 Mustangs ordered by Russ Davis look like? well here is one.

(5 photos of a 1969 Beatnik Blue Mach 1 Rainbow Of Colors Mustang Fastback) This is a Beatnik Blue 1969 Rainbow Of Colors Mach 1 Mustang fastback. This special edition was purchased new in Torrence, California. This Mach 1 has a 351ci V8 engine, 4-speed Top Loader with Hurst shifter, 10 spline clutch kit, stainless steel racing flywheel, 9-inch rearend, dual exhaust, front disc brakes, and Deluxe interior. This Mach 1 has a DSO of 72-5016. The paint code is a 5 - which is really a blank followed by a 5. The 5 is for the factory blacked out hood.

(1 photos of a 1969 Yellow Mach 1 Rainbow Of Colors Mustang Fastback) This is a 1969 Mach 1 owned by Mick Stadtmiller from Qld Australia. This Mach 1 was originally Poppy Green and part of the Rainbow of Colors dealer promotion. It is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting November 29, 2015. The Mustang was sold new at Russ Davis Ford in Covina, California. It was imported to Australia in the late 70s early 80s. This Mach 1 has it's factory 428cj engine and a 4-speed manual transmission. Mick says that it was the cover car for Street Machine Magazine Oct/Nov 1983.
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