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(from page 54 of the 1968 Collection) Check out this restored Powerful Purple 1968 Rainbow of Colors fastback Mustang. It is being worked on by Mainly Muscle Cars of Washington. This car was originally sold in the Bozeman, Montana area so it is one of those rare Idaho/Montana 1968 Rainbow of Colors promotional Mustangs. This is also the first good example of this purple paint on a 1968 Rainbow of Colors Mustang. We think it is Ford special order paint WT9083.

(from page 54 of the 1968 Collection) This special order Ford purple color is amazing. There is a Bozeman dealership badge on the rear as well. The Utah/Idaho/Montana area did advertise purple Rainbow of Color promotional Mustang where the California area advertised the other promotional colors. The Rainbow of Colors promotion offered upgraded Mustangs in what we found as 14 special order colors.

(from page 54 of the 1968 Collection) Mainly Muscle Cars of Granite Falls, Washington, sends us these updated photos showing the finished car. Amazing color in the sun! It is now at Geevers Classic Cars in The Netherlands.

(from page 22 of the 1969 Collection) This is a 1969 fastback Mustang with a custom Ultra Violet paint job owned by Ed Aldrich of Pollock Pines, California. He says, "In 1994 I found a great deal on a 1969 Mustang Sportsroof. I had a 76 Cobra II and my Dad had a 67 Mustang 2+2. Both cars were done so I was looking for another project. I told my Dad if he didn't buy this 1969 Sportsroof I would. We looked at the car, it was rough but rust free, so my Dad bought it and I ended up buying a 1976 Stallion. The 69 was Acapulo Blue with white interior, 6 cylinder and three speed manual transmission. Manual steering and brakes. I built three models of 69 Mustangs to help my Dad decide what to do with the car. One was blue with white Lemans stripes, one was laser red with gold Mach 1 stripes and one was purple with 70 Boss 302 stripes. My Dad liked the Purple car best. We had the the logo in the stripe changed from Boss 302 to Plum 302 so people wouldn't think we were trying to make a Boss clone. The color is now Ford Ultra Violet with white 70 Boos 302 type stripes. A custom 70 Mach 1 type decal on the deck lid the the Mustang name cut into it by Graphic Express. Inside the car we ungraded to a black Mach 1 interior with purple accents, a console with Motorsport gauges, Grant steering wheel, a Sony stereo with a 800 watt amp purple amp and sub-woofers in the trunk. A full size spare tire is behind the custom amp mounting panel. The car in now powered by a 4V 302 detailed in purple and backed by a top loader 4 speed with Hurst shifter and Mustang II shift knob. More dress up items include front and rear spoilers, hood pins, rear window louvers, hood scoop with 302 emblems, center mounted Mustang grille emblem, 1966 Mustang rocker panel moldings, Spin Tech side exhaust, American Racing Vector wheels with spinner center caps. To make the car more fun the drive the most recent upgrades have been power brakes and Borgeson power steering."

(from page 22 of the 1969 Collection) Those are American Racing Vector wheels with spinner center caps on this 1969 Ultra Violet fastback Mustang.

(from page 22 of the 1969 Collection) Check out the 1966 Mustang rocker panel moldings paired with Spin Tech side exhaust on the custom painted 1969 Mustang.

(from page 25 of the 1969 Collection) (Note: more photos are coming, this car is more complete now) Check out this special order purple 1969 Mach 1 ordered by Russ Davis Ford of Covina, California. Yes, this is a match to the original color! which is currently undergoing restoration and is our Attitude Of The Week starting July 27th 2022. Russ Davis Ford was known for its involvement in racing, including having several drivers as salesman like Gas Ronda. So it is not surprising that they ordered many bright specially painted Mach 1 Mustangs in 1969. Most of them were ordered in May and June of 1969 but this one was earlier with a build date of October 1968. We think Russ Davis wanted one of the first 1969 Mach 1 Mustangs in its showroom so they ordered this special one late in 1968. Thomas and his wife have owned this car for 8 years and it was many different colors. During its last restoration, Revolution Speed Shop of Auburn Washington found its original color on a piece of the front fascia. Only a few special order purple colors were available in 1968/69 from Ford and this is one of them. Peter of thecoralsnake.com helped verify this color was indeed available in 1968. Stay tuned for additional photos as the car becomes completed.

(from page 25 of the 1969 Collection) Russ Davis special ordered several 1969 Mach 1 Mustangs in bright colors probably to promote the race cars and drivers like Gas Ronda who also worked as a salesman. We have several of these special 1969 Russ Davis performance special Mach 1 Mustangs on our site. This one has a door data tag DSO and special order number of 71 1323, where the others are 71 3200 and 71 3313 which are later.

(from page 25 of the 1969 Collection) The door data tag reads: 63C blank 5 3W 07K 711323 A 6. These codes mean: 63C fastback/sportsroof body style, blank paint code indicating a special order paint, 5 in the paint code section for the blacked out hood, 3W trim code for the white Clarion knit vinyl Mach 1 hi-back bucket seats, 07K scheduled build date of October 7th, 1969, 71 1323 ordered in the Los Angeles area with special order number 1323, A 3.5:1 rear axle, and 6 4-speed close ratio manual transmission.

(from page 25 of the 1969 Collection) Here is an updated photo of Thomas' special order purple, 1969, Mach 1. The interior is in now. It was a little overcast the day of this photo, so the special order purple paint is much darker. Amazing color, sun or shade...

(from page 25 of the 1969 Collection) Check out the Russ Davis license plate holder.

(from page 11 of the 1970 Collection) Check out Robert Garcia's 1970 Mustang fastback. It's painted in Perfect Purple and Alabaster Grey. Robert tells us, "I bought this car in 1986 when I was 15 years old. In 1992 I was hit by a drunk driver and have been hauling the car around every time I moved. Finally in 2009 I started the restoration project and finished it in 2013. 302 with Hooker headers, Holley carb, and Lunati cam. Mustang II front end, VintageAir A/C, and Heidts 4 link rear suspension."

(from page 11 of the 1970 Collection) Purple and Grey 1970 Mustang fastback, right front view.

(from page 31 of the 1970 Collection) Did Ford really make a Purple 1970 Mustang Twister Special Mach 1 Mustang? Well, at least a 1/18th scale, die cast model was made of one. We are looking into the references (Mustang 1964 1/2-1968 by Tom Corcoran, page 96) of a 1967 Twister Special Mustang offered in the Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana area. If you have more information on this toy or a purple Twister Special, let us know.

Show Year: [1968] [1969] [1970]
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