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Show Year: [1966] [1967] [2004]

(2 photos of a 1966 Red Mustang Fastback) This Red 1966 Mustang fastback was painted to match the owner's truck. It was one of 3 Mustangs at the July 4th, Auburn Washington, car show.

(3 photos of a 1967 Vintage Burgundy Mustang Hardtop) This Vintage Burgundy 1967 Mustang, white vinyl, hardtop is ready to be restored. You can see the brackets on the bottom where the rocker panel trim was attached. This was one of 3 Mustangs at the 2009, July 4th, Auburn Washington, Car Show. And is owned by the son of another Mustang owner at the show who says it will be repaired and customized for next year's show.

(3 photos of a 2004 Mysti-Chrome Blue Mustang SVT Cobra Coupe) This Mysti-Chrome 2004 custom Mustang Cobra coupe was one of 3 Mustangs at the 2009 Auburn Washington, July 4th car show. This car has been modified with Cobra front grille emblem, custom wheels, custom interior, and custom engine.

Show Year: [1966] [1967] [2004]
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