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(from page 6 of the 2001 Collection) Dusty 2001 X-code 285hp (at 5100rpm), 281 cubic inch (4.6 liter), single overhead cam, V8 engine. The radiator has been replaced with a Steeda 4-row aluminum radiator.

(from page 9 of the 2001 Collection) The Saleen Power Flash Performance calibrated 4.6 liter (281ci), single overhead cam, V8 engine rated at 285hp (at 5100 rpm) and 315 ft-lb torque (at 4100 rpm). This car also has Saleen / Borla Mufflers and a performance exhaust system. Notice the Saleen serial number badge in the upper right corner, this signifies that all alterations where officially done by Saleen.

(from page 10 of the 2001 Collection) This Saleen S281 4.6 Liter SOHC 285hp engine produces 315 lb-ft of torque. It is the base level engine for the Saleen.

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