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4 cars (18 pictures) found: year of "1987", model of "Saleen", grouped by car

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(5 photos of a 1987 Black Saleen Mustang Convertible) Black 1987 Mustang Saleen convertible. Saleen only made 33 of convertibles in 1987. This one has a black top.

(6 photos of a 1987 Scarlet Red Saleen Mustang Hatchback) Scarlet Red 1987 Mustang Saleen hatchback with a gray interior and Cobra R wheels. The car has been repainted and the Saleen stripes were not reapplied. The original hood was replaced with this Cervini Cobra R hood. It's a Saleen Factory conversion, number 75.

(4 photos of a 1987 Oxford White Saleen Mustang Hatchback) Oxford White 1987 Saleen hatchback with gold Saleen lower rocker stripes and matching gold Saleen wheels. This is Saleen Factory car ID# 152. It has a gray interior.

(3 photos of a 1987 Scarlet Red Saleen Mustang Hatchback) This Scarlet Red 1987 Mustang Saleen hatchback was at the 2010 Mustang Roundup car show in the Seattle, Washington area. The poster in the front reads: 1987 Saleen Mustang #187. 1 of 6 red/gray, gold graphics and wheels with Escort Radar Detector. Total '87 Mustang production: 280. Damerow Ford: 8/26/1987. Saleen upgraded to five lug wheels and four wheel disc brakes for 1987. Ford brought the 5.0 liter to 225hp. Modification: caster/camber plates, 3.55:1 differential.
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