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(from page 3 of the 1988 Collection) Light Gray 1988 Mustang Saleen fastback owned by Kevin Abrahamson from Warwick, Rhode Island. Kevin tells us, "I bought the car from a local used car dealer on 7/3/99 with 48,511 miles. It just turned 56K. I tracked down the original owner here in R.I. and he gave me everything he had left except the SALEEN Jacket and Helmet that came with the car. The car came from Snipes Motor Co.in N.C.and I believe it was Chuck Snipes' Personal Demo and Track Car. Being a demo does not allow the company to sell it as new. The car came with a 'Approved For Daylight Use Only' Inspection Sticker which leads me to believe that the headlights were removed possibly to vent more air to the intake or possibly a supercharger. I have the sticker as well as the Saleen Autosport Production Work Order with 'to JBA for modification' which I believe was for the Factory installed Roll Bar and Frame connectors. Since coming to R.I. the original motor was modified with GT40 aluminum intake and heads (NOT EXPLORER) and converted to mass air as well as various other upgrade mods."

(from page 5 of the 1988 Collection) Regatta Blue 1988 Mustang Saleen convertible was originally owned by Mark Seefried from Highland Village, Texas. It has a 302ci V8 and a manual transmission. Mark had this to share, "This is the only Regatta Medium Blue Metallic Blue Saleen Mustang convertible made. The number is 706 and is in the Saleen Registry. We special ordered the Mustang in June 88 through Damerow Ford in Beaverton Oregon and I picked her up at Saleen Autosports in Anaheim Hills that September 88. We were told it was the last car off the Saleen line at the time and were pretty upset when we found out otherwise, but that is another story."

(from page 6 of the 1988 Collection) Scarlet Red 1988 Mustang Saleen hatchback owned by Josh Ewald from Langhorne, Pennsylvania. It has a 302L V8 engine and a manual transmission. Josh tells us, "I bought the car about two years ago locally off craigslist. It was repainted, the original body kit wasn't installed, and in very poor condition. The original Flofit interior was destroyed. It had no heatercore. The valvecovers leaked like crazy right on the factory headers. The wheels were spray painted black. BUT it did have all the correct Saleen pieces to restore. The car was all stock save a set of mufflers and a Centerforce clutch. A year long build consisted of a full interior restoration (seats ,headliner, doorpanels, dash) Exterior wet sand and buff. Restoration of the original 16x7 and 16x8 ARE basketweave wheels (30hrs labor alone). The car is #399 of 708 made in 1988 and 1 of 5 made in the red/beige/gold combination. Possibly a 1 of 1 considering the stripe delete option."

(from page 4 of the 1997 Collection) Rio Red 1997 Mustang Saleen supercharged Speedster convertible owned by Christopher Moore from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The Saleen serial number is #83B. Christopher tells us more, "This Mustang is a former Budget Rental car. Saleen signed a deal with the rental company to produce a very limited number of Saleens in 1997 and 1998. 88 were produced in '97 while only 30 were in 1998. I bought mine in fall of 1998 and she's a part of the family now. I had a bad episode with NOS one night and toasted the motor. I since have bought a brand new block bored .030 over, brand new trick flow intake and heads, Vortech SQ supercharger, Comp Cams 278ah, forged internals, methanol injection, aluminum driveshaft, Fluidyne radiator, 3.73g. suspension upgrades, and few more upgrades. Everything has been handled by Bud Anderson (engine builderinstaller)."

(from page 2 of the 2002 Collection) Black 2002 Mustang Saleen S281-SC coupe owned by Gerardo Gallegos from Corpus Christi, Texas. It has a supercharged 281ci V8 engine with a manual transmission. Gerardo tells us, "I bought the car from my sister. She bought it with 40 miles on the clock and put in 11,000 miles on it in a 1.5 years. I bought it in December 2004 and had it ever since. It's all stock has the Mach 1000 stereo system upgraded wheels 18x10 in the rear upgraded rotors and Saleen calipers. I mainly use it for car shows, cruise nights, and on nice sunny days. I've only driven the car once in the rain, I was caught coming from a car show."

(from page 3 of the 2002 Collection) Torch Red 2002 Mustang Saleen S281-SC owned by Larry Perks. It has the 281ci V8 engine topped off with a SuperCharger. It also has a manual transmission, full leather interior with all the upgrades, Saleen 13" slotted front brakes, and Saleen fender badges. Larry tells us, "I bought the Saleen 2 years ago from a dealership with only 5,000 original miles on it with zero defects. The car had basically been stored and pampered in a controlled environment for 12 years. Over the past 2 years I have driven the car and put nearly 10,000 miles on it. I have made a few modifications to improve power and overall handling performance; new Continental DW tires, full length sub-frame connectors, BBK 75mm throttle body, BBK full length ceramic headers, BBK H-pipe, Steeda rear lower control arms, Steeda rear shock tower brace, ACT lightened flywheel, and Exedy stage 2 clutch."

(from page 13 of the 2005 Collection) Legend Lime 2005 Saleen Mustang coupe owned by Steve Bishop from Redmond Washington. It has the 281ci supercharged V8 engine and a manual transmission. Steve shares, "Purchased the car in October 2016 in Kenosha WI and shipped to Washington. Signed by Steve Saleen in 2017 the same weekend as the Mustangs Northwest Ride N Drive where she got to see some track time. Apparently, only 7 Legend Lime Saleens were made. People either love or hate the color. She was decoration inside the Lynnwood Convention center for the Mustangs Northwest 2016 annual banquet and car of the month for their magazine August 2017." This photo was taken by Kirk Myhre of Myhre Creative.

(from page 6 of the 2006 Collection) Take a look at Robert McCaskill's 2006 Saleen. Robert says, "This is Barricade. He is a transformer of the Decepticon variety. He is from Cybertron and is visiting here. He chose my garage to sleep for a while." Have you seen the movie "Transformers" by DreamWorks? It had a Saleen S281 Extreme police car code-named "Barricade" which was a transformer.

(from page 10 of the 2006 Collection) Black 2006 Mustang Saleen S281 convertible owned by Pegazus from Canada. It has the 4.6L V8 engine and a manual transmission. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting May 26, 2013. The owner tells us more, "Rescued from the USA October 2012 with only 8,800 miles on it, this triple-black Saleen S281 3-valve has spent most of its life in storage in either Florida or Connecticut (I am the 3rd owner). The original floor plastic was finally removed March 2013 (after winter storage in Canada). The Grand Design trunk mat, trunk upholstery, plenum rail covers, matching fuse box cover, lower fog lights, and KM speedometer template (replacing the MPH version) were added April 2013. New factory numbers ( 986 ) will be added next. The car is a daily driver and weekend show car. Restoration continues..."

(from page 16 of the 2008 Collection) Performance White 2008 Mustang 420S Racecraft Saleen coupe owned by Bob Schuh from Clarkston, Michigan. It has a 4.6L V8 and a manual transmission. Bob adds, "I purchased it about a month ago [Nov 2012]. I drove it twice, and put it on stands for the winter. The car comes with 420hp stock, new Hot Cams, 3 1/2" supercharger pulley, and a program. It dynos at 501hp at the wheels. Rear end is 4.10 , Tires are street slicks 305 x 30 x 18. I was told it does 11.3 in 1/4 mile. Don't know till I try it."

Show Year: [1988] [1997] [2002] [2005] [2006] [2008]
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