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1 car (2 pictures) found: year of "1995", exterior color of "bright blue", grouped by car

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(2 photos of a 1995 Bright Blue Mustang Coupe) Bright Blue 1995 Mustang coupe owned by Cory N from Illinois. It has the 3.8L V6 and an automatic transmission. Cory adds, "I found it on the side of the road broken down. I pulled up and asked if it was for sale. Th owner said, 'Yes.' I asked, 'How much?" He said, '1 grand.' I offered $800 and got my favorite color of Mustang. As for mods; bored out throttle, cold air intake, and shorty headers into an H-pipe with dual VTx4's that lead to 3 onch downturned pipes."
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