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(5 photos of a 1969 Ivy Gold Green Mustang Grande Hardtop) Repainted Ivy Gold 1969 Mustang hardtop with Grande options and a modified 351 cubic inch, 2 barrel V8 engine. The Grande was only offered for the hardtop and included a vinyl roof, plush interior, deluxe two-spoke steering wheel, full wheel covers (this car has the optional Magnum 500 wheels), color keyed racing mirrors, electric clock, bright exterior moldings (rocker panel and wheel well lip molding), dual outside paint stripes (removed during the repainting of this car), and luxury foam bucket seats for an additional $231.

(9 photos of a 1969 Raven Black Mustang Grande Hardtop) Raven Black 1969 Mustang Grande black vinyl roof hardtop with the Grande options of metal rocker panels, metal wheel lip trim, side trim, black vinyl roof, fog lamps; and other options of Magnum 500 wheels and a 320hp (at 4800rpm), 390 cubic inch, 4 barrel, V8 engine. The 390 lettered hood scoop and Magnum 500 wheels have been added but most everything else is original and has been restored.

(19 photos of a 1969 Gulfstream Aqua Blue Mustang Grande Hardtop) Gulfstream Aqua 1969 Mustang Grande hardtop with original paint and interior and a 290hp (at 4800rpm), 351 cubic inch Winsor, 4 barrel V8 engine. The standard Grande options for 1969 were the deluxe cloth seats, wire wheel covers, rocker panel moldings, rim blow deluxe steering wheel, color keyed racing mirrors, electric clock, bright pedal pads, two tone tape stripe, a sport ground package, modified rear suspension, wheel tip and rear deck moldings, exterior ID plaque (Grande lettering on C-pillar), interior woodgrain highlights, padded trim panels and arm rests, and padded door panels with courtesy lights. Other exterior options not included in the 1969 Grande package included the white vinyl roof. There is 70K miles on this car and it has been kept very well.

(10 photos of a 1969 Winter Blue Mustang Grande Hardtop) This is a Winter Blue 1969 Mustang Grande with Magnum 500 wheels, hood scoop, hood pins, hood mounted tachometer, pin stripes, black vinyl roof, and inboard highbeam headlights. We caught up with this Mustang at the Bellevue Washington Mustang Roundup show in 2011.

(14 photos of a 1970 Calypso Coral Orange Mustang Grande Hardtop) Calypso Coral 1970 Mustang Grande hardtop owned by Rick Pierce from Bowling Green, Kentucky. This Mustang still has it's original 351ci engine. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting 8-17-08. Rick has this story to share, "I rode in the car when it was new. It belonged to a friend of my family. I purchased the car in August of 1977 to drive to college and have driven all over the Southeast until now. The Grande was disassembled and painted by a friend, which turned into a three year process. It was completed two years ago [2006]. I have had it at several local shows and someone will always come up and ask 'What is it?' or tells me 'Ford didn't build a Granada in 1970'. So many experts out there."

(13 photos of a 1970 Competition Yellow Mustang Grande Hardtop) Competition Yellow 1970 Mustang Grande hardtop with a 1 barrel, 6 cylinder engine. The Grande option was only for the hardtop and consisted of a vinyl roof, plush interior with luxury foam bucket seats, deluxe two-spoke steering wheel, color-keyed racing mirrors (not on this car), full wheel covers, electric clock, bright exterior body moldings (only on the truck of this car), and dual outside paint stripes.

(8 photos of a 1971 Pastel Blue Mustang Grande Hardtop) Pastel Blue 1971 Mustang Grande hardtop with a 240hp (at 4600rpm), 351ci, 2 barrel, V9 engine. The Grande luxury package was only available for the hardtop and included a vinyl roof, bumper guards, plush seats, wheel covers, etc.

(9 photos of a 1971 Wimbledon White Mustang Grande Hardtop) Wimbledon White 1971 Mustang Grande hardtop with a 210hp (4600rpm), 302ci, 2 barrel, V8 engine. The Grande luxury package came with bumper guards, a vinyl top, and a deluxe interior. This car has been repainted and a new vinyl roof installed. The Grande option usually came with body side moldings or a side pin stripe, neither of which are on this car.

(9 photos of a 1971 Light Gold Mustang Grande Hardtop) Check out this Light Gold (Tan or Morning Gold) 1971 Mustang Grande. This one shows of its vinyl roof, full wheel covers, front bumper guard, side moldings, side mirrors, fog lamps, and rocker panel trim. It is unrestored and has 48K miles on it.

(9 photos of a 1972 Medium Brown Mustang Grande Hardtop) Medium Brown 1972 Mustang Grande hardtop with a 168hp (at 4000rpm), 351 cubic inch, 2 barrel, V8 engine. The Grande option came standard with dual color-keyed racing mirrors, a vinyl roof, body side tape striping, special wheel covers, a trunk mat, Lambeth cloth and vinyl seat trim, molded door panels with integrated arm rest, bright pedal pads, deluxe instrument panel, and an electric clock.

(1 photo of a 1972 Bright Yellow Gold Glow Mustang Grande Hardtop) Bright Yellow Gold or Gold Glow 1972 Mustang Grande hardtop with a modified 351ci, V8 engine. The Grande option was only for the hardtop and added a vinyl roof, bumper guards, side molding, color-keyed sport mirrors, and a deluxe interior.

(8 photos of a 1972 Bright Yellow Gold Glow Mustang Grande Hardtop) Bright Yellow Gold or Gold Glow 1972 Mustang Grande hardtop with a black vinyl roof, wheel covers, pin striping, rocker and wheel lip moldings, and a 136hp (at 4000rpm), 302ci, 2 barrel V8 engine. Most Grande optioned Mustangs came with front and rear bumper guards, this one does not have them. This car has 32,500 miles on it and its all original but the front grille which got damaged in 1999. It was kept in the garage so the Bright Yellow Gold factory paint has not faded.

(1 photo of a 1973 Green Mustang Grande Hardtop Advertisement) They were certainly pushing sports. In this 1973 magazine ad, a golfer is shown behind the car. The ad says, "What makes Mustang different is the way it looks, handles, and makes you feel." The ad shows a green Mustang Grande with a white vinyl top. It tells us there are three reasons why the Mustang has been the top selling car since 1965; good looks, good handling, and great feeling.

(4 photos of a 1973 Blue Glow Mustang Grande Hardtop) This Blue Glow 1973 Mustang Grande hardtop needs a little help but it shows all the options of a 1973 Grande: full wheel covers, metal rocker panel trim, wheel well molding, pin striping, color keyed sport mirrors, a full vinyl roof. Other Grande options include fog lamps and a luxury interior. The car has the 140hp (at 4000rpm), 302 cubic inch, 2 barrel, V8 engine.

Show Year: [1969] [1970] [1971] [1972] [1973]
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