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(from page 4 of the 1974 Collection) The interior is tan. And it's in great shape. Check out the wood grain on the door panels.
Has viewer comments (from page 4 of the 1974 Collection) Check out the dash. Instruments for engine RPM, ground speed, fuel level, alternator voltage, and coolant temperature. Humm... What is the little knob off to the far left by the radio next to the steering wheel?
(from page 4 of the 1974 Collection) On the passenger side of the dash is a clock and a red and blue Ghia emblem.
(from page 4 of the 1974 Collection) The rear seat is tan like the front ones.
(from page 4 of the 1974 Collection) This 1974 Mustang II still has the starting instructions attached to the driver's side sun visor. Check out the cold start instructions. You have to tap the gas pedal first. This sets the choke on the carb to the cold start position. You don't have to do that with modern cars.

(from page 4 of the 1974 Collection) An amazing original luxury red interior of a 1974 Mustang II Ghia coupe.
(from page 4 of the 1974 Collection) Door close-up showing the medium wood grain trim and remote mirror control.
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