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6 pictures (6 cars) found: year of "1967", model of "GT-500", view of "engine"

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(from page 1 of the 1967 Collection) Under the hood is the original For factory installed Q-code 428 Interceptor engine. This was only installed for the Los Angeles Carol Shelby factory in 1967.

(from page 22 of the 1967 Collection) The GT-500 came with this huge 428ci dual carb V8 engine. The VIN plate for a 1967 Shelby is on the driver's side inner fender. You can just make out half of it on the lower edge of the picture - just to the left of center. The next photo has a close-up of the VIN plate.

Has viewer comments (from page 26 of the 1967 Collection) There where two engines offered in the 1967 Shelby. This is the bigger of the two. It's a 355 horsepower 428 cubic-inch V8.

(from page 32 of the 1967 Collection) This one has a 428ci V8 with dual quads.

(from page 35 of the 1967 Collection) View of the Q-code, 428cu V8 engine. The Shelby American, Inc. serial number tag is off camera, just to the right of the windshield fluid container.

(from page 39 of the 1967 Collection) That is a special built 427ci Mk II engine from a GT40. Other modifications include external oil cooler, braided lines, remote oil filter, stiffer springs and shocks on the passenger side (for the oval track event), special rear axle, special transmission, and special exhaust system.
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