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(from page 1 of the 1976 Collection) Our first Attitude Of The Week for the new year and our 8000th Mustang photo on this site was this blue 1976 Cobra II Mustang owned by John of Median, Ohio. John writes: I bought my car brand new off the showroom floor in 1976. Originally it was white with blue stripes. My wife and I met because of this car. When I met her back in 1979, she had a black/gold Cobra II. I ended up keeping my Cobra all these years. Glad I did. The motor is a 302 rollerized crate motor, with a Weiand 177 supercharger, GT-40 Ford racing aluminum heads, 4150 series Holley supercharger carburetor, MSD distributor, Mallory ignition, Summit Racing noisy gears, Cobrajos chrome valve covers, TCI streetfighter tranny, and Be Cool crossflow aluminum radiator. All the mods to the engine were done within the last couple years. It must of been a mid life crisis that made me spend the money. ha ha. I should of done it years ago. It's a fun car to drive.

(from page 2 of the 1976 Collection) Bright Blue 1976 Mustang Cobra II hatchback owned by Dean and Lori George from Mt.Zion, Illinois. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week photo for the week starting 01-11-09. Dean tells us more, "We purchased the car on eBay about four years ago. We spent a lot of time on the net and eBay shopping for parts. The motor is a 1968 302 with GT40 heads, Blackjack headers, and a manual shift C. It is a fun car to rive"

(from page 5 of the 1976 Collection) Blue 1976 Mustang II Cobra hatchback owned by Alan L. Pyatt from Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Alan tells us, "Original car was purchased the end of July, 2011. A donor parts car was purchased in January 2012. The original Cobra's body was terribly compromised, so between it and the donor car I was able to get the car complete again. I swapped out interiors for the black in the donor car because black and blue just seem right together, especially for a Mustang. The original engine was rebuilt, but had an undetected crack in one of the cylinders, so a late 67 factory 302 block was purchased in place of it. It has TRW pistons .030 over, Comp Cam lifters, push rods and 265H camshaft, Ford Racing Whirlwind Aluminum heads, Summit intake, 670 Holley Street Avenger Carb, steel forged crank, all new bearings, chrome molly rings, Champion Billet Radiator good to 650 HP, and Hedman headers. The C4 was rebuilt with a B&M shift kit. The exhaust is Thrush Cheery bombs that exit in front of the rear wheels. Stripes are from Graphics Express. The paint was purchased on eBay as was much of the parts, or from Mustang/Cobra II web sites."

(from page 6 of the 1977 Collection) This Polar White 1977 Mustang II Cobra II fastback is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting September 29, 2013. This Cobra has a 305ci V8 engine and an automatic transmission. The owner says, "I have always been a Ford girl, but this baby gets quite the looks. I am restoring the car this winter, as needs new paint job. As soon as I got her I purchased a Marti Report and came to find out that it is a 1-of-88 with this trim package for the Cobra II for 1977! - Polar white exterior paint, white with Red interior trim colour, and it had only an AM radio that still works. It was built 09/03/1976, so it's an early Motortown conversion Cobra II. I'm always looking for info regarding the Motortown conversion process before Ford took the Cobra II package in-house; it's a special part of Cobra II history!"

(from page 6 of the 1977 Collection) Black 1977 Mustang II Cobra II hatchback owned by Mike from Elgin, Illinois, This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting September 22, 2013. It has a 302ci V8 and an automatic transmission. Mike tells us, "I graduated from high school in 1977 and the only two cars that I wanted for my first new car was a Cobra II or a Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am (black and gold of course!). My Dad wouldn't sign a loan for either one (despite our family's fondness for Fords) but he did decide to sign a loan for me to get a 1978 Chevette! Later in life I did buy a triple-black 2000 Mustang GT convertible, which I enjoyed for a number of years. When I saw this Cobra II on ebay three years ago, I threw in a low-ball bid that didn't meet the seller's reserve. I told my wife that we didn't have to worry about getting the car since it didn't meet the auction's reserve, so off to Alaska we went for vacation. Lo and behold, I got an email congratulating me on being the winning bidder for that 1977 Cobra II! I had to tell my wife during our vacation that the car I wasn't supposed to get was now ours, and that I had to coordinate its purchase and pickup from Arkansas. Fortunately a friend of mine lived near the seller, paid for my Cobra II and had a car trailer to pick it up and deliver it to my house, so the car was waiting for me when I got home. Upon seeing the car my wife told me I needed to decide if I was going to keep the Mustang II or a 2000 Corvette that we owned at the time. One look at the Cobra II and a rush of emotions from high school came back and the Corvette was promptly sold a few weeks later. I found that this Cobra II was first sold in Texas and then driven to California where the previous owner bought it and brought it back to Illinois for restoration. I've been working on completing the restoration he had started, and this past winter I tore out the interior, restored all of the panels, replaced the dash (it had been cut apart to mount different radios over the years), and repaired various other items to get it back on the road for the car show season. I purchased a Marti Report and came to find out that it is a 1-of-1 Cobra II for 1977! Not surprising that it's fairly well loaded - except for A/C (Really? Not ordered for an all-black car sold in Texas?) and it had only an AM radio. It was built 12/76, so it's an early 'Motortown conversion Cobra II .' I'm always looking for info regarding the Motortown conversion process before Ford took the Cobra II package in-house; it's a special part of Cobra II history!"

(from page 2 of the 1978 Collection) Check out this awesome White 1978 Cobra II Mustang hatchback. It is our Attitude Of The Week for June, 5, 2009. Its owner says, "I bought the car in November 2008. The car had been in storage for many years. I put in a new correct 302ci long block and did other repairs from the car being in storage for so many years and not taken care of. I also have the Black and green 1980 Mustang Cobra." Check out his 1980 Mustang Cobra.

(from page 5 of the 1978 Collection) Dark blue 1978 Mustang II Cobra owned by Mike Panichelli from Hammonton, New Jersey. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting December, 26, 2010. Mike tells us, "My Mom bought it brand new as a bright yellow V6 stick. I bought it from her in 83 and used it as a daily driver until about 86 when I stored it away. I started modding it up again in 03."

(from page 5 of the 1978 Collection) Mike tells us about the engine, "It's a 347 stroker with too many mods to list mated up to a T5 with 3:55 track locks. It dyno'd 370 hp to the wheels and made 380 lbs trq. The first pull only made 320 hp - the carb cover on the CAI was starving the carb. Now I only put that on for shows, and even at that it ran a 12.8 at 112. I have no idea what it will run now."

(from page 6 of the 1978 Collection) Raven Black 1978 Mustang II King Cobra hatchback owned by Gerry Gray from Latahm, New York. Gerry adds, "I purchased from the original owner in 1989. The exterior was originally red with an orange and gold King Cobra stripe package. The original 302 block was cracked so the car now sports a mild 306 and T-5 transmission. It is equipped with factory T-tops, 4-way adjustable front seat, power steering and brakes, 15-inch wheels, dual 2.5 inch exhaust into a single 3-inch over the the rear, rear mounted battery, subframe connectors, SSM lift bars, and aftermarket Autometer gauges"

(from page 8 of the 1978 Collection) Dark Midnight Blue 1978 Mustang II King Cobra owned by Adam from Wisconsin. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting August 27, 2018. Michale tells us, "Ihis is our 1978 Mustang II King Cobra. We have had it since the early 90s. This car has the pretty much stock 5.0L 302ci V8 engine. The only things that are not stock is a Street Dominater 4bbl intake and a Carter 600cft carb. This king has only 106k miles. One thins that makes the car a little more rare is that is has full cloth seats instead of cloth and vinyl."

(from page 1 of the 1980 Collection) White 1980 Mustang Cobra fastback owned by Denis Lépine from . This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting March 16, 2014. Denis tells us more, "I bought this car in 2008. The previous owner painted the Cobra white and installed a 302 cid. The original color was Pewter and original engine was the 255 cid. It looked good from 20 feet. Options: power brakes, power steering, sun roof, and AM/FM CD (not original). In the future I will do a full restoration on this Cobra." Denis also owns a 1967 Mustang convertible that was our Attitude Of The Week back in April 2010.

(from page 1 of the 1981 Collection) Blue 1981 Mustang Cobra hatchback owned by Andre Lepine from Louiseville, Quebec, Canada. Andre tells us, "I bought the Cobra in 2009. The Cobra's original color was white with a red interior. When I bought it, it was blue with the red interior. I completed a full restoration of the Cobra with my Dad. Now it's blue with a black interior. Original options: T-Top, power brakes, power steering, original 255 cid, auto transmission, and power windows. From the Marti report, I learned this Cobra stayed for a full year on the dealer Mont-Royal Ford's parking lot before it was sold (Feb. 1981 to Feb. 1982)."

(from page 2 of the 1996 Collection) Mystic 1996 Mustang SVT Cobra owned by Marc L from Ft Lauderdale, Florida. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week photo for 5-18-08. Mark tells us more, "1996 Mystic cobra #242 with 12,675 miles as of 5/8/08. Includes build sheet, window sticker all SVT docs - like predelivery forms and even key code tab. I have installed a SLP Loudmouth exhaust with 3-inch tips with a upper X-pipe, 17-inch chrome Cobra R wheels (10" in rear 8" in the front) with new Nitto 555 Extreme tires, 4.10 racing gears, Steeda unidrive pulleys, upper Big Mouth filter with a power pipe, super chip, B&M short shifter, Eibach sport springs, Billet grille, and some interior & under hood billet parts. Always runs Amzoil synthetic oils. I have all original parts excluding tires and exhaust. It includes full car cover. This car runs perfect, its always garage kept, and in perfect condition not a scratch on it, even the interior smells new inside. You want a bad ride for the $$$, that is noticed everywhere, can be driven anywhere, and bring home the trophies to ...THIS is the car."

(from page 1 of the 1998 Collection) Bright Atlantic Blue 1998 Mustang Cobra coupe owned by Cindy Salus from Highland Lakes, New Jersey. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting March 14th, 2010. Cindy tells us, "This is my 14th Mustang, 2nd SVT Cobra. I bought this beauty one month ago from the original owner 'female' with 67,000 miles on it. This SVT Cobra has been garaged kept it's whole life. The only way to explain how perfect and clean this Cobra is, is to imagine that it is the year 1998 and you are walking into a Ford dealership and this Cobra is being displayed on the showroom floor. This Cobra drives like a brand new car, no rattles, squeaks, dings, or dents. It's a pure gem and the greatest find. I love Mustangs. I truly can say this is my favorite one out of the 14 I've owned."

(from page 4 of the 1998 Collection) Bright Atlantic Blue 1998 SVT Cobra coupe owned by Mike Barrett from Denver, Colorado. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting February 6, 2011. Mike tells us more, "In 2005 I needed to buy a car since I had lost my company car. I found this 1998 SVT Cobra sitting in a family's garage. They never drove since they started their family. It only had 1200 miles on it at the time. I drove it and I was hooked on Mustangs once more! I bought the car the next day and as they say, the rest is history. I have added an X pipe w/ Magnaflows, .373 gears, JLT CAI, sub-frame connectors, SCT Tune, Chrome sill plates, 2004 Chrome Cobra 17" wheels wrapped in Nitto rubber, 21/2" pulleys. This is vehicle #3409 of a build of 5174 Cobras in 1998. There was only 563 Cobra coupes built in 1998 with the Bright Atlantic Blue paint. That was the lowest production number of all colors for 1998 Cobras. It now has 52785 ,miles on it."

(from page 5 of the 1998 Collection) Michael Barrett sends us additional shot of his Bright Atlantic Blue 1998 Cobra coupe. Michael tells us, "I bought this car in 2005. I had a job that I had to drive to a lot and I was putting a lot of miles on the car in 2009. I quit the job because of that! I was going to trade this baby in for a 2004 with Mystichrome Cobra... The car was gone before I could get to the dealer! I do not drive this car in bad weather, cold, rain, snow! Its garaged from October till April at least. It now has 59,851 miles on the clock. This last summer I replaced the shocks, put on lowering springs, added Steeda caster camber plates, new Ram Clutch, cable, firewall quadrant adjuster, complete rebuild of the T-45 transmission, new throttle body, brakes, JLT true CAI intake, and tuned by 'FINISH LINE' automotive of Denver. They Dyno'd it - started at 268 RWHP and after tweaking it, now is at 322 RWHP."

(from page 2 of the 1999 Collection) Electric Green 1999 Cobra coupe owned by Stuart Urie from Milford, New Hampshire. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting December 24, 2012. Stuart tells us, "Kelly was bought by me in 2004. Back in spring 2006, after looking for about three years, I finally found a green '99 with charcoal for $13k and I went to work to think it over. When I got home it was gone. Later in August, after giving up looking, I looked on Autotrader one early morning and found another just posted. Same price $13k. I called/emailed... then wife said just get it. I bought her sight unseen. And beat out two others from OR and AZ. One had called and offered to buy sight unseen 15 minutes after I had. I flew down to AL to get it and had just paid for it when a local guy pulled in all excited and started opening the doors, etc. He had been spending some time convincing his wife to let him buy it. Anyway when I drove it back into NH and had time to look at the VIN. It turned out to be the same car I had found in the spring. Someone bought her, drove her for the summer, then traded her to a local Ford dealer, who then sold her to my AL dealer, who then posted her up on Autotrader again. Kelly was meant to be mine."

(from page 6 of the 2004 Collection) Silver 2004 SVT Cobra convertible owned by Fred Scaldaferri from Fayetteville, North Carolina. It has a 4.6L V8 supercharged engine and a manual transmission. Fred tells us, "I've always had a love for Cobras, especially the Terminator. I was deployed in 2009 and happened to see my Cobra on Carmax so I immediately called my wife to have her pick it up for me. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. As soon as I redeployed back home from overseas, I began modding it. So far I have a Borla Stinger catback exhaust, JLT gen 2 ram air intake, Stiegemeier stage 3 ported supercharger with a 2.8 upper pulley and a +2 lb crank pulley, 60lb injectors, and a Kenny Bell boost a pump. I also went with a Lethalperformance intercooler expansion tank and a Lightning Force performance dual pass heat exchanger. As of right now, my last dyno yielded 508 hp and 490 ft-lbs of torque. For my suspension I have a complete fulltilt boogie racing bushing kit on the rear. I have Maximum Motorsports full length subframe connectors and diff brace. I also used billetflow subframe brackets. For the front I have Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates with a front bumpsteer kit. It is lowered 1.5 inches with the Eibach pro kit lowering springs."

(from page 10 of the 2004 Collection) Competition Orange 2004 Mustang Cobra convertible owned by Bill Flynn from Spencer, Tennessee. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting January 17, 2016. It has a 4.6L Supercharged V8 engine and a manual transmission. Bill tells us, "I am the 2nd owner and have had the my Cobra GT-R for less than a year. I purchased it with 6,000 original miles. The car was modified by Ford to honor their 2004 Mustang GT-R shown at the auto show. It was outfitted with Ford racing internals, wheels, tires, and interior."

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