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(3 photos of a 1994 Orange Boss Mustang Coupe) Check this one out! It's a 1994 Mustang Boss 429 concept coupe. This car was built by Special Vehicle Engineering (SVE). These photos were sent in from Peter C. Sessler. Peter tells us, "This is a Ford Concept car - a 1994 Mustang Cobra with a Boss 604L engine. It did 10.63 the quarter in a Car & Driver article at the time. Although it is not strictly a street car, Ford still uses in shows, etc. I took the photographs for a magazine article. Hope you like it!" And we do!

(1 photo of a 1994 Crystal White Boss Shinoda Mustang Coupe) Crystal White 1994 Mustang Boss Shinoda GT coupe with custom body panels (front/rear fascia, hood, body side panels, rear spoiler), Shinoda Boss stripes and graphics, and custom wheels. This was the first year Larry Shinoda set up a company to modify the Mustang GT and Cobra into the Boss and Cobra 429 Boss. Larry Shinoda was the designer of the original Mustang Boss in 1969. The engine is a 302 high output V8 with MAC 1 and 5/8 inch chrome headers, underdrive pulleys, BBK 70mm throttle body, K&N filter, CDC/Dynomax side exhaust. Other modifications are CDC side scoops, 17 inch factory chromed wheels, 245/45ZR17 Ultra Z tires, Accel ignition, Taylor Spiro Pro 8mm wires, door jams and dash by MustangWorld, Steeda lower springs allowing for a 1.5 inch drop, JCWhitney rear window louvers, GTS blackouts, and CDC billet grille and front spoiler.

(2 photos of a 1994 Teal Blue Boss Shinoda Mustang Coupe) Teal 1994 Mustang Boss Shinoda coupe with custom front fascia, lower door body panels, hood vents, Shinoda graphics and stripes, custom wheels, and custom rear spoiler.

(1 photo of a 1995 Laser Red Boss Shinoda Mustang Coupe) The Boss is Back, says this poster which shows a Shinoda Boss modified Laser Red 1995 Mustang GT. Larry Shinoda was the designer of the original Mustang Boss in 1969 and in 1994 started to modify Mustangs into the Boss.

(2 photos of a 1995 Crystal White Boss Shinoda Mustang Coupe) Crystal White 1995 Mustang Shinoda Boss coupe with Shinoda Boss body panels (hood, front and rear fascia, body side panels), custom wheels, and black Shinoda Boss stripes and graphics. This was the second year that Shinoda created its own Boss modifications.

(12 photos of a 1996 Bright Tangerine Orange Boss Shinoda Mustang Coupe) 1996 Mustang GT with Shinoda Boss modifications. These modifications are more than graphics, they include more power, better handling, and a different look. Larry Shinoda developed the first Boss for Mustang back in 1969, in 1994 he released his newer version.

(6 photos of a 1996 Bright Tangerine Orange Boss Shinoda Mustang Coupe) Bright Tangerine 1996 Boss Shinoda Mustang coupe owned by Russell Brenner from Weaverville, California. The Boss kit was installed by the dealer when the car was new. It has a 4.6L SOHC V8 engine. Russell tells us, "Car was built in Michigan. 1 of 829 in Bright Tangerine and of those 1 of 51 with black leather and 5-speed transmission. All bolt ons, supercharger to come. 100k miles. List of mods include: BBK throttle body and intake tube; BBK cold air; BBK adjustable fuel pressure regulator; Cobra MAF and injectors; Stage 2 clutch; BBK firewall adjuster; short throw shifter; color matched Hooker comp cage (rollbar); 4.10 rear gears.;Jones racing single chamber mufflers; Catless x pipe; computer calibration for 02 sensors; and Nitto tires DRs in rear."

(8 photos of a 2003 Oxford Wite Boss Shinoda Mustang Convertible) Oxford White 2003 Mustang Shinoda Boss convertible owned by Thomas Spengler from Frewsburg, New York. It has a 4.6L V8 and a manual transmission. Thomas adds, "I purchased this Boss convertible in the summer of 2010 from a dealership in Buffalo, New York. Sweet looking and sounding car. It is a legacy level #003 with approximately 55,300 miles on it. It still looks and runs beautiful. I added a cold air intake and angel eyes headlights. The originals also available."

(5 photos of a 2006 Screaming Yellow Boss Shinoda Mustang Convertible) Screaming Yellow Mustang GT Shinoda Boss convertible with black stripes and a black interior. This one was built at Shinoda and is serial number 06-005. This one has a custom 834hp engine!

(3 photos of a 2007 Performance White Boss Shinoda Mustang Convertible) Performance White 2007 Mustang Shinoda Level II Supercharged Boss convertible with a 527hp Shinoda modified V8 engine. Shinoda modifications include a Hurst competition close ratio 5 speed manual transmission; 3:55 ratio posi rear end gears; crimson red leather sport seats with lumbar and embroidered headrests; light bar / roll bar; Shaker 500 satellite audio system; Shinoda front chin spoiler; 20 inc Boss Motorsport Chrome wheels; precision braking with a cross drilled vented brakes; fully adjustable Tokico suspension; Shinoda performance springs, shocks, sway bars, and lower control arms; high flow JBA exhaust, and Shinoda performance gauge pod.

(1 photo of a 2007 Yellow Boss Custom Mustang Coupe) Custom 2007 Boss 302 Mustang coupe from the 2007 SEMA Car Show. This car has blacked out hood, custom wheels, Boss 302 graphics, side c stripe, rear window louvers, and I am sure a customized engine with supercharger. Photographed by Wes Ames.

(1 photo of a 2008 Grabber Orange Boss Mustang Coupe) Grabber Orange 2008 Mustang Boss coupe owned by Joe Baumann from Fenwick Island, Delaware. Joe adds, "My new baby... a 2008 Mustang GT w/Boss package, engine upgraded to 425-450hp with air induction system and mods, changed out rear end to 4:11 gears, Hurst 5-speed shifter, engine chrome dress kit, interior chrome dress kit, shaker, 500 premium stereo with 8 speakers, Pypes exhaust, upgraded rims with Nitto Z rated tires 245/45/19s on the front 295/45/19s on the rear, and too much other stuff to list... but it is SWEET!" Joe also has a We have a 1990 5.0 GT Mustang convertible that's for sale and a 1998 Mustang GT convertible.

(10 photos of a 2008 Black Boss Shinoda Mustang Coupe) Black 2008 Mustang Boss Shinoda Level 2 coupe with a turbocharged 553hp and 575 ft-lbs of torque, V8 engine. This power comes from a Boss intercooled turbocharger, Shinoda engine management software, JBA performance exhaust, and a Hurst Competition close ratio shifter. This car is serial number 001 as branded on the front left bumper.

(8 photos of a 2011 Grabber Orange Boss 302R Mustang Coupe) This is a Ford promotional preview photo of the 2011 Mustang Boss 302R. The "R" stands for racing, since the car is not street legal. The 302R is limited to 50 units and is considered a Ford racing option available for $79K. Some of the features include the 2011 Mustang 302ci GT engine rated at 412hp, a seam-welded body, roll cage, safety harness, data acquisition system, race suspension, special tires, and side stripes. It was designed to honor the 40th anniversary of Parnelli Jones' 1970 Trans-Am championship (the GM, Pontiac, Trans Am was named after this racing series with much controversy at the time).

(10 photos of a 2012 Yellow Blaze Boss 302 Mustang Coupe) This amazing Yellow Blaze 2012 Mustang Boss 302 is owned by Pete and Cheri Dahlgren of Washington and was our Attitude Of The Week for the week starting May 8th, 2011. Pete and Cheri had their 2012 Boss parked next to their Bright Yellow 1969 Boss 302 at the 2011 Spring Mustang and Cougar car show sponsored by the North Olympic Mustangs and Cougar club in Port Angeles, Washington.

(5 photos of a 2012 Kona Blue Boss 302 Mustang Coupe) This Kona Blue 2012 Boss 302 Mustang is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting April 21, 2013. The owner tells us, "The Boss 302 is indeed a very special edition car for Ford. The comeback Boss 302 was produced only in 2012 and 2013 model years - mirroring the 1969, and 1970 Boss 302s and their signature 'C and Hockey stick' stripes. Ford's focus for the current car was to provide a track-worthy car and they delivered with a road gripping, BMW M3 eater producing 444 hp and 380 ft-lb torque. Ford treated their enthusiasts for the Boss 302 with unique fanfare. The exhaust system includes side-pipes, which are factory hindered with a 'block-off' plate easily removable by the owners at home if they enjoy a louder exhaust note. Also, Ford took advantage of their MyKey technology and included a 'red key,' which, when coupled with Ford Racing's aftermarket tune (ironically $302). It unlocks the Boss 302R calibration, waking up throttle response, engine braking and a very cool lopey idle. Ford topped it off by sending original owners a package including Donald Farr's hardcover history of the Boss 302, an engraved and serialized keychain, the Ford Remakes A Legend DVD, a certificate of authenticity, a letter from the Marketing Manager and Mustang Chief Engineer, a poster, an invitation to a free track day at Miller Motorsports with race driving instruction, and some other brochures. Two options for the base Boss 302 were Recaro seats with Torsen differential and floor mats with car cover. I found this Boss 302 on eBay in May of 2012 - contacted the seller and flew from Michigan to Florida to see it in person before finalizing a deal. It turns out the original owner is a friend of Donald Farr, the Boss 302 guru, and asked Donald to sign the book which he then addressed to me and my family. I have 2 and 3 year old kids who don't have much room in the back, but they LOVE the Boss Mustang! Good thing it comes with child seat anchors. My mods include an MGW shifter and a Dynomax Race Bullet over-the-axle exhaust system, which was provided courtesy of DynoMax, but retains the stock side pipes."

(2 photos of a 2012 Competition Orange Boss Mustang Coupe) Competition Orange 2012 Boss 302 Mustang coupe owned by Aaron D. from Hawaii. It's our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting August 4, 2013. Under the hood is a 5.0L (302ci) 444hp V8 DOHC engine with a Hellion twin turbo kit!

(2 photos of a 2012 Boss Laguna Seca 302 Mustang Promotional Sales Brochure) Hero Card for the 2012 Mustang Boss Laguna Seca. It says, It's not for everybody... Celebrating the first-place Boss 302 finish at the 1970 Trans-Am series opener, the 2012 Laguna Seca package is designed for enthusiasts more interested in peak track performance than convenience and utility. It builds on the bumper-to-bumper refinements found on the standard Boss while removing even more weight, further stiffening the chassis and installing an aerodynamic package carried over almost in its entirety from the Ford Racing Boss 302R. Boss Laguna Seca uses the same 444-hp 5.0-liter V8 as the standard Boss, with refinements to the driveline, suspension, steering and brakes to deliver as close to a race-car experience as is possible on a street-legal machine.

(11 photos of a 2012 Black Boss Laguna Seca Mustang Coupe) This Black 2012 Boss 302 Laguna Seca Mustang coupe is our Attitude Of The Week for the week starting April 14th, 2013. I photographed this amazing car at the Mustang Roundup car show in the Seattle area last year. Its amazing with all the standard and optional red accents, blocked out front fog lamps, and racing front splitter. Also take a look at the interior detail.

(5 photos of a 2012 Competition Orange Boss 302 Mustang Coupe) Amazing Competition Orange Mustang Boss 302 coupe with Boss stripes and Boss 302, 19 inch black-painted aluminum wheels. I photographed this car at the 2011 Mustang Round-up car show held in Bellevue, Washington.
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