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(from page 7 of the 2010 Collection) The 2010 Super Snake came with two 5.4L engine versions. This is the higher horsepower version with the Kenne Bell Supercharger. It was rated at 750 horsepower!

(from page 9 of the 2010 Collection) The engine is a big one! 5.4 Liters, 540 horsepower, and it has a supercharger. Here's a view from the passenger side.

(from page 9 of the 2010 Collection) The driver's side of the Shelby engine has the open air cleaner.

(from page 10 of the 2010 Collection) Can you say "Supercharger"? The 2010 Shelby GT-500 comes standard with a supercharged 5.4 liter engine.

(from page 10 of the 2010 Collection) The engine has a supercharger. Actually, all 2010 Shelbys come stock with the supercharger.

(from page 12 of the 2010 Collection) View of the 5.4L Supercharged V8 engine with Ford Racing Power Pack air induction.

(from page 16 of the 2010 Collection) So, what's under the hood of a 2010 Shelby GT-500? How about a 540hp (at 6200rpm), 5.4 liter, 4 valve, intercooled, supercharged, V8 engine!

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