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(3 photos of a 1968 Eastertime Coral (Caribbean Coral) Mustang Color Of The Month Hardtop) Here is a car you will not see often. Its an Eastertime Coral 1968 April Color of the Month promotional Sprint Mustang hardtop owned by John of Michigan and was our featured Attitude Of The Week for July 13th, 2008. The Color of the Month was a promotion for the first four months of 1968 where special colors were connected to main holidays for special sales: Black Hills Gold paint for the New Year celebration in January, Passionate Pink for Valentine's day in February, Emerald Green for St. Patrick's day in March, and in this case Eastertime Coral for Easter in April. Imagine an Easter Collection of Colors sale showing Eastertime Coral Mustang next to a Seafoam Green, Meadowlark Yellow, and Diamond Blue 1968 standard factory color Mustangs; and a Passionate Pink Mustang left over from the Valentine's day, February color of the month. The Ford color number for Eastertime Coral was WT9012 (6779DH Dupont, 71617 Ditzler) and was also used for the Rainbow of Colors 1968-69 West coast promotion but called Caribbean Coral. See our 1968 data explorer and the 1968 Special Models page for more information on both of these promotions. We also have a larger 1024x768 pixel wallpaper of this car.

(1 photo of a 1968 Samoan Coral Mustang Color Of The Month Hardtop) This amazing, special ordered, 1968, Sprint optioned, Mustang hardtop was purchased in 1968 and is still owned by Orville and Ann Werner of Colorado. It is also our Attitude Of The Week for the week starting June 17th, 2012. Orville tell us that he bought the 1968 Mustang off the showroom in Colorado which came with the Sprint package, 302ci V8 engine, and this amazing special paint. Since then Orville has seen other coral 1968 Mustangs in the area. "Samoan Coral" is the name of the paint as Orville recalls, and was part of the Color of the Month promotion in Colorado. The door data tag has a blank color code indicating that it the exterior color was a special order, the order district is 51 for Denver, the special order number is 3000, and the build date is 15D for April 15th. The car has been repainted but it is very close to the original color.

(5 photos of a 1968 Eastertime Coral (Caribbean Coral) Mustang Color Of The Month Hardtop) Check it out! It appears to be an Eastertime Coral 1968 Mustang "Color Of the Month" special edition hardtop. The Mustang still has it's original 289ci V8 engine and an automatic transmission. Reg Henderson just picked it up on March 27th. Reg is asking for help identifying the original owner. Here is what he knows, "This car started out in Dearborn shipped to 'DICK MASHETER FORD' in Columbus, Ohio. I don't know who the first buyer was, but I do know that he sold the car in 1989 to John N. White in Columbus Ohio, and he sold the car to Edward J. Peksa of Greensburg Pennsylvania in 1998, it was then sold to Kenneth Lipyance of Churchill Pennsylvania. Then it was purchased by Christian Nuss of Alliance, Nebraska in 2005. It has quite an extensive maintenance record for this car. What I would really like to find is the original owner." This Mustang has a DS0-Special Order Number of 32-2328. We are looking for anyone else with a Mustang from this batch.

(13 photos of a 1968 Passionate Pink (Hot Pink) Mustang Color Of The Month Hardtop) Special order Passionate Pink (from the February 1968 Color of the Month promotion) and the 1968 and 1969 Rainbow of Colors promotion (Hot Pink) 1968 Mustang hardtop. This car was ordered in April of 1968 which puts the car between the two promotions, but the same color (Ford# WT9036) was used on both. Because all Rainbow of Color and Color of the Month promotional Mustangs were reported to have been built at the San Jose plant (R-code in the VIN), and this car was built at the Dearborn plant (F-code), we believe this car was dealer ordered for the late April Easter Collection of Colors promotion which featured many of the pastel colors available on 1968 Mustangs. Besides the special order paint: this car has the deluxe full disc wheel covers; metal rocker panel trim; and the base level 115hp (at 400rpm), 200 cubic inch, 1 barrel, inline 6 cylinder engine. This is a Sprint 200 A (6 cylinder sports options package) special order car which included the deluxe wheel covers, rocker panel trim, and louvered hood sport options at a reduced cost.

(12 photos of a 1968 Black Hills Gold Mustang Color Of The Month Hardtop) This 1968 Mustang hardtop was originally ordered by Galloways Garage, Inc of Newburgh, New York as a Sprint B with automatic transmission, special Black Hills Gold paint (Gold Metallic WT3822), and blacked out louvered hood. The Sprint B came with a V8 engine, argent style wheels, and GT fog lamps. Two 1968 Mustang promotions come to mind: the Anniversary gold with black striped louvered hood Seattle area Golden Nugget Special, and the Black Hills Gold January Color of the Month rumored to be in the Denver area only. Both these special promotional cars were built in the San Jose plant (VIN 8R...) where this car was built in Metuchen, New Jersey (VIN 8T...); therefore, technically this car may be neither but it was ordered with the same paint as the January Color of the Month Black Hills Gold. During the restoration of this car, the wheels have been changed to later Magnum 500 wheels.

(14 photos of a 1968 Passionate Pink (Hot Pink) Mustang Color Of The Month Hardtop) Special Passionate Pink 1968 Mustang hardtop ordered as part of the February Color of the Month promotion to celebrate Valentine's Day. The Color of the Month Mustang promotion ran the first four months of 1968 featuring a New Years January special gold paint, pink for Valentine's Day, a March St. Patrick's Day green, and Eastertime Coral in April. All Color of the Month Mustangs where rumored to be built in San Jose (VIN starting with 8R) and ordered for the Denver area. This car was built in San Jose but ordered in Los Angeles under special order 0778. In 1968, the San Jose plant also built special order cars with this same pink paint (WT9036) for the 1968 Rainbow of Colors West Coast promotion. The Rainbow of Colors cars were mainly ordered in the Los Angeles area, so this may be one of those cars instead.

(5 photos of a 1968 Passionate Pink Mustang Color Of The Month Hardtop) Here's a special one! It's a Passionate Pink 1968 Mustang hardtop. The Passionate Pink (repaint) is the original color - the black hood stripes and hood scoop were added by the owner. Why is it painted pink? Probably because it was part of a dealer sales promotion. Both the Rainbow of Colors and Color of the Month promotions included this shade of pink. Since the DSO is not LA or San Jose and it wasn't built in San Jose, it's not the Rainbow of Colors. This was built in Dearborn and has a DSO of Cleveland (322391) and delivered to Beasley Ford in Columbus Ohio (dealer 42C001).

(5 photos of a 1968 Passionate Pink Mustang Color Of The Month Hardtop) Passionate Pink 1968 Mustang hardtop which was part of the Color of the Month promotion when new. It was the February color - for Valentines Day. This one has a white interior and a white vinyl top.

(1 photos of a 1968 Eastertime Coral Mustang Color Of The Month Hardtop) This car needs restoration but its a special order car. It has special order Eastertime Coral exterior paint as part of the April 1968 Color of the Month promotion. Other upgrades includes a 289ci V8 engine (removed, not on this car anymore), automatic transmission, power steering, AM radio, tinted glass, wheel covers; most of which is missing. This car was ordered with Orville and Ann's Mustang, since it has the same DSO and special order number. The door tag to this car reads 65A blank 2A 15D 513000 2 W; where the paint code is blank.

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