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(6 photos of a 2008 Vapor Silver Mustang GT Coupe) Vapor Metallic 2008 Mustang GT Premium with 18 inch premium Aluminum wheels and a 4.6L V8 with overhead cam. Vapor is just one of the many paint colors offered on the 2008 Mustang. Click here to see all the 2008 paint colors, models, and engines offered with the help of our Data Explorer.

(4 photos of a 2008 Vapor Silver Mustang Coupe) Vapor 2008 Mustang V6 coupe owned by Michael Herr from Omaha, Nebraska. Michael's Mustang was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting March 1, 2009. Michael adds, "I picked this up from Beatrice Ford, Nebraska October 2008. It was a dealer/program car. The paint is great with only a few chips and scratches. It had 19k miles on it, and has only about 1200 miles added onto it since i got it. I love it especially since they added the stripes." This photo must have been taken soon after Michael first purchased it.

(6 photos of a 2008 Vapor Silver Roush 428R Mustang Coupe) Vapor 2008 Mustang Roush 428R Stage 3 coupe with a RoushCharged, 4.6 liter, V8 which is rated at 435hp and 400ft-lbs of torque. The 2008 Roush 428R Mustang is limited to 200 vehicles. Roush modifications include a Roush front fascia, chin spoiler, hood scoop and rear wing; functional locking hood pins; a black bar high-flow grille; Roush added performance front and rear shocks, front and rear springs, front and rear sway bars, jounce bumpers and an anti-wheel hop kit; Roush 18-inch cast wheels and high-performance tires; and a Roush custom interior. We've collected photos of other 2008 Roush Mustangs. Click here to see them with the help of our Detailed Picture Search loaded with year=2008 and model=Roush.

(2 photos of a 2008 Vapor Silver Mustang Coupe) Vapor 2008 Mustang coupe owned by Todd from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting January 6, 2013. This Mustang has a 4.0L V6 engine and an automatic transmission. Todd tells us, "This is my first Mustang. I fell in love with the Mustang when the 2005 model was first released. This car more than exceeded my expectations. The 4.0L has plenty of power. The car came with a true dual Magnaflow exhaust, that sounds bad-ass. I put a CAI and an American Muscle SCT tuner is in the cards. The picture does not show the 18-inch polished bullet rims. They are in my basement waiting for the spring. I bought the car in November over the internet and had it shipped to my house. I am happy to say the car's condition did not disappoint. It came fully loaded with only 45,000 kms on it. The original owner parked it every winter and really care for it. Overall a nine on ten. The moment I saw the car I realized this car will not be seeing a Canadian winter. Just tooooo nice a toy. So that leaves me with two cars parked in the winter (I also own a C4 corvette). For the short period of time I got to drive the car I loved it. This car gets as much attention as my Vette. It may be a six but the car goes if you really want to hit it; and the sound, pure joy. The Mustang really reminds me of that old school muscle car but much more refined. Love the interior! Can't wait for summer. Until then I sit and stare at the pictures and order stuff online."

(5 photos of a 2008 Vapor Silver Roush 428R Mustang Coupe) Vapor with blue stripes 2008 Mustang Roush 428R Stage 3 coupe with a 435hp, 400ft-lbs of torque, RoushCharged, 4.6 liter, 3 valve, V8 engine. The Roush 428R starts with a Mustang GT deluxe with a $195 driver ornamentation package (leather covered multi-function steering wheel with tilt adjustment, luxury trim alloy and leather on gearknob, and luxury trim alloy on gearknob), and $665 Shaker 500 audio system with 6 CD and MP3 player. Then add a Roush 4 piece aerobody kit (front fascia, front chin spoiler, hood scoop, and rear wing), a black bar high flow grille, a RoushCharger and other engine compartment enhancements, Roush wheels, a performance suspension, Roush interior upgrades, exterior stripes and graphics, and Roush badging.

(3 photos of a 2008 Vapor Silver Roush P-51A Mustang Coupe) Vapor 2008 Roush P51A Mustang coupe owned by LeRoy Hummel from Willingboro, New Jersey. It has a 4.6L Supercharged engine and a manual transmission. Leroy tells us, "I had previously owned a 2007 Blue 427R and was looking for a Mustang for a friend, and came across this 2008 P51a. The private dealer who I bought it from, obtained it from a friend who had passed, who also collected cars and had it in warehouse. I have owned for approx. 3 months now. It has only 7500 miles on it, and it is #19 of 151 produced ." There is no doubt that this Roush is rated at 510 horsepower.

(5 photos of a 2008 Vapor Silver Mustang Shelby GT-500 Coupe) Vapor 2008 Shelby GT500 Mustang coupe with black or ebony over the top stripes; GT500 ebony tape side stripes, Shelby front and rear fascia; Shelby vented hood; Shelby upper and lower grille; cobra grille and fender emblems; integrated HID head lamps, Shelby rear wing, Shelby wheels; and a 500hp, 5.4 liter, 4 valve, supercharged V8 engine. Ebony stripes are the only available color for the Shelby in Vapor exterior paint. Torch Red exterior paint can come with oxford white, satin silver, or ebony black stripes. Alloy clearcoat metallic only came with satin silver stripes; vista blue with white; performance white clearcoat with blue, alloy or ebony; grabber orange with white or ebony; and black ebony clearcoat with white or my favorite alloy.

(5 photos of a 2008 Vapor Silver Roush P-51 Mustang Coupe) Vapor clearcoat metallic 2008 Roush P-51A limited edition Mustang coupe with a 510hp (510ft-lbs of torque), 4.6 liter, ROUSHcharged V8 engine. This is the most powerful Roush Mustang offering for 2008 and is limited to 151 cars. It comes with the Roush 4 piece aerodynamic body kit of a front fascia, front chin spoiler, hood scoop, and rear wing. It also comes with custom rear quarter window louvers, black bar high flow front grille, lower valance fog lamps, and Roush striping, graphics and badges. The special grille and fender red and yellow checkered badge is unique to the Roush P-51A.

(3 photos of a 2008 Vapor Mustang Shelby GT-500 Super Snake Coupe) This Super Snake was our Attitude Of The Week for the week starting May 16, 2010. The Vapor gray/silver 2008 Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake was at the 2010 Port Angeles Washington Mustang car show. You can see the Juan De Fuca Strait in the background as well as the ferry to Victoria Island, BC Canada. The Shelby Super Snake has custom, GT500KR, and Ford Racing components to create a unique car with over 600hp and 590 ft-lbs of torque.

(1 photo of a 2009 Vapor Silver Mustang Shelby GT-500 Coupe) Vapor 2009 Shelby GT500 Mustang coupe with Shelby front fascia and grille, Shelby vented hood, black over the top stripe, GT500 side stripe, Shelby 18 by 9.5 inch bright machined aluminum wheels, and rear spoiler. This car has a 5.4 liter, 4V Supercharged, V8 delivering 500hp at 6000rpm and 390ft-lb of maximum torque at 4000rpm. No 45th anniversary emblem on this car, but maybe next year.

(5 photos of a 2009 Vapor Silver Mustang GT Coupe) Vapor 2009 Mustang GT coupe with a bright set of 18-inch polished aluminum wheels. It has the GT Appearance Package which includes the hood scoop and chrome exhaust tips. Under the hood is a 4.6L V8 engine.

(8 photos of a 2009 Vapor Silver Mustang Shelby GT-500 Coupe) Vapor 2009 Shelby GT500 coupe owned by Nick and Teri Garcia from Pennsylvania . This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting February 17, 2013. Teri had this story to share, "My Husband and I have always loved Mustangs. We own a 1967 Dusk Rose Mustang and have always wanted a newer Mustang to go with the old one. Little did we know, we would end up with one so soon. At the end of last summer(2012) an older gentleman decided to trade his 2009 Shelby GT500 in on another vehicle. My parents just happened to be at the dealership on this day.(I believe it was a Friday) My husband and I got home on Sunday from a beach vacation. This is when my parents started talking about this beautiful Shelby GT500 and what an amazing price it was and that it only had 1,800 miles. My husband's face lite up. He called the dealership on Monday and they still had the Shelby. We went to look at it that night and brought it home with us. We felt like it was one of those once in a lifetime opportunity's. We are still pinching ourselves."

(3 photos of a 2009 Vapor Silver Roush RTC Mustang Coupe) This 2009 Roush Touring Coupe (RTC) Mustang combines two of the most popular colors on this site Vapor and Black. Between the Vapor body and the blacked out hood and top is a red pinstripe. The this RTC includes: Roush 4-piece body kit, Roush blacked out 9 bar front grille, Roush 20 inch forged RR04 wheels, performance tires and brakes, Roush custom interior and dash, Roush suspension, and a ROUSHcharged 435hp 4.6L air induction V8 engine. This is #6 of 200 limited edition 2009 RTC models.

(5 photos of a 2009 Vapor Mustang GT California Special Coupe) 2009 Vapor GT California Special Mustang coupe with 18 inch bright polished aluminum wheels, fog lamps, a lowered (by 1.5 inches) front chin spoiler, hood scoop, rear spoiler, black side GT/CS stripes, side scoop, special GT/CS interior and the GT 4.6 liter V8 engine.

(5 photos of a 2009 Vapor Silver Roush P-51 Mustang Coupe) This is number 9 of 51 Vapor silver metallic 2009 Roush P-51A Mustang coupe which comes with the ROUSHcharged P-51 4.6L powertrain system and additional components which create 510hp and 510lb-ft of torque. These additional components include: TVS Technology ROUSHcharger, intake manifolds, intercooler & radiator, cold air induction system, secondary sheave FEAD (secondary drive belt assembly), forged Aluminum pistons, forged steel H-beam connecting rods, forged steel crankshaft, unique high flow fuel injectors (~52lb/hr), unique fuel rail, dual 60mm electronic throttle body, upgraded fuel system, aluminum flywheel, upgraded clutch, and ROUSH calibrated ECM.

(5 photos of a 2009 Vapor Silver Roush P-51B Mustang Coupe) Vapor silver 2009 Roush P-51B supercharged Mustang coupe goes beyond the 2009 P-51A with Cooper RS3 ultra-high performance tires, new 18-inch black chrome rims and locking lug nuts, Roush 6-Piston brakes, and interior Roush boost vent pod gauge, and secondary drive belt assembly (secondary sheave FEAD). The P-51A and B has the ROUSHcharged P-51 4.6L powertrain system and additional components which create 510hp and 510lb-ft of torque. Both 2009 cars have the signature army green hood stripe, but only the P-51B has a color matching rear decklid emblem.

(1 photo of a 2023 Vapor Blue Mustang Mach-E Suv) This is a new exterior color exclusive for the 2023 Mustang Mach-E, Vapor Blue metallic. This new color is shown on a 2023 Mach-E GT with standard GT wheels. We think this is a digitized version of the color since Ford media placed this low resolution image right after a very high resolution image of the new Carbonized Gray exterior paint on their web site.

(1 photo of a 2024 Vapor Blue Mustang Nite Pony Fastback) Ford promotional photo of a 2024 Vapor Blue Mustang GT with Nite Pony package. This package includes 19 inch ebony black-painted aluminum wheels with performance tires, black front and rear pony badges, black mirror caps, blade decklid spoiler painted Shadow Black, black painted roof and black headlamp bezels. The Nite Pony Package is available for both the Mustang EcoBoost and GT.

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