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Show Year: [1987] [1988]
(12 photos of a 1987 Guards Red Mustang ASC McLaren Convertible) 1987 Ford Mustang ASC McLaren 5.0L (302 CID) V8 convertible, performance decor package, rear spoiler, factory 15 X 7 ASC/McLaren cast aluminum white spoke wheels. Between 1987 and 1990 ASC McLaren took Mustang coupes and converted them into two-seat convertibles. This one has gold wheels, and notice the wide color-keyed trim around the windshield. McLaren removed the oval grille Ford emblem for a very clean look.

(9 photos of a 1988 Guards Red Mustang ASC McLaren Convertible) Guards Red 1988 ASC McLaren Mustang convertible with aerodynamic body panels, plain solid grille, wire looking wheels, and custom interior. All ACS McLaren Mustangs were modified from 2-door LX 5.0L hardtop coupes. This was the second most popular ASC McLaren color for 1988 with 250 built, the most popular was Keweenau White with 259 built.
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Show Year: [1987] [1988]