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8 cars (15 pictures) found: model of "Ghia", exterior color of "yellow", grouped by car

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(2 photos of a 1975 Dark Yellow Green Mustang Ghia Coupe) Dark Yellow Green 1975 Mustang luxury optioned Ghia coupe with deluxe wheel covers, half vinyl roof, pin stripes, body side molding, color matched mirrors, luxury interior, and fuel efficient 2.3L (140ci) 4 cylinder engine.

(1 photo of a 1976 Dark Yellow Green Mustang Ghia Hardtop) Dark Yellow Green 1976 Mustang II hardtop with Ghia luxury group options. Some of these exterior options include green vinyl half top, color keyed sport mirrors, fog lamps, wire wheel covers, and body side molding.

(1 photo of a 1976 Cream Mustang Ghia MPG Coupe Advertisement) Advertisement for the 1976 Mustang II MPG showing a Cream yellow Ghia optioned Mustang II with the 2.3 liter, overhead cam, 4-cylinder engine which featured the best gas mileage at 34 mpg highway and 24 mpg city. In the upper right a small image of at two tone silver and blue Stallion optioned Mustang hatchback is shown.

(2 photos of a 1976 Cream Yellow Mustang Ghia Coupe) Cream 1976 luxury sport optioned Ghia Mustang coupe with Westminster cloth in Cream (Code DV), Black, Bright Red, Blue and Tan was also available as interiors. Standard options include half vinyl roof, deluxe wheel covers, color matched bodyside molding, dual accent paint stripes, standard chrome grille with fog lamps, and luxury interior. This Ghia Mustang has the following options: center console, dual remote mirrors, select shift automatic transmission, and wide band tires. This photo is from the cover of the 1976 Ford Mustang promotional catalog.

(1 photo of a 1977 Mustang Ghia Promotional Sales Brochure) (A) Mustang II with the new Ghia Sports Group. Looking and feeling good user way is what driving fun's about. So Ford designers created the Ghia Sports Group Options, which combines better ideas in luxury and sports distinction. Tasteful new exterior features include: Black or Tan finish, Tan (Code 8H) shown; half-vinyl roof in Black Odense grain or Chamois Lugano grain, Black shown; Chamois or Black vinyl insert bodyside moldings; Black or Chamois full-length, bodyside accent stripes; Blackout grille; luggage rack with Black or Chamois leather hold-down straps, brightly buckled; cast aluminum wheels with Chamois-painted spokes.

(1 photo of a 1977 Mustang Ghia Promotional Sales Brochure) Mustang II Ghia. Special brands of elegance. says this page of the 1977 Mustang promotional booklet. Shown is a color saturated Tan Mustang II luxury optioned Ghia coupe. Are they saying that the luggage rack can hold a glider?

(5 photos of a 1979 Light Chamois Yellow Mustang Ghia Coupe) This well kept 1979 Light Chamois Mustang Ghia coupe is owned by Hugo Simons of Sint Stevens Woluwe, Belgium. Hugo writes, Early 2008 I saw it on the internet, liked it, came to an agreement with the owner over the phone and had it delivered to me by truck. It was not far from where I live, about 60 kms. No test drive. It was a gamble and so far I won. I never was particularly fond of Ford nor Mustang, but now I am. People change. Hope to do many happy kilometers with it.

(2 photos of a 1981 Pastel Chamois Mustang Ghia Coupe) Pastel Chamois 1981 Mustang Ghia coupe with a brown interior and a white vinyl (convertible looking) top. It has the 6-cylinder engine and automatic transmission.
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Show Year: [1975] [1976] [1977] [1979] [1981]