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(from page 4 of the 1965 Collection) Silver Smoke Gray 1965 Mustang convertible owned by Rob Eckenrode from Mt. Wolf, Pennsylvania. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week photo for the week starting November 1, 2009. Rob shares, "This vehicle was ordered by my wife's grandmother specifically to match the school color where they lived. It has the original dealer installed factory AC. It has recently been restored to original condition and won best of show in its first show this month. I have yet to find another 65 with this color combination and was told it is rare, but since Marty reports don's go back to 65 I do not know how many were made."

(from page 21 of the 1965 Collection) Silver Smoke Gray Metallic 1965 Mustang hardtop owned by Richard Estrella from Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting January 2nd, 2017. Richard shares, "We are second owners. It is Arizona car and we bought it in 1973 (HS car). I restored it in 1988/89 and painted it to original color code K-Silver Smoke Grey Metallic paint and interior is restored to original white as well. It is a 6 Cylinder numbers matching car and the only big change is I installed a Tremec 5 Speed Trans back in 2008. We now live in Colorado where it shares a garage with a 1966 (code Q7) Brittany Blue Mustang GT Coupe we have owned 20+ years."

(from page 5 of the 1977 Collection) Silver 1977 Mustang II Mach 1 hatchback owned by Paul from Jackson, Michigan. Silver was a special order color in 1977. This one has the 2.8L engine and manual transmission. Paul had this story to share, "I had just moved to Michigan from Texas. My Father (Doug) had been into car shows and got me interested. LOL when he said, 'I found you a Mustang, lets go look at it.' When we drove up he said, 'There it is.' I said, 'Where?' He said, 'There.' I saw the car and I said, 'No, that is not a Mustang. That is a POS! Where is the pony?' He said, 'On the front and the back.' I looked and said, 'Oh, Mustang II.' It is all original."

(from page 3 of the 1980 Collection) Silver 1980 Mustang fastback owned by Scott Kelley from Hamilton, Ohio. It has the two-tone black over silver paint. Scott tells us, "I bought it from the estate of the original owner. It has a 200 inline 6 with an automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, and A/C that still works and has R12 Freon in it. I've only had it about two weeks. It's not perfect, but is a very nice survivor car. My plans are to clean it up and do some minor repairs and then resell it. It's a great running car and I'm sure it will make someone very happy."

(from page 4 of the 1985 Collection) Check out this silver 1985 Mustang GT convertible. It has T-tops and a 5.0L V8 engine. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting May 5, 2013. The owner says, "It has 87000 original miles. I am the second owner. It's all original except for 17 inch wheels and tires, air adjustable rear shocks, 5% window tint, MSD cap and rotor, new weatherstripping, purple hornie glass packs ,and blue ford racing spark plug wires. Currently at the body shop being painted Ford Deep Impact Blue."

(from page 1 of the 1986 Collection) Scott Leise owns this charcoal 1986 Mustang GT coupe. It's our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting October 23, 2011. Scott tells us more, "This is my 4th Mustang. I have had 72 Sprint fastback, 91 GT, 99 GT, and now this 86 GT - 5.0L, T-Tops, and 5-speed. Its been completely restored - several mods including: headers, H-pipe, Pypes Violater after cat, camber-caster plates, FRP springs, Autometer gauges, 75MM TB & spacer, adjustable FPR, injectors, fender CAI, Hurst shifter, steering wheel, pony wheels & 245/50 tires, intake & valve covers painted body color, tail lights painted body color, and battery in hatch."

(from page 2 of the 1987 Collection) Silver 1987 Mustang GT hatchback owned by Rob Falcone. This Mustang has the 302ci 5.0L V8 and a manual transmission. Rob tells us more, "I went for a ride in this car eight years ago and really enjoyed the ride. Every summer I would always ask the previous owner, 'When are you going to bring out the Mustang again?' Never saw the car again. Last year he came up to me and told me he was selling the car. I couldn't get to the bank fast enough. He had the car just under eight years and put less than 400 miles on it. Last summer I put 1600 miles on the car. Truly awesome and enjoying it."

(from page 3 of the 1988 Collection) Light Gray 1988 Mustang Saleen fastback owned by Kevin Abrahamson from Warwick, Rhode Island. Kevin tells us, "I bought the car from a local used car dealer on 7/3/99 with 48,511 miles. It just turned 56K. I tracked down the original owner here in R.I. and he gave me everything he had left except the SALEEN Jacket and Helmet that came with the car. The car came from Snipes Motor Co.in N.C.and I believe it was Chuck Snipes' Personal Demo and Track Car. Being a demo does not allow the company to sell it as new. The car came with a 'Approved For Daylight Use Only' Inspection Sticker which leads me to believe that the headlights were removed possibly to vent more air to the intake or possibly a supercharger. I have the sticker as well as the Saleen Autosport Production Work Order with 'to JBA for modification' which I believe was for the Factory installed Roll Bar and Frame connectors. Since coming to R.I. the original motor was modified with GT40 aluminum intake and heads (NOT EXPLORER) and converted to mass air as well as various other upgrade mods."

(from page 5 of the 1995 Collection) Opal Frost 1995 Mustang GT owned by Jennie Penfold from Fareham, Hampshire, England. Jennie tells us, "I bought car in January 2015. The previous owner bought it a year earlier as a standard Mustang and did quite a bit of work on it. The rims are 18" XXR 527's in black chrome staggered fitment 8.5 on front with 265/35x18 Accelera PH1's and 10" on rear with 285/35x18 Pirelli P Zero Rosso's, with Focus RS Brembo 4 pot front brake conversion. I have replaced the discs with 330mm drilled and slotted ones, and EBC yellowstuff pads as the standard discs were warping. Pypes performance 'X pipe' (imported from states) from factory headers to straight thru Flowmaster silencers and stainless tail pipes. Full MSD ignition upgrade with Blaster coil. SR cold air feed inlet kit. LED projector lights. I have added a grille as it looked odd without one! Also added the roof and boot stripes which I think finish it off perfectly."

(from page 1 of the 2002 Collection) Satin Silver 2002 Mustang GT coupe owned by Roger Miller from Norristown, Pennsylvania. Roger has this story to share, "I owned a Pontiac Grand Am prior to owning this Stang. My friend was heavy into the pony and I was around them so much that I decided to pick one up. I am now hooked. Nothing beats a muscle car (sound or power). This one was bone stock when I bought it. Now it has a BBK X-pipe, Flowmasters, BBK cold air intake, Diablo sport tuner, and a lot of exterior mods (as you can tell by the pictures)."

(from page 6 of the 2004 Collection) Silver 2004 SVT Cobra convertible owned by Fred Scaldaferri from Fayetteville, North Carolina. It has a 4.6L V8 supercharged engine and a manual transmission. Fred tells us, "I've always had a love for Cobras, especially the Terminator. I was deployed in 2009 and happened to see my Cobra on Carmax so I immediately called my wife to have her pick it up for me. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. As soon as I redeployed back home from overseas, I began modding it. So far I have a Borla Stinger catback exhaust, JLT gen 2 ram air intake, Stiegemeier stage 3 ported supercharger with a 2.8 upper pulley and a +2 lb crank pulley, 60lb injectors, and a Kenny Bell boost a pump. I also went with a Lethalperformance intercooler expansion tank and a Lightning Force performance dual pass heat exchanger. As of right now, my last dyno yielded 508 hp and 490 ft-lbs of torque. For my suspension I have a complete fulltilt boogie racing bushing kit on the rear. I have Maximum Motorsports full length subframe connectors and diff brace. I also used billetflow subframe brackets. For the front I have Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates with a front bumpsteer kit. It is lowered 1.5 inches with the Eibach pro kit lowering springs."

(from page 8 of the 2005 Collection) Satin Silver 2005 Mustang GT convertible owned by Spero Politis from Riverton, Utah. Spero tells us, "I bought it as a lease return. I have had it for nearly three years. I added the 18-inch chrome bullet wheels, the CDC Shaker intake kit, carbon fiber dash inserts, and the custom painted charcoal metallic stripes. Had a blast at the 2010 Sturgis Mustang rally. Planning more mods soon."

(from page 9 of the 2006 Collection) Satin Silver 2006 Mustang convertible owned by Felicia Corbin from Columbus, Georgia. It has a V6 engine and an automatic transmission. Felicia tells us, "I just paid off my 02 Honda Accord in November. In February of this year I totaled my Honda and I had dropped my full coverage. I could not afford to have it fixed, so I went car shopping. I wanted a convertible, but never thought I would have a Mustang. Its the first car I test drove and I was approved instantly. The owner took very good care of the car and I love it. The only thing that bothers me is the front bumper must be custom. I have no front blinkers. Can anyone tell me what kind of bumper this is?"

(from page 4 of the 2008 Collection) Vapor 2008 Mustang V6 coupe owned by Michael Herr from Omaha, Nebraska. Michael's Mustang was our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting March 1, 2009. Michael adds, "I picked this up from Beatrice Ford, Nebraska October 2008. It was a dealer/program car. The paint is great with only a few chips and scratches. It had 19k miles on it, and has only about 1200 miles added onto it since i got it. I love it especially since they added the stripes." This photo must have been taken soon after Michael first purchased it.

(from page 18 of the 2008 Collection) Vapor 2008 Mustang coupe owned by Todd from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting January 6, 2013. This Mustang has a 4.0L V6 engine and an automatic transmission. Todd tells us, "This is my first Mustang. I fell in love with the Mustang when the 2005 model was first released. This car more than exceeded my expectations. The 4.0L has plenty of power. The car came with a true dual Magnaflow exhaust, that sounds bad-ass. I put a CAI and an American Muscle SCT tuner is in the cards. The picture does not show the 18-inch polished bullet rims. They are in my basement waiting for the spring. I bought the car in November over the internet and had it shipped to my house. I am happy to say the car's condition did not disappoint. It came fully loaded with only 45,000 kms on it. The original owner parked it every winter and really care for it. Overall a nine on ten. The moment I saw the car I realized this car will not be seeing a Canadian winter. Just tooooo nice a toy. So that leaves me with two cars parked in the winter (I also own a C4 corvette). For the short period of time I got to drive the car I loved it. This car gets as much attention as my Vette. It may be a six but the car goes if you really want to hit it; and the sound, pure joy. The Mustang really reminds me of that old school muscle car but much more refined. Love the interior! Can't wait for summer. Until then I sit and stare at the pictures and order stuff online."

(from page 26 of the 2008 Collection) Vapor 2008 Roush P51A Mustang coupe owned by LeRoy Hummel from Willingboro, New Jersey. It has a 4.6L Supercharged engine and a manual transmission. Leroy tells us, "I had previously owned a 2007 Blue 427R and was looking for a Mustang for a friend, and came across this 2008 P51a. The private dealer who I bought it from, obtained it from a friend who had passed, who also collected cars and had it in warehouse. I have owned for approx. 3 months now. It has only 7500 miles on it, and it is #19 of 151 produced ." There is no doubt that this Roush is rated at 510 horsepower.

(from page 2 of the 2009 Collection) Vapor 2009 Shelby GT500 coupe owned by Nick and Teri Garcia from Pennsylvania . This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting February 17, 2013. Teri had this story to share, "My Husband and I have always loved Mustangs. We own a 1967 Dusk Rose Mustang and have always wanted a newer Mustang to go with the old one. Little did we know, we would end up with one so soon. At the end of last summer(2012) an older gentleman decided to trade his 2009 Shelby GT500 in on another vehicle. My parents just happened to be at the dealership on this day.(I believe it was a Friday) My husband and I got home on Sunday from a beach vacation. This is when my parents started talking about this beautiful Shelby GT500 and what an amazing price it was and that it only had 1,800 miles. My husband's face lite up. He called the dealership on Monday and they still had the Shelby. We went to look at it that night and brought it home with us. We felt like it was one of those once in a lifetime opportunity's. We are still pinching ourselves."

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