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(11 photos of a 2007 Torch Red Mustang Shelby GT-500 Convertible) Torch Red 2007 Shelby GT 500 convertible with a 5.4L SC 4V V8 engine, 6 speed manual, transmission, and red accented sport seats.

(2 photos of a 2007 Torch Red Saleen H281 Mustang Convertible) Torch Red 2007 Mustang Saleen H281 convertible owned by Paul J. This was our featured Attitude Of The Week for 4-12-09. Paul did some research and received a letter from Saleen stating that the actual production number of 2007 H281 Saleens was 60, and only 11 were convertibles. Of those, only two were Torch Red.

(9 photos of a 2007 Red Mustang Foose Stallion Coupe) This is a 2007 'Foose Stallion' Mustang coupe (offered also as a convertible). Foose designed the body with a modified hood, side molding, revised grille, fascias, custom side marker lights, side 'C' pillar scoops, and a rear aerodynamic spoiler. The exterior paint is a two tone hot-hues cinnamon with a silver pinstripe.

(6 photos of a 2007 Redfire Red Mustang GT Convertible) How's this for a cool shot! It's Frank Szymkowski's Redfire 2007 Mustang GT convertible. Frank tells us, "I have owned the car for two years and have enjoyed it and shown it at local shows the entire time. What makes this car rare is the combo of the rear spoiler delete, Redfire paint(last year for this color), and chamois premium interior package (first year available). This is the only year that this color combo was made. Speaking to Ford they estimate that no more then 15 were made like it." Equipment includes 5-speed manual transmission, heated seats, IUP (Interior Upgrade Package), PTP (Premier Trip Package), 18-inch polished wheels, side air bags, Shaker 500 sound system, wheel locking kit, active anti-theft system, and racing GTA mufflers & X-pipe.

(3 photos of a 2007 Torch Red Mustang Coupe) Take a look at this Torch Red 2007 Mustang V6 coupe. It's owned by Michael Grasso from Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Michael had this story to share, "I have always been a Mustang lover. At the age of 7 my Dad took me to my first car show were I fell in love with a shiny red 1968 coupe. Once I started driving I knew some day I would be behind the wheel of a Mustang. When the s197 style was released I said to myself, 'That is my dream car.' However, I had just started a lease on a Toyota Camry so I had to wait it out. As my lease drew to an end, I found myself in the Ford dealership to pick up my 2007 shiny red coupe. Since owning my Mustang I have done some basic modifications to make it my own. Often people will ask what the name of my car is, and I laugh and say 'The American Dream'. Although not a traditional name, my Mustang means a lot to me. It reminds me that I live in a country were you can have your dreams come true. I hope that some kid reading this and drooling over the pictures of my car will some day feel the way I did when my dream cam true. I look forward to the many years to come cursing in my Mustang." Modifications include; BBK cold air intake system, Pypes Street Pro 4-inch exhaust, SMR strut tower brace, headlight splitters, smoked turn signals, painted mirror covers, hood pins, Black Halo Fog grille, SHR honeycomb deck cover, Dupli-Color red calipers, custom rocker decals, dual 8-inch Lemans race stripes, painted speaker surrounds, 8-inch shorty antenna, and sequential taillights.

(5 photos of a 2007 Redfire Red Saleen S281-SC Mustang Coupe) Redfire 2007 Saleen S281 Supercharged V8 with Saleen chrome wheels.

(5 photos of a 2007 Torch Red Mustang GT Coupe) Check out this 2007 GT turned Supersnake! It is owned by Anant from Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates). Anant explains, "Picked it up bone stock. Later saw the Super Snake and fell in love so turned it into an SS clone. (exterior wise)" The photography is great too!

(5 photos of a 2007 Torch Red Mustang Coupe) Torch Red 2007 Mustang coupe owned by Justin Pirrwitz from Toledo, Ohio. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting February 12, 2012. Justin adds, "I just bought my 07 Mustang from Mathews Ford in Oregon, Ohio on 02-07-2012! Very Happy and Love How It Looks and Drives! "

(4 photos of a 2007 Lizstick Red Saleen S281-E Mustang Coupe) This is a powerful, 550 horsepower, Lizstick Red, 2007 Mustang Saleen S-281E coupe. This S281 E has a 6 speed manual transmission with a 4.10 gear ration, scenic glass roof, Rockford Fosgate Punch sound system, and a Saleen exclusive paint called Lizstick Red. Checkout our Saleen Mustang Data Explorer for other 2007 color, engine, and model options.

(12 photos of a 2007 Torch Red Roush Stage 3 Mustang Coupe) Torch Red Mustang Roush Stage 3 coupe which includes the 415hp RoushCharged 4.6L V8, Roush 7 piece aerobody kit(front fascia, front chin spoiler, hood scoop, rocker panels, black matte over the top stripes, rear quarter window louvered panels, rear valance and rear wing), lower valance fog lamps, and Roush 18" chrome wheels.

(7 photos of a 2007 Torch Red Roush 427R Mustang Coupe) Torch Red with white stripes 2007 Mustang Roush 427R Stage 3 coupe with a intercooled ROUSHcharger system which adds 115 horsepower and 65 lb-ft of torque to the base Ford 4.6L, 3-valve V8 powertrain system (300hp, 320ft-lbs). The Roush 425R standard package includes the Roush 4 piece aerobody kit (front/rear fascia, lower rocker panels, hood scoop), lower valance fog lamps, Roush 18 inch cast chrome wheels with high performance tires, Roush exhaust, Roush fender badges, Roush decklid emblem, Roush embroidered floor mats, Roush front windshield banner, Roush Billet aluminum shifter handle, Roush pedals dead pedal, Roush 427R striping kit, Roush suspension system, and Roush engine build plaque signed by the engine builder.

(1 photo of a 2007 Torch Red Mustang GT Outlaw Coupe) Have you ever seen one of these? It's a Torch Red 2007 Mustang GT Outlaw edition coupe. This was a package available to South Western Ford dealerships. The cars were built by Roush on the Torch Red, Black, Performance White or Satin Silver coupes. Features include: Roush spoiler, dual stripes, hood scoop with special Outlaw graphics, and 17 or 18 inch black wheels.

(3 photos of a 2007 Torch Red Mustang Shelby GT-500 Coupe) Torch Red 2007 Shelby GT500 coupe owned by Scotty Davis from Los Gatos California. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting March 15, 2015. It has 20k miles, 5.4 liter Shelby/Whipple Venom Force Supercharger w/Crusher, Cobra Jet TB, JLT 127mm carbon intake, ID 1000 injectors, Baer 6P F&R brakes, and Recaro racing seats.

(4 photos of a 2007 Torch Red Mustang Coupe) Torch Red 2007 Mustang coupe owned by Mark Moore from Shenandoah, Iowa. This is our featured Attitude Of The Week for the week starting July 26, 2015. It has a 4.0L V6 engine and an automatic transmission. Mark picked it up a month ago. It's his second Mustang.

(4 photos of a 2007 Torch Red Mustang Foose Stallion Convertible) Check out this amazing 2007 Foose Stallion in Torch Red and Black exterior paint. This is car is serial number 2 and the second year of the Foose Stallion special edition built on a Mustang GT and is our Attitude Of The Week starting September 22nd, 2019. Some of the special features include Foose custom wheels, modified hood, side molding, revised grille, fascias, custom side marker lights, and a rear aerodynamic spoiler. The interior comes with Foose embroidered leather sport seats and Foose custom instrument gauge faces

(6 photos of a 2007 Redfire Mustang GT Convertible) Check out this 2007 Mustang GT convertible in Redfire exterior paint submitted to us by a site visitor. The owner says, In November of 2010, while living in New Mexico, I searched the Internet and found this 2007 GT with approximately 5,200 miles on the odometer. It was at a dealership in Illinois. Purchased the vehicle over the phone and had it shipped to New Mexico. Kept the car until we moved to Pensacola where in 2012 I traded it in at a local Ford garage for a 2009 F150 King Ranch. This Mustang was very fast and shifted like a dream although the clutch was somewhat heavy to manipulate. I am not sure where it ended up after being traded. It sat on the lot for several weeks and then was gone. I hope whoever bought it enjoys it as much as I did.

(6 photos of a 2007 Redfire Red Mustang GT California Special Coupe) Redfire 2007 Mustang GT California Special coupe with a black and ivory interior. This GT/CS has SVT Ford racing stainless exhaust system, 18-inch polished "Bullet" wheels, centered fog lights, Shaker 500 sound system, Hurst shift package, cold air intake (CAI) package, and engine appearance package.

(7 photos of a 2007 Lizstick Red Saleen S281-E Mustang Coupe) This is a Lizstick Red 2007 Saleen S281 Extreme. Lizstick Red is a special order paint. This one is factory serial number 84 - see it on the front bumper? Only two of these were built in 2007. We have the other Lizstick Red 2007 Saleen on this site too - I believe it's serial number 82. Besides the paint, what makes this Saleen and extreme one? How about the 550hp Supercharged V8 engine under the hood!

(4 photos of a 2007 Torch Red Mustang GT Coupe) Check out this Torch Red 2007 Mustang GT coupe. We saw it at the 29th Annual Central Illinois Ford Day Show and Swap in at Bob Dennison Ford in Bloomington, Illinois. This car had tons of modifications outside, inside and under the hood.

(6 photos of a 2007 Redfire Red Roush Stage 1 Mustang Coupe) This is a Redfire 2007 Roush Stage 1 Mustang coupe. It was on display at the 2010 Uftring car show in East Peoria, Illinois. It has silver Roush stripe on the sides and over the top. This car shines even in the overcast day.
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