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7 cars (36 pictures) found: year of "1995", exterior color of "red", grouped by car

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(6 photos of a 1995 Laser Red Saleen S351 Mustang Convertible) Laser Red 1995 Saleen Mustang S-351 convertible with a Saleen SR rear wing, Saleen chrome wheels, and 4-point roll bar.

(2 photos of a 1995 Rio Red Mustang SVT Cobra Coupe) Rio Red 1995 Mustang SVT Cobra coupe with a Mustang D-code 240rpm (at 5000rpm), 5.0 liter (302ci), Cobra V8 engine.

(10 photos of a 1995 Red Mustang GT Coupe) Red, White, and Blue 1995 custom Mustang GT with full Saleen body kit, Cervini hood, Saleen rear spoiler, Ford Motorsports 17 x 9.5 Cobra R wheels, Nitto 555 275/40 - 17 tires, and a 347ci Terry Iselin Race engine under the hood.

(1 photo of a 1995 Laser Red Boss Shinoda Mustang Coupe) The Boss is Back, says this poster which shows a Shinoda Boss modified Laser Red 1995 Mustang GT. Larry Shinoda was the designer of the original Mustang Boss in 1969 and in 1994 started to modify Mustangs into the Boss.

(6 photos of a 1995 Rio Red Saleen S351 Mustang Coupe) Rio Red 1995 Mustang Saleen S-351 coupe with a black interior. This is a Saleen Factory conversion serial number 95-0075. It has a big 5.8L V8 which put out 371hp stock.

(6 photos of a 1995 Laser Red Mustang GT GTS Coupe) This is a Laser Red 1993 Mustang GTS coupe. A GTS was basically a stripped down GT. They had many of the Base V6 characteristics, but with the GT engine and badging. They came without rear decklid spoilers, fog lamps, and front air dams. They did have the GT emblems and Mustang GT embossed into the rear bumper. Their interiors were cloth and contained all other Base V6 items but with the GT instrumentation. The GTS model name was only available in 1995, but you could get it as an option through 1998 as the 248A package.

(5 photos of a 1995 Vibrant Red Mustang GT Convertible) Vibrant Red 1995 Mustang GT convertible with a black gut and black top. Vibrant Red is one of THREE red paints offered on the 1995 Mustang. It's the brightest of all of them. Compare them on the 1995 Mustang Brochure.
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