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(from page 9 of the 1965 Collection) This is the first level V8 engine. It has the 2 barrel carburetor.

(from page 4 of the 1967 Collection) This past summer, Curly, pulled the engine, cleaned, bead blasted, and repainted all the parts to the original color and condition.
(from page 4 of the 1967 Collection) The engine turned upright and painted blue.

(from page 22 of the 1969 Collection) This Mustang now has a custom painted 4V 302 V8 engine with bright braces and radiator top.

(from page 11 of the 1970 Collection) Here is that 302ci engine. It has Hooker headers, a Holley carb, and a Lunati cam. The engine compartment is painted purple.

(from page 6 of the 1987 Collection) Under the hood is a 1993 Cobra 5.0 liter V8 engine probably added after the McLaren upgrade.

(from page 7 of the 1994 Collection) This 5.0 liter V8 has been modified with a cold air intake, pulleys, 3.73 gears, transmission shift kit, a/c deleted, back seat deleted, off road H-pipe, and FlowMasters mufflers. The air conditioning and back seat was deleted so that it weights 3300 pounds without the driver.

(from page 1 of the 1996 Collection) The 1996 SVT Cobra came stock with this 4.6L DOHC V8 engine. It was rated at 305hp at 5800rpm. Matt has kept his engine compartment extremely clean. Click here to check out the other engines offered in 1996 with the help of our Data Explorer.

(from page 3 of the 1996 Collection) The 1996 Cobra is fitted with this 4.6L DOHC V8. This one has some modifications.

(from page 5 of the 1996 Collection) 1996 Mystic Mustang Cobra with a 281hp (281ci, 4.6 liter) double overhead cam, electronic fuel injected V8 engine which was only available for the Cobra.

(from page 5 of the 1996 Collection) This looks like a stock 3.8L V6 engine. You can see the 3.8 numbers on the intake.

(from page 7 of the 1996 Collection) The engine is a 4.6L 215hp V8 which was stock for the GT.

(from page 6 of the 1997 Collection) The 281ci engine has the Saleen optional Vortec Supercharger.

(from page 6 of the 1997 Collection) This Saleen is converted from a GT. It has the 4.6L V8 from the GT. It has some BBK parts: cold air intake, ceramic coated shorty headers, and an H-pipe.

(from page 10 of the 1999 Collection) Check out the supercharged 4.6L V8. It has many modifications.

(from page 5 of the 2004 Collection) Cobra's come with a 4.6L V8 DOHC Supercharged engine. This one has been modified with an S&B 10-inch cone air filter and a SprayItRacing MAF adapter.

(from page 11 of the 2004 Collection) Here is a close-up of that custom engine.
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